Mayor Sam Liccardo to Trump: San Jose Welcomes Migrants

In the same week South Bay labor leaders slammed him for wanting to weaken local sanctuary policies, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo made national headlines for telling President Donald Trump in a tweet how much he supports undocumented immigrants.

“We welcome any families willing to endure such extraordinary hardships and to take such tremendous risks to be a part of our great country,” Liccardo tweeted, appending the statement with the hashtags #VamosSanJose and #WeAreSanJose.

The mayor’s comment came in response to a Washington Post article and Trump’s declaration on Twitter Friday that his administration is giving “strong considerations to placing illegal immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only.”

Trump added: “The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy—so this should make them very happy!”

While officials in San Francisco and Oakland objected to Trump’s threats of using immigrants as pawns, Liccardo took a different tack by saying send them on over.

Sanctuary policies prevent local police agencies and jails from being deputized to enforce federal immigration laws. In Santa Clara County, the sanctuary rules go beyond the statewide standard by also prohibiting local police from notifying U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) about release dates of undocumented inmates convicted in the past decade of serious or violent crimes.

That local standard came under renewed scrutiny with the Feb. 28 murder of 59-year-old South San Jose resident Bambi Larson, the arrest of 24-year-old undocumented immigrant Carlos Arevalo-Carranza in connection to the crime and revelations that he had been released multiple times from jail twice in the preceding months.

In response, county supervisors Dave Cortese and Mike Wasserman brought forward a proposal to align local policy with state law by allowing local authorities to tell ICE about release dates for inmates with certain criminal convictions. That wouldn’t have prevented Arevalo-Carranza from walking free before Larson’s slaying, as he didn’t have any statutorily defined “serious or violent” convictions to his name. Regardless, a whole host of local leaders—Liccardo among them—joined the chorus demanding such a change.

“Should there be changes to the county policy, they would apply only to violent criminals—not to our predominantly law-abiding immigrant community,” the mayor wrote in a Facebook post earlier this week that included a translation in Spanish. “I also want to assure our residents that I will continue supporting our immigrant community and work to ensure everyone’s rights—regardless of their legal status—are protected.”

Though Liccardo was far from the only one to espouse that view, the South Bay Labor Council singled him out in a resolution Thursday condemning his rhetoric as divisive and damaging. “Sam Liccardo is using the tragic death of Bambi Larson to conflate immigration and crime,” it reads before calling on him to “stop his demagoguery.”

Nothing in the rebuke goes after every single police chief in the South Bay, District Attorney Jeff Rosen or San Jose Councilman Johnny Khamis. Also absent is any mention of the four out of five county supervisors—including labor-aligned Cortese and Cindy Chavez—who voted for exploring ways to chip away at local sanctuary policies.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Email tips to [email protected] or follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


    • > RECALL Fake person and classy politician Liccardo!


      Liccardo is TOTALLY protected and bulletproof. You can’t touch him.

      I can’t touch him either, because I’m just a tiny little inconsequential pissant. But, I KNOW I’M A PISSANT.

      You’re going to give yourself an ulcer or PTSD ,.. . on top of your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  1. It is clear Sam LICCARDO has his eyes on a national political spot. If you welcome these immigrants LICCARDO what housing conditions would you offer to them? I know first hand these immigrants are in their majority PEOPLE who were suffering tremendous abuses in their countries by their government and the Maras. These gang members break into their homes and rape their children any time during the day. There is no employment and the criminals run the country. In Latin American the drug lords are the most powerful people. They rule the Maras and the Goverment. For this, the struggles these people face to reach the border are just their last resource. Yet, their misfortune and suffering is a political game for some including you. The United State goverment should focus on the NRA arming Maras and drug lords in Latin America. For the NRA is just business but for communities in the Latin American countries is a never ending fight for power within the top criminals. When you are in these countries you could witness how the lords buy guns mostly from United States. It is the same for other criminals. United States should invest in how to dismantle the power of drug lords and Maras. These people do not want to be here just because, violence, lack of employment, and hunger leave them no option. RECALL LICCARDO FAKE PERSON AND VERY TYPICAL POLITICIAN. He wants to be noticed by tweeting with Trump!

    • > United States should invest in how to dismantle the power of drug lords and Maras.

      Are you suggesting that the United States government should conduct “regime change” in Central America?

      Or, do you want to go along with the drug cartels imposing “regime change” in the United States by shipping us millions of “pre-loaded” voters (“pre-loaded” with votes for Democrats)?

      • bubble, what I am suggesting is for United States to collaborate with these countries to address the power of the drug lords and Maras, investing in job creation that would benefit all countries and communities, and address NRA arming top criminals in Latin American. A wall won’t prevent or stop illegal immigration or drugs coming into the country. This problem has to be addressed from the roots. These are drug lords, Maras, corrupted Latin American politicians, and NRA arming these criminals.

  2. With El Chapo Guzman now incarcerated, the drug lords in Mexico are now fighting for power. The rate of Narco shootings have increased significantly within the last twelve months. First was Escobar the top drug lord in Latin America, then Chapo, and then…? The drug and arm business between United States and those countries does not stop. These drug lords also traffic with people, mostly women and children for the sex trade. This include women and children from other places in the world. Yet in the United States, the NRA issue is seen as constitutional right issue. What about the harm NRA causes to these and other countries by arming the most cruel and evil criminals? Latino Immigrants, LICCARDO welcomes you and would grant you a little space in the new jungle! He is not even able to provide affordable housing for the city’s low and middle class people. Thus the most he can offer is a jungle. New housing projects are for google top employees! RECALL LICCARDO!

    • > What about the harm NRA causes to these and other countries by arming the most cruel and evil criminals?

      Where in hell did THIS narrative come from? Unless you show some credible sources, I’m calling it FAKE NEWS.

      Why would the NRA arm drug dealers in Central America? That’s something the Obama administration would do (“Operation Fast and Furious”).

  3. Sam,

    How can I phrase this while being respectful towards you and respectful towards folks that want them here too…

    Here’s my issue. Go look out your window at the church behind city hall. Look at those tents down there. I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere. Now ask yourself, if you can’t afford to give those people shelter, how can you afford more?

    Let’s move it up a notch. Routinely I hear 20-somethings complain about housing prices. Ask yourself, if you can’t give hard working people housing that is less than 1/3rd of their income, how are you going to give these people housing they can afford?

    It’s not often that words are said that you need to take back, but I think in this instance you might have had one of those days. We all have foot in mouth days. Hopefully this was just one of them.

    • His Daddy bought a building at Bellarmine and put his name on it, assuming Saratoga Sammy was a horrible student, especially math – as demonstrated here – and that was the only way he could graduate. When the # of people needing housing > # of houses, you have what’s called a shortage Sammy! Nothing against anyone wanting to come to America for a better life, I get it, but maybe mayor should focus on taxpayers and citizens of SJ who are already here…

  4. I’m sure along with the new lax voting policy Sam will become El Presidente for life of La Silicona, Alta California.
    Fender Heads!

  5. Hay we can put them all up on VTA and Light Rail till BART opens up. Tent City 101. Housing on the Green Lanes.
    We can get Apple to feed them, and Google to pay guns, Amazon to speed them along to other Sanctuary cities.
    Lets vote for free drugs and medical marijuana.

    God I love this American Freedumb.

    • > Trump gets reelected in 2020 by a landslide.

      Right now, it seems to me that Trump is the ONLY larger than life-size figure on the political landscape.

      Everywhere else, now that Hillary is gone there are nothing but midgets, both Democrat and Republican.

      If Trump disappeared from the scene for whatever reason, there would be a political vacuum like we haven’t seen in generations.

      Nonetheless, as of this moment I stand by my prediction that Trump will be the Repub nominee, and the Dems will nominate Michelle Obama for Pres and Beto O’Rourke for VP.

      I have say, though, that Beto seems to be fizzling out faster than you can say “Mayor Pete”.

  6. I had to wait 12 years in line to get here lawfully. There are 6 billion people who would love to move to the US and California specifically. Be careful what you ask for Sam I Am.

    • Thank you for joining the long tradition of making America great through the legal immigration process. Glad to have you as a fellow, law-abiding citizen!

  7. It’s hard to sit back and watch this DRAMA play out in our County. And it seems like our incompetent leaders in San Jose (Santa Clara County) always like to blame President Donald Trump. ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!! I thought I started sounding like a broken record…. Come on folks….

    Our County Leaders also spent years blaming Sheriff Laurie Smith for their “Bad Budget Decisions” and “Poor Leadership Skills” and they where the driving force behind the “Great Super Bowl 50 Homeless Gassing” that caused all the problems we are having today.

    First off…. Important to take responsibility…. We have a Major Humanitarian crisis on our hands and San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo needs to start accepting that he screwed up big time. STOP BLAMING THE PRESIDENT……

    In preparation for Super Bowl 50 the City of San Jose started taking motor homes and cars that where being used as shelter. This was a county wide “Clean up” effort for the big game that ended up back firing. This was done to boost property values as our whole county was preparing for the Worlds Stage. We stole from the people that have it the hardest and never gave them access to their belongings.

    Mayor Sam Liccardo was able to get $175k over asking price for his downtown condo due in part to this extermination process. Opppppss….. forgot to mention that Sam Liccardo did not disclose he owned this property….Please read article below…

    By scattering all these people like cockroaches pretty much “Upset” the hive so to say. They flooded our streets and we started to round them up like cattle. This process involved overcrowding the Santa Clara County Jail and the entire Mental Health System.

    We held the bulk of the population on Mental Health holds and kept them in the jail until placement. Well folks….. there was no place to put them…. no room…. waiting lists started to push out well over a year and the County had to start releasing the “Un Treated” population back onto the streets (First Stop…..Saint James Park to get high)

    Here’s what I am getting at…. Start fixing what is wrong San Jose before you open up the floodgates to anyone…. Citizen or Not…. We cannot fix our own problems at all…. The “Boat” has been taking on water and it’s time to do some repairs so we can invite more people to join our great country.

    Its not a Homeless Issue, or an Immigration Issue, or a Gang Issue, it’s a METH PROBLEM!!!!!!

    It is now well documented in Santa Clara County that the Drug of choice for this segment of our population is Crystal Meth. The manufacturing process for this horrible drug has changed over the years to now incorporating RAW chemicals directly out of Mexico. This is a Super Toxic mix that makes people go “Bat Shit Nuts” in a fairly short period of time and it is almost impossible to get clean.

    Meth has been in the Bay Area for a long time just not this type of poison.

    Most of these lost souls get bounced around so much that they have major PTSD… and its only time before they get on Meth….It is a constant battle to survive…. It’s like a full-time job….

    I am speaking from experience…. I was one of these Zombies 3.5 years ago on the streets of San Jose….

    Our County and City have been working hard on damage control but a more aggressive approach needs to start materializing before the Meth Zombies take over.

    People might be offended by this but we need to start figuring out how to chain these people to beds and get them off the drugs before they die. Tough love!!!!

    How about sending them to rehab (Out of State) for 6 months to a year and then re-introduce them back into SAN JOSE (METH FREE)

    If we can fix problems like this then we can open the flood gates to help everyone that needs it.

  8. It is my express and sincere wish that President Trump will unload 200,000 illegal aliens in San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland. For Sacramento, lets see, 300,000 should do the trick.

    Another 50,000 illegals deposited into the neighborhoods of the Justices of the “Nutty-Ninth-Circuit of Appeals.”

    On the issue of building a “wall,” there is a device called a “Bouncing-Betty.” Appropriately configured by professionals, “Bouncing-Bettys” will stop and certainly deter illegal aliens from crossing our borders. They are far more cheaper and effective than building a wall. And they can be removed once the message they bring is sent and received.

    Hey Bay area, welcome more of your illegals into your leftist sedition practicing confederacy.

    Your days in political power is waning and will come to and end.

    It would be fitting to see President Trump suspend Habeas corpus and kick some real a**.

    David S. Wall

  9. And in the background a collective hip hip hoorah from teh Cal Apartment Association…

    Rent-jacks are back on the menu boys!

    Bay Area Voters, you get the government you deserve.

    • Housing shortages and higher rents as far as the eye can see. Always remember, Saratoga Sammy has been on CC during this entire housing debacle. Smiling Slick Sammy has voted for every ordinance which has raised the cost of development in San Jose. “Stand-down” Sam has supported every rent control, just cause, ellis act policy that is driving small landlords out of the rental business. As you might suspect, I’m not a fan of this mealy-mouthed, slimy politician and cannot wait to see him voted out of office.

      • Mr Balboa,

        A couple things.

        While rent control may be bad for small, mom-and-pop landlords, it is great for large landlord and private equity. Along with JCE, and more strict Ellis Act ordinaces, the result is a spread between the value of a rental and the value of an owner occupied unit that can grow into the 100Ks. Deep pocketed landlords love when the polticians like Mayor Licarrdo pile on the regulations, as they force smaller landlords who don’t have the resources to deal with the increased costs of operation, conversion premit fees, and/or potential litigation. These regulations will drive a significant shift in owership of 50K-100K units in San Jose alone over the next 10 years. If the regulations create an average of $100,000 in increase valuation spread on 50000 units, you are looking at a transfer of $5B in wealth from small business owners to large corporations. Like all progressive policies, they drive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich, while either doing nothing for the poor or hurting them.

        The issue is not just Mayor Liccardo, but the general level of ignorance of the Bay Area Voter, because they will just vote in someone else who is less intellectually considerate. It shocks me how popular these policies are when basic economic analysis (9th grade when I grew up) shows they only create shortages. The bottom line is these types of price controls, de-sanctification of contracts, and unnecessary regulation costs only help the one group, the one they proclaim to hate, the Remote Rich.

        Thank you for your reply and attention.

        SJ Kulak

  10. The legislation that we should really be passing is a ban on usage of social media for any politician serving in office.

    • > The legislation that we should really be passing is a ban on usage of social media for any politician serving in office.

      But then Dems and the media wouldn’t be able to read Trump tweets.

  11. Hi Sam,
    Mexico (+ G + N + eS) thanks you for taking on their crime, homelessness and education funding problems. In fact, they want you to expand the program to everyone, minus the well-educated, privileged upper class.

    I’m in Mexico a lot. Everybody there hates the cartels but nobody knows what to do about it. So I ask them, “Would you be willing for the USA to close the border, if it could seriously hurt the cartels income from drugs and trafficking? But at the same time, more of the poor people would have to stay in Mexico”.

    Guess what they say. Better yet, ask for yourself.

  12. Trump Should take care of his Mueller report issues and his tax returns most likely fraud. Impeach Trump! RECALL ROSEN, LICCARDO, JULIE EMEDE, CÓRTESE, Chavez! Democrats versus democrats, republicans versus republicans. The centric Reps and Dems are tired of extreme left and right!

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