Letter to the Editor: Protect Our Community, Take the Vaccine

Dear Editor,

After nearly a year in a pandemic, the end of 2020 saw the long-awaited introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine—a safe way to protect our communities from the virus and work our way back towards a new normal. But as of January 2021, only half of all American adults said that they wanted to receive the inoculation when it became available to them.

Meanwhile, caregivers like me continue to go into work with our most vulnerable populations every single day.

We cannot continue to leave our essential workers and their recipients vulnerable. It’s on all of us to make sure that the public knows the facts about the vaccine, so that every person can make the right decision about when they should receive the vaccine.

As a caregiver, I’m working with my union, SEIU Local 2015, to help people get all the facts about the vaccine and ask them to take the pledge to protect their communities. Each one of us plays an integral role in protecting the most vulnerable among us from the virus. When we stay inside or wear a mask, we’re doing it for our loved ones.

Now, when we receive the vaccine, we’ll do it for the same reasons.

It’s time for all of us to take the pledge and get the vaccine!



San Jose, CA

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  1. Hey Dennis,
    your letter is a bunch of nonsense. Saying you are in the medical field is like saying you eat cheerios. who cares. Vaccines are garbage. The ones you are encouraging people to take are deadly. Do you read, or just post the 5:30 news you heard last night..
    Please do not continue to speak like you are an authority, you are not. You are not protecting anyone.
    like mama said, you are either a help ore a hindrance, you are hindering.

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