Newsom Stumps in San Jose

San Jose, CA, June 19, 2009 —San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom delivered an optimistic message about California’s prospects to members of the San Jose Rotary Club Wednesday. With a Kennedy-esque call to “renew the spirit of imagination” that has defined the state, the candidate for governor called California “a state not just of dreamers, but of doers and entrepreneurs.”

Calling for improvements in education and health care for Californians, Newsom detailed how, as mayor, he spearheaded solutions to civic problems that delivered improved results at reduced costs and kept the city fiscally strong. He acknowledged, however, that the state’s fiscal crisis was not just “a spending problem,” and that the revenue side would have to be addressed.

Taking Governor Schwarzenegger to task for reversing a vehicle registration fee increase signed into law by his predecessor, Gray Davis, Newsom noted that the cut cost cities and counties $4 billion annually in revenue. As a result, “they found every way to fee and fine you” to make up the shortfall.

Stopping short of calling for a tax increase, Newsom said that even eliminating all general fund employees or closing all prisons would not be enough to end the deficit.

“I am not interested in failing more efficiently,” he commented, and ended with a call for a structural solution: “We need a constitutional convention in California.”

He also suggested that “we have to become more business-friendly” and pointed to San Francisco’s success in attracting emerging industries such as biotech, nanotech, digital arts and green technology.

By presenting a solution-focused agenda coupled with cheerleading, Newsom appears to be defining himself as an eloquent, Obama-esque can-do policy wonk.

“It’s time to start focusing on what’s right with the state,” Newsom said.
“I am not naive to the challenges, but I am not naive to the opportunities.”


  1. Me thinks that Gavin wants to be the next Obama in whiteface.
    What has he done for the people of San Francisco? No, really? Aside from pushing the Gay Agenda… What has he DONE? San Francisco looks like a third world city half the time. Personally, he just wants to tax, and tax, and tax some more, how is he any different than what we have now, in terms of career politicians?

  2. Gavin Newsom slept with his Campaign Manager’s and Deputy Chief of Staff’s wife.  A gentleman who was Gavin’s personal friend, a close and key strategist of his for many years.

    Classy guy.

  3. Oh my gosh, comparing this sleazeball to Kennedy – he couldn’t have carried JFK’s water!

    Yeah, I want this guy to be our Governor; SF has about the same population as SJ but SF’s budget deficit is four times larger.

    “Stopping short of calling for a tax increase…” I love that one.  Just reading about this asshat makes me back up to the wall and grab my wallet.

    Both he and Mayor VivaLaRaza of LA are little more than empty suits… oh and adulterers too.

  4. Greg, #3, it’s not fair to compare the SF budget deficit with SJ. SF is city & county. It would be something like adding the Santa Clara County shortfall to SJ.

    Not that I’m a Newsom fan…

  5. Mr. Howe is right on with his observations.

    Hopefully, Gavin was watched carefully, or at least given a V Chip.  It is not the speech, but what Gavin does with the wives of the co workers aftewards that needs checking.

  6. Always the “morals.” Never mind about vision, intelligence, experience, problem-solving and practicality. It always boils down to disliking somebody because of what they do in their personal life. It got a president impeached, didn’t it?

    Today’s shallow and dichotomous political ideology is what’s killing this country, not who sleeps with whom.

  7. #8…Do you have any words to describe a person who sleeps with his best friend’s wife?  I am anxious to see how you spin this…

  8. 9 – There is no spin. People’s private lives are not always perfect—whether they are elected officials, police officers, bankers, or anything else. While I might not care for the choices they make in their personal life, if it does not affect their job performance then it is not really any of my business. If you are only going to vote for someone who has the perfect personal life you might find your choices fairly slim.

  9. Well I guess my choices will be slim then, because I do believe what it boils down to is character…
    And his level of character just isn’t enough.

  10. Hmm, an oath is associated with marriage?  I favor same sex marriage because gays and lesbians did ask us to respect them as human beings and they have right to make a commitmeent to their partner. But Newsom by sleeping around invalidates that very principle.  If we are to respect gay unions, which we shouls, we need to respect ALL unions, and how does Newsom respect them?  By unzioping his pants and then getting money for his chippy,

  11. And the well thought-out, insightful political commentary just keeps getting better and better on this blog.
    Are there no educated posters on this site who are capable of an opinion that doesn’t resort to such tired phrases as “left of center whacko”, “left wing socialist”. “…a low rent “Matress Jack…”, or “used car salesman?”
    If this is the best we can do here then welcome to the land of the irrelevant opinion.
    If you don’t care for a candidate that’s fine, but at least make your case with something substantive besides silly insults—if you can.

  12. Gavin is a left wing socialist.  The only thing he has done right, has been his support for the gay community.  Other than that, he over spends, and refuses to recognize San Jose as a First Class baseball town.  I would never vote for him.  I would rather vote for a Republican than a left of center whacko.