City Hall Falcon Chick Dies

It’s a sad day at City Hall, as one of San Jose’s four falcon chicks born last month on a ledge on the 18th floor has died. Unita, the only female born to parents Clara and Esteban Colbert, fell while trying to retrieve food from its mother. The bird was not quite ready to fly.

Unita was born in April along with three male chicks: Hermes, Shadow and Ahote’. Names for all four were suggested by San Jose schoolchildren in an online contest.

This is Clara’s fifth nesting season at City Hall, and her third with mate Esteban Colbert.

The FalconCam, a live streaming video of the falcons’ nest, can be viewed on the city’s website at

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. Well, I am sure that somehow, some way, that Reed, Liccardo and Oliverio will find a way to blame the death of the falcon on the police and fire pensions.

  2. Can’t wait for Reed the Terrible to hit the airwaves and blast CSJ unions for causing this tragedy. If only we had agreed there would be more $ and somehow, someway, this tragedy could have been averted. Damn unions!!! They surely will end western civilization if they’re not stopped!

  3. I’m betting that with everything going on at City Hall the baby falcon’s death was a suicide. It wasn’t learning to fly, it jumped.

    How ironic would it be if this edge of your seat news story ended up in the Fly section?

  4. I am here to tell you that those birds have been on the gravy train for far to long. Some say that falcons are birds of prey but the taxpayers know that they are nothing but bottom-feeding scavengers.  In order to reduce the shortfall created by their illegal squatting on City property and uncontrolled annual breeding it was necessary to “layoff” one-sixth if the problem over the weekend. I have instructed Al Xgurgitate to issue pink slips and an eviction notice to all members of the Colbert family and will continue to provide a live web cam feed of all activity. 

    Listen Colberts, your days of riding the gravy train are over!

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