New SJI Features Launched

Regular visitors have probably noticed that San Jose Inside has been offline on a couple of occasions over the past several days. These outages were the unavoidable consequence of some back-end work.

While we were down briefly this afternoon, our development staff added a couple of nifty features.

SJI is now equipped with a “tagging” feature that will make it easier to keep track of specific issues and local players who appear here frequently.

We have also installed an upgrade that allows for “threaded” or “nested” comments, making it possible to reply directly to a comment. As a result, it will no longer necessary to begin a post with “#7 Kathleen” or “#4 JMO” (a clever work-around invented by the SJI community).

Over the course of the next few months, we will be adding more features to SJI and its affiliates, all in pursuit of our mission to “encourage political debate, discussion and change in our city.”


  1. Looks very nice! Great job. Keep up the good work. Now, can you go to City Hall and teach them to do the same thing to avoid losing business, and assist business in getting permits etc.? wink

  2. One nice feature on other sites I visit is the ability to edit your posts for up to 10 minutes.  This allows the poster to fix errors, or even delete their post after a bit of thought.

  3. Looks good, but the comments section no longer has numbers. How can we merrily lambaste each other without numbers to identify which post/poster has raised our ire?

  4. I like the ability to easily post a response to a particular comment directly.

    However, in the new setup, if I want to just post a general comment, as I am doing now, I have to type in both my name and my email, whereas before I needed only to type my name.  Also, the cheesy/tiny little comment box makes it more difficult to review and edit my general response before I submit it.

    Please go back to posting only one’s name, and make the “message” box under “Post a Comment” something one needn’t have 20-10 vision to use.

    Thank you.

  5. OMG—when I want to just respond to a particular post, like Simon’s, I also have to fill out TWO boxes—my name and my email;  AND, there is still the cheesy/tiny little comment box.  PLEASE reverse this so-called improvement and return to the former set-up.  Do you REALLY consider this an improvement?  I, for one, consider it a few steps backward for ease of use.

        • JMO, it is really no different than posting on the Murkey News comment section. Go to the Murk, look at the commentary section under the article. It is a lot easier than it looks. Give it a chance.

        • It’s more difficult than it used to be.  The idea of change is to make things easier, not to make them more difficult.

          If this new system isn’t scrapped, I’ll just stop posting.  OOOPs, many people would probably prefer that I stop posting.  Oh well.

        • You can be a pain JMO, but I’d miss your comments. Stick around and give it a chance. I’m 52, you are 63, we’ve been through more difficult changes than this in our lifetimes and we have survived! wink
          If you get confused just ask, one of we know it alls will help you.

      • The most recent comments box is not enough. 

        You need to provide a way to view the comments by date/time in addition to the threaded mode.

        Currently, when the most recent comments box shows a new comment for a topic, readers must search through all the possible threads for the topic to find the new comment.  Very time consuming!

  6. SJI is now equipped with a “tagging” feature that will make it easier to keep track of specific issues and local players who appear here frequently.

    How do we tag? Or is that just an editor feature?

    • The editors do the tagging.

      At the top of this post there’s a line that says “More: Media; san jose inside.” Media is the category; san jose inside is the tag link.

      As time goes by and tags accumulate, these tag links will lead to a list of stories on that topic.

  7. Still don’t see a “search feature” to find subjets or particular authors such as JMO to see what gobbleygook he
    is now spouting. grin

      • Sorry JMO,  there already exists a inexpensive ($10 for a single) guest house in Yangon, Myanmar, which is even air conditioned, offerd free breakfast and has internet access.
          In San Jose, CA we’d have no competition even though there is a great need for such a place.
          Perhaps a DT Mountain View location might be best with Cal Train and Light Rail nearby and close to the Computer History Museum which is still free and not far from the Intel Museum.  There are plenty of vacant commercial buildings in that area. 
          A 200 bed hostel at 70% occupancy would generate over $100k TOT each year to the city.  In addition there is sales tax income from hostellers sipping their booze or coffee or watching flix at the multi-screen across the museum. 
          Might not be very much to you but it’s better than zero which is what SJ is now getting. 
          With marketing collaboration with high tech Google, Apple, HP, Intel, etc. who would supply the newest toys and gizmos to entice young highly educated international travelers the occupancy would be far higher. 
          Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.
        pgp3 of Surf City USA.
        BTW We are having a blast this Sunday 2-6 PM at the Carmelita Cottages Hostel, 321 Main Street, Santa Cruz (atop Beach Hill).  This to celebrate 100 years of hostelling worldwide, 75 years here in the States.  Our mayor declared Sunday as Santa Cruz Hostel Day and we plan on everyone having a good time.

  8. If a “most recent comment” doesn’t happen to be a “stand-alone” that can easily be found since it is probably at the bottom, but is instead a reply to someone else’s comment, we have to carefully look through all the comments hoping to discover the recent one.
    JMO might be right.
    I’d say give the new “improved” system a fortnight. Then decide.

  9. I noticed that our editor Eric Johnson posted 2 comments to the Health Care Debate Is Lopsided article. They don’t appear where they belong. He’s now discovering what I already knew. The new “improvements” to the website are flawed.
    Liberals will never learn. Always wanting to mess with things that are working. Whacking down a mole here only to have another mole pop up there.
    This is just a simple website ferchrissake.
    Heaven help us when they start messing with healthcare.

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