City Council Expected to Pass EPS Ban

After months of outreach trying to get restaurants used to the idea, the city’s moving ahead with its ban on Styrofoam-style take-out containers, a uniquely problematic type of litter because of the way expanded polystyrene (EPS) breaks apart and infiltrates the region’s waterways. On Tuesday, the City Council will discuss the controversial ban slated to go into effect Jan. 1. Other items on Tuesday’s agenda include a jobs development program with Work2Future and a service agreement with the San Jose Downtown Association.


Council Takes on Annual Housing Report, Samsung Incentives

The dissolution of redevelopment agencies and state budget cuts to municipal housing funds have made it tougher for San Jose to meet its goal of building more affordable homes in recent years, according to an annual housing report going before the City Council on Tuesday. Other items on the council agenda include an incentives package for Samsung, a commendation for a police officer who never clocks off and a North San Jose cemetery that is running out of space.

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Council to Discuss Samsung Incentives

UPDATE: The Samsung item on this week’s agenda has been deferred to March 26.

An incentives package designed to convince Samsung to make San Jose home to its new North American research headquarters goes before the City Council on Tuesday for final approval. Other items on the agenda include the sale of some small properties, a proposal to extend debt payments to JP Morgan and a labor negotiations update.

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Council to Discuss Tax Code, Roads

Cops who make a buck on the side directing traffic or working uniformed security gigs will remain exempt from business taxes if the City Council on Tuesday updates the tax code. Other items on the council agenda include a critical audit of the Office of Economic development, tax proposals to repair San Jose’s roads and a staffing grant for the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant.

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City Council to Discuss Japantown Hub, Transportation Taxes

The Great Recession quashed plans to build a massive apartment and retail center in Japantown, as developers shied away from investing given the global credit crunch. But now the deal’s back and up for discussion at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Other items on the council agenda include tax proposals to help fund San Jose road repairs, and incentives for Samsung, downtown high-rises and affordable housing.

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Council to Discuss Budget Survey, Team San Jose, Prop 8 Brief

A phone survey found that San Jose residents wouldn’t mind paying more taxes if it improved public safety and city services that have been cut in recent years. City leaders will hear a report of those findings at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Also on Tuesday, the council will discuss a disputed $350,000 bonus for Team San Jose and whether or not to join San Francisco’s Prop 8 amicus brief that is going before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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