Finding Hope in the Tragic Shootings of Trayvon Martin, Malala Yousafzai

Two bullets have the potential to change the world. One pierced the heart of Trayvon Martin on a rainy night in Florida early last year; the other penetrated the head of Malala Yousafzai on Oct.9, 2012. Trayvon died the night he was shot, while Yousafzai recovered from critical condition to triumphantly address the United Nations last week. It is my hope that Ms. Yousafzai’s passionate speech can help transform the conversation about equality, justice and education. Let me explain.


Leaders of the New School: Local Hip-Hop Figures Offer Alternatives to Gangs, Drugs

The ground: an unavoidable, unforgiving medium in the art of breakdancing. It bruises and cuts a dancer’s hands. Experience forms callouses. So, when world-renowned breaker and San Jose native Raymond “NastyRay” Mora set out to photograph some of the world’s top breakdancers (B-boys), he focused on their hands. The resulting gallery goes on display Friday night in San Jose, and a corresponding breakdancing competition will take place Saturday at Edenvale Community Center.

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Let’s Talk about Guns in America

The facts are still coming in from the terrible tragedy today in Newtown, Connecticut, where more than two dozen children and adults at an elementary school were shot and killed. If now is not the time to have an honest discussion about gun control, then what should we talk about?


Bay Area Endures Wave Of Violence

For some reason, the Bay Area has recently been home to a number of violent and senseless tragedies.  In San Jose, on the night of August 17th, three people suffered injuries in two stabbings that the Mercury News reported may have been gang related. “In the first incident…three teenagers were standing near their vehicle in the parking lot…when they were jumped.”