Who Authorized SJPD’s Change in Gang Crime Stats?

San Jose Councilman Ash Kalra and local media want to know who ordered the change in calculating gang stats, and why it was misreported to the public.

San Jose Councilman Ash Kalra says the city’s got some explaining to do about its police stats gaffe. In a memo to the Rules and Open Government Committee, which meets Wednesday, Kalra calls for a hearing in front of the City Council about why a change was made in calculating gang stats, and why the numbers were misrepresented to the public.

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District Attorney Charges 48 Nuestra Familia Gang Members in Grand Jury Indictment

The District Attorney’s office announced Tuesday that a grand jury has indicted 48 members of the Nuestra Family gang. The charges range from meth sales to murder.

Dozens of alleged Nuestra Familia gang members were indicted by a criminal grand jury on 77 charges, which range from meth sales to murder. It’s the largest gang case Santa Clara County has ever tackled: 48 people charged in a hefty 99-page indictment. “This is a sophisticated, complex criminal organization that required a sophisticated, multi-faceted law enforcement and prosecutorial response,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said in a statement released Tuesday morning.


Hamann Park Neighbors Preserve the Family Ambiance

A family gathers for a picnic at Hamann Park during last year’s National Night Out event.

Marijane Hamann Park is a spacious green expanse of 10.5 acres ensconced in a suburban enclave of San Jose that borders the city of Campbell. The park’s amenities include a children’s playground, a large green carpet of lawn, picnic tables and barbecues. But not too long ago, neighbors of Hamann Park had some tough choices to make to reclaim the park.

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Leaders of the New School: Local Hip-Hop Figures Offer Alternatives to Gangs, Drugs

Local hip-hop figures Demone Carter and Bobbi Vie founded Future Arts Now as a way to engage youth in creative ways so teens make an active choice to avoid gangs and drugs. The pair have also organized a breakdancing competition Saturday night at the Edenvale Community Center.

The ground: an unavoidable, unforgiving medium in the art of breakdancing. It bruises and cuts a dancer’s hands. Experience forms callouses. So, when world-renowned breaker and San Jose native Raymond “NastyRay” Mora set out to photograph some of the world’s top breakdancers (B-boys), he focused on their hands. The resulting gallery goes on display Friday night in San Jose, and a corresponding breakdancing competition will take place Saturday at Edenvale Community Center.

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Let’s Focus on Community over Politics

Community organizers at Santa Maria Urban Ministry look to help families and children in the Guadalupe-Washington neighborhood.

Omar Torres, executive director of the local nonprofit Santa Maria Urban Ministry (SMUM), joins San Jose Inside as a new columnist. In addition to writing about his work as a community organizer, Torres, who is an elected member of the Democratic Central Committee, will break down how politics work behind the scenes in San Jose and Santa Clara County.

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