Letter to the Editor: We’re All Going Through This Together

Dear Editor,

My school is closing until May 1. I know that schools across the country have been closing and using online learning, but I didn’t expect it to happen to us.

I’m nervous and curious about how the next few days and weeks will unfold. Hopefully, the rate of people contracting the virus slows down soon!

I am hurt that I can't see my friends through this seemingly long period, but I am relieved that schoolwork has abated a bit.

I can now do things that I normally wouldn’t have time to do. I’ve helped my mom make meals (and helped her taste them). I’ve been drawing a lot more. I’ve talked to distant friends to see how they were doing.

It’s confusing; it’s chaotic, and most importantly, no one really knows how to combat this. People are trying their best to help the situation, and others are suffering. But, we’re all going through this together. We’re going to become stronger.

Andrea Leang

San Jose, CA

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