Endorsement: Ro Khanna for Congress

Well-liked as he is, Rep. Mike Honda has become lazy. The seven-term Democratic congressman representing the heart of Silicon Valley has done little to give Silicon Valley a voice in Washington. A center of innovative thinking deserves an active, engaged legislator.

That’s why we support fellow Democrat Ro Khanna, a 37-year-old patent lawyer, former trade representative for President Obama and Stanford University economics lecturer.

Khanna combines both social principles and a passion for economic development. As an author and trade official, he’s pushed for the revitalization of American manufacturing.

He first ran for office a decade ago on a platform opposing the Patriot Act and the Iraq War in a failed bid to oust Rep. Tom Lantos. Khanna has stayed true to those principles, opposing government overreach and advocating for reform. He also penned an Internet bill of rights advocating for online privacy for consumers. Khanna, unlike Honda, is in touch with today’s Silicon Valley and would give this region the kind of representation it deserves.


  1. Wow! Seriously? You called Rep. Honda lazy? He has done little to give Silicon Valley a voice in Washington?

    Obviously whoever writes this garbage is lazy in their facts.

    I think Khanna is more in touch with his ego than his desire to represent the Silicon Valley in Congress. It doesn’t matter which community Khanna represents in Congress as long as he gets there.

    Was this blog bought out by the Koch brothers?

    • Yo, Jordan. Honda is the the consummate Washington back-bencher. If Honda spent less time womanizing and drinking he might be more effective as a member of Congress.

      Blog wasn’t paid for by the Koch Brothers, but it sounds like you believe anything Cindy Chavez is selling. How about thinking for yourself, oh that’s right; you can’t.

      • C’mon Jean, let’s leave the mud wrestling to the Honda team. Honda is the consummate Washington backbencher. Enough said.

    • Jordan’s lightning-fast, reflexive response is typical of the Honda camp: disingenuous and desperate. It is disingenuous to conflate Khanna with the Tea bagger Koch Bros merely because Ro does not genuflect to the party Establishment (which Jordan aspires to join). Ro will in fact be an independent, effective Progressive, looking actively for solutions rather than just being smug in the self-righteous satisfaction of “being right” (although nothing was accomplished in the process). And it is desperate in that it immediately goes for the personal attack (“ego”), the hallmark of “business as usual.” Having talked to Ro numerous times (as a campaign volunteer), I can personally say that he is intelligent, sincere, caring, self-effacing and hard working — exactly the type of person that I want to represent me in Congress. Jordan, I’m sorry if that doesn’t fit with your career plans, but I look forward to working with you on Hillary 2016 (should you return to the Bay Area by then).

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with this endorsement. Rep. Honda may be a “nice man” who votes the right way, but we need something more in terms of an effective legislator. I’m sure Honda’s supporters will be up in arms about this endorsement, but the fact is Honda has only passed one bill in his 14 years in Congress. Re-naming a post office after a labor leader just doesn’t cut the cheese in the 17th district (Silicon Valley). I voted for Honda in the past, but I proudly cast my vote for Ro Khanna in this election. Khanna has made bold pledges to lead the charge with Congressional reform, has concrete plans, and has a vision to lead the 17th district, where as Honda has not articulated a plan with his constituents. Instead he has been spending all of his energy attacking his opponent and dodging media requests for debates. I am hopeful that Rep. Honda will be more transparent after the primary, but I’m not holding my breath. Ro Khanna is the right choice for the 17th District and kudos to the San Jose Inside, SF Chronicle, and San Jose Mercury News for recognizing it!

  3. The claim of being lazy is a new mantra coming from the Right against those more to the Left. It was used against the President so Mike Honda is in good company, just another hard working public servant subjected to a completely false and unsubstantiated attack. I have taught in Fremont Schools since 1968 and have had the good fortune to have met every Congressman who has represented this District since Don Edwards and, based on what I know, I find the claim that Congressman Honda is lazy to be offensive.

  4. Very glad to see this endorsement. Congressman Honda falling asleep on the job really was the last straw. Silicon Valley deserves a fresh voice who is actually in touch with the district, and not just another liberal rubber stamp that Honda has always been. Honda’s a nice guy, but Ro is a better choice for progressive policy in the 21st century.

  5. Jordan, man you’re definitely a “s’labor” minion aren’t ya? Anybody that doesn’t buy the Nora Campos & Cindy Chavez (all affiliated with George Shirakawa Jr, a felon and a HUGE labor backed lap-dog) brand (labor) is anti-humanity in your eyes huh? It’s obvious that Mike Honda (along with Dave Cortese) is also affiliated with this OUTSTANDING group of “leaders” (don’t forget SCC Sheriff Laurie Smith).

    Mike Honda’s time is coming to an end, fresh blood is needed and a breath of fresh air is also being called for.

  6. > ” just another liberal rubber stamp …” [Honda]
    > ” a … choice for progressive policy in the 21st century.” [Khanna]

    What’s the difference?

    Same. Same.

    If we’re doomed to have a liberal rubber stamp, progressive policy seat warmer, I would rather have a lazy, inattentive, doddering old liberal rubber stamp progressive snoozing at his desk rather than some over-caffeinated activist intent on spending the next 20 years trying to prove that unworkable progressive ideas might work if we just try hard enough.

    Vote for Honda!

    Something bad MIGHT NOT HAPPEN!

    • Now this is a grade A comment. A Republican wanting to vote for Honda just to make the Democratic party look complacent. I’m not sure how much you care about our country, by this comment it seems like not a whole lot, but I do love the fact that you’re acknowledging the fact of that Ro is indeed both an activist and a progressive. You’re right on both fronts. Also it pleases me to see a Republican admitting that he is in favor of more rubber stamps in Congress. Glad you are being intellectually honest! If you like Rubber Stamps that don’t think on their own then you’re right Honda IS the candidate for you.

      • You’re not getting it. SJ Outside’s idea is that a tired, lazy old Democrat like Mike Honda is less likely to instigate a lot of destructive legislative mischief than a young, enthusiastic, ambitious up’n’commer Democrat like Ro Khanna. I thoroughly appreciate Mr. Bubble’s logic. After all, saving the country from the self destructive activities of the progressives IS of the utmost importance and I applaud anyone who engages in any way the thwarting of this twit revolution.
        I’m taking a more cynical approach to this Hobson’s Choice of an election. Whoever wins isn’t going to come within a googolplex of light years of representing the interests of our country so I’m voting for Ro Khanna simply out of spite. I don’t want Honda’s campaign manager Rich Robinson to succeed.

  7. Independent Voter: I believe the expression you were looking for was “doesn’t cut the mustard,” although having read all these comments, I don’t blame you for making that Freudian slip. ;-)

    SJOutsideTheBubble: Wow, your optimism is infectious.

    What’s clear to me is that the 17th District is no longer full of self-identifying disenfranchised laborers who feel that The Man is keeping them down. Rather it is now full of potential entrepreneurs who want themselves and their children to be players in the New Economy. This is not San Francisco — we’re not looking for rent control in a game of Monopoly. We want to change the game. The meaning of “progressive” has changed for us.

    • > The meaning of “progressive” has changed for us.

      I’m a little unclear on the new meaning of “progressive” versus the old meaning of “progressive”.

      Frankly they both sound kind of vague and sketchy, without a lot of detail.

      Could you ‘splain the new, changed meaning of “progressive”? I’m wondering if I somehow might be able to talk my way past the gatekeepers and pick up some “progressive” chicks at a local Democrat meet up.

  8. > I’m not sure how much you care about our country, by this comment it seems like not a whole lot, …


    You left out the part where you say I’m paid by Biq Oil, want senior citizens to eat dog food, and think Sandra Fluke should pay for her own sex toys and birth control pills.

    > Glad you are being intellectually honest!

    Normally, I would take that as a high compliment, but coming from a “progressive”, I know it’s insincere.

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