Endorsement: Madison Nguyen Offers Long Overdue Leadership

Ash Kalra and Madison Nguyen have resumes that would make either a qualified successor—and upgrade—to Nora Campos. Assembly District 27 has had six years of substandard representation, and a steady hand should allow constituents to receive the services they’re entitled to while casting significant statewide votes.

Kalra, currently a councilman for San Jose’s District 2, has been an ardent champion of labor causes, most notably in his opposition to Measure B pension reforms. While in the minority, he consistently articulated his positions with passion and gravitas, and since that time he has shown an ability to craft policy proposals with Mayor Sam Liccardo. Kalra’s work on issues such as rent control and minimum wage increases started an important dialogue, and he has also championed conservation efforts as chair of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Nguyen, who served as San Jose’s vice mayor up until the end of 2014, also has an impressive record of service that would place AD 27 in capable hands. She survived a recall challenge over the naming of a Vietnamese business district and went on to lead on issues such as affordable housing and economic development. She has bipartisan support that should help her weed through the political morass that can be the state legislature, and the persistence to make a difference. We recommend a vote for Nguyen.

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  1. I disagree. Ash Kalra is the best choice for Assembly. I have worked with both of these candidates over the past 10 years and I can honestly say that Ash Kalra would do a better job. He is well known, and respected by a very diverse group of citizens and is able to community bridge build, and problem solve vital issues better than Nguyen.

    It seems people forget Nguyen dividing our City over Little Saigon. There was already a sign ordinance in place so that entire political move on her part was not only unnecessary, it was a huge embarrassment to our City. She is a certified mediator and never once worked to bring her community together on the sign issue, rather she tried to shut them down, shove her will down their throats, which resulted in months of protests outside of City Hall, and a Vietnamese war hero staging a hunger strike. I can only imagine what would happen if she pulls a stun like this if she’s elected as a State Assembly Member. And finally, she only survived a recall with may be a couple hundred votes. By the way, labor helped her survive that recall.

  2. Really? Kalra has been a much LARGER advocate for affordable housing AND transportation- the current catastrophe with the Reserve displacement is a great recent example of this. He even defended the Flea Market vendors when they were getting displaced as well- against the tide of the rest of the Council. Madison has accepted money from big out of state oil and other big box franchises, unveiling her corporatism side. Why would you endorse that Matro?

    BTW Metro, you support Jim Belle right? You know he endorsed Kalra, right?

  3. Nguyen said she could bring a UC to San Jose is a big lie . UC would never allow it to happen since we have UC Santa Cruz, Berkeley and UC Davis to serve the Northern California residents . They can add a department or a program to serve the area, but not a UC . The Central California is the one underserved . She said so and people believe her and vote for her . Nguyen is a big liar

  4. Madison Nguyen was nothing more than a hand puppet for Mayor Reed . She was then and is now as untrustworthy an individual as you would ever meet . wouldn’t trust her to pick up dog poop

  5. As an advocate for NO public monies being used for housing, I guess I’ll have to write in my own name. In case the naive readers don’t understand how it works: property owners and developers get the lion’s share of the money as subsidies and other tax breaks, while the “poor” get the crumbs that fall off the table. The whole ‘affordable housing’ scam is a gift to special interests — a gift of our tax doillars!

    I’d be glad to change my opinion, if SJI can offer any reason that would be in my best interest. But so far, all I see are the usual ravenous hyenas competing with each other to raise my taxes, and give certainn politically correct tribes an unfair advantage.

    Screw ’em all.

    • > The whole ‘affordable housing’ scam is a gift to special interests — a gift of our tax doillars!

      It’s money changing hands.

      When money changes hands and none of the hands belong to the owner of the money, suspect the worst.

  6. Madison Nguyen is greatly influenced by money. She is only looking out for herself and not for the people she serves, the tax payers. Dangle a carrot (money) in front of her and she’ll bite, why do you think Chuck Reed and the developers loved her? Not even my dog trusts her to pick up his poop.

  7. This sounds like an endorsement of Ash Kalra, up until the end. Council member Kalra is a leader who has the courage to defend his beliefs, even in the face of popular opposition. This editorial neglects to mention he was right to oppose Measure B – he wasn’t defending Labor, he was fighting for those of us who live in San Jose, and the outcome has clearly shown he was right.

    The only thing I see here about Madison is … San Jose Inside recommends her. That’s not good enough. I’m voting for the candidate who has proven to me he can see past the rhetoric, and will represent me with integrity and without ego-driven posturing. I’m voting for Ash Kalra, and I urge my friends and neighbors to do the same.

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