Carl Guardino

Wasserman Leads with a Moderate Touch

Mike Wasserman delivered his Sate of the County speech on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy of Santa Clara County)

Mike Wasserman, president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, gave an inspirational State of the County address Tuesday. While talking about public safety, he related the story of his mother being rushed to the emergency room by local firefighters, who helped save her life. It was a personal story that showed the role government plays and the everyday services that some people take for granted.

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Turkey Trot Still Funds Political Foundation

The annual Turkey Trot raises more than $850,000 for several local nonprofits, but one of them has a dubious history in fulfilling its mission.

Almost 28,000 people are expected to run in the 9th Annual Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, the Thanksgiving morning race put on each year by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation. The runners, walkers and joggers might be surprised to note that money raised in previous years to pay health care premiums for low income kids was diverted to political campaigns.

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SVLG CEO Carl Guardino Plays Favorites?

San Jose Councilman Sam Liccardo, left, has been getting plenty of support in his bid for mayor from friend and Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino.

Roughly 1,300 people attended the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s (SVLG) Annual Lunch last week at the Santa Clara Convention Center—but not everyone left satisfied. Carl Guardino’s boosterism of one San Jose mayoral candidate has created concern that the leadership group CEO is blurring the line between personal preference and organizational support.

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Turf Wars Overshadow Education Priorities

Thomas Menino, mayor of Boston, recently announced an innovative plan to combine funding for schools in his city. (Photo by Office of Governor Deval Patrick, via Flickr)

With its vastly superior public education system, will Boston surpass Silicon Valley as the global leader of technological innovation? It’s a distinct possibility unless we get our act together. Boston is poised to win, considering the current fights focus on turf instead of better educational results for our children.

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