Oakland Mayor: A’s Move to San Jose Would Add to Global Warming

The East Bay Express is reporting that a Major League Baseball task force will present its findings on the A’s proposed move to San Jose to Commissioner Bud Selig on Monday. The Express reported this afternoon that Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums made the statement during a speech to the Oakland Chambers of Commerce at the Oakland Airport Hilton on Thursday.

Dellums also reportedly said he sent a message to Selig stating that a ballpark in San Jose or Fremont would result in more long-distance trips to games, creating more greenhouse gas emissions.

(The proposed site in San Jose would be next to the Diridon train station and would have a multitude of public transportation options, including Highway 17 Express, DASH, Caltrain, Amtrak, ACE, VTA buses. The proposed extension of BART and the California high-speed rail line will also have stops there, according to current plans.)

The MLB task force is looking at two sites Dellums proposed at Jack London Square, in addition to the NUMMI auto plant in Fremont which is expected to close in April and a site in downtown San Jose.

A’s owner Lew Wolff, a fraternity brother of Selig’s during their time at the University of Wisconsin, declared his interest to move the team to San Jose after plans to build a ballpark in Fremont near Auto Mall Parkway and Interstate 880 fell apart. Wolff moved his interest to San Jose after saying all possible sites in Oakland were unviable.

Wolff already has several ownership interests in San Jose, including the San Jose Earthquakes professional soccer team and the Fairmont Hotel downtown.

The MLB task force was created in March 2009 after Dellums and Oakland Council President Jane Brunner sent a letter to Selig asking him to reconsider keeping the A’s in Oakland.

The San Francisco Giants own territorial rights to Santa Clara County, and a move to San Jose would require approval of three-fourths of the other owners in Major League Baseball.—Tommy Wright


  1. “The proposed 49ers stadium will likely be under water due to global warming….a nest of kiler bees is also something to address.”

    Michele Ryan
    Santa Clara Plays Fair

    “What is something that I worry about with the 49ers stadium is nuclear attack by terrorists”

    Oscar Bazuto, McLeod Supporter

    “Seagulls eating junk food and then losing their minds will cause jets to crash in the 49ers stadium”

    Au Nguyen, Stadium Facts,  2008

    “I predict a massive earthquake for the 49ers”
    Stephen Hazel

    “All of the predictions for massive environmental damage such as lifetime sertting floods seem reasonable to me”

    Jamie McLeod

  2. At the risk of getting splashed by the waters from the shallow end of the gene pool where you wonderfully articulate denizens inhabit—something to think about:
    It is telling that Oakland Mayor Dellums seems to know this report will go to the Commissioner on Monday but SJ Mayor Reed does not. It would appear this does not bode well for baseball in SJ.
    You may now resume splashing each other.

  3. Everyone knows that the President, Joe Biden, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are desperatly tryng to create JOB, JOBS, JOBS.

    Everyone knows that High Speed Rail fights global warming by getting people out of their private jets and gross polluter SUVs.

    Everyone knows that the economy is in a depression and that the government needs to spend stimulus money.

    So why not just build a High Speed Rail from Oakland to San Jose for the Oakland A’s new ball park?

    It’s so obvious.

  4. I think Dellums has a point. Right now the attendance for the A’s is so miserable that there’s no effect on the environment. In San Jose, the A’s may actually get some fans in the stands.

  5. I worry more about the increase in flatulence from all the football and baseball fans drinking beer and eating peanuts at the new stadiums.  This increase in South Bay methane gas has the ability to start a chemical chain reaction of biblical proportions, thus ending life as we know it.

  6. If it weren’t for global warming, there would be thirty inches of snow in downtown San Jose, and Al Gore wouldn’t be able to get to the Tech Museum to collect his Humanitarian Award.

  7. Santa Clara is going to be a poltical graveyard.

    Gavin Newsom has been given pledges of over 34 committed pledges of prominent San Francisco business people for 1000 each to defeat the stadium campaign.  What a mess you Santa Clarans have of things.

    The Olympic Club may be the site of the fund raiser.

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