Nancy Pelosi

How Bay Area Members of Congress Should Approach the Syria Conflict

Syria’s Presidetn Bashar Al-Assad, seen in the portrait being held by a supporter in 2010, has been accused of using sarin gas against his own people, sparking a debate on U.S. intervention. (Photo by Beshroffline, via Flickr)

Our local congressional delegation should vote against President Obama’s proposed strike in Syria. The administration’s policy does not provide a solution to the stated problem. It will hurt our image around the world, strengthen our enemies and it is antithetical to our purpose: weakening the Assad government. Most importantly, military action will result in many innocent lives lost.


Ro Khanna Rakes in the Cash to Outpace Rep. Mike Honda

Considering the political warchest at his disposal, Ro Khanna presents a very real threat to U.S. Rep. Mike Honda’s re-election hopes.

Silicon Valley attorney Ro Khanna raised more than $1 million in the second quarter of 2013, ending June with more than $1.7 million in the bank as he campaigns to unseat Rep. Mike Honda (D-San Jose) from California’s 17th District House seat. That means, to date, Khanna has raised $2 million, a stunning figure for an unproven congressional candidate.


Mayor Reed Could Tie Legacy to Bringing A’s to San Jose

Mayor Chuck Reed has had difficulty bending the ear of Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig.

My last column described how luck, spunk and political ambition brought the 49ers to Santa Clara. Now it is time for San Jose to step to the plate and get the Oakland Athletics. Let’s start with the positives: A’s owner Lew Wolff wants the team in San Jose and the San Jose establishment wants the A’s in San Jose. So, what is the problem? Politics, pure and simple.


Pelosi and Friends in San Jose

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, introduced by Zoe Lofgren as “the most powerful woman in the world,” was warmly received at Wednesday’s Rotary lunch meeting. Photograph by Peter Carter.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi covered a lot of territory in a brief visit to the San Jose Rotary’s weekly lunch meeting today—from the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy to the empowerment of young women (the subject of her book, “Know Your Power,” which she signed at the event). But she clearly wanted the audience to take home one message: “We must have health care reform.”