Almaden Surprise: Johnny Khamis vs. Robert Braunstein in District 10

Bitbadal was a City Hall insider who had been endorsed by former San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales and City Councilmember Ash Kalra. Braunstein, a television sports personality, had the support of former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery and has aligned himself with Mayor Chuck Reed’s pension reform programs.

The South Bay Labor Council-endorsed candidate, Brian O’Neill, came in fifth in a field of six. District 10 includes the Almaden Valley and is one of San Jose’s most conservative districts. It has been represented by Labor-aligned Nancy Pyle. Before Pyle, Republican Pat Dando held the seat.


  1. > A Jew and a Palestinian will face off against each other for San Jose’s District 10 council seat in November.


    I don’t know which candidate you are referring to.

    Johnny Khamis describes himself as being of Lebanese Christian heritage.

    Is Silicon Valley Newsroom trying to suggest that all Palestinians and Lebanese Christians look alike?

      • Yes way out of line.  I know and i am sure you know too that the moderator(s) of this sight have edited or censored posts and even threatened to or actally block posters for less.

        …and this comes after readers and posters to this site were chastized and called on to “step up OUR game” because contributor Peter Allen was upset that someone somewhere may have tried to portray some politician somewhere as a nazi or a fascist.  Its wonderful to see that the double standard these left-wing journos say doesnt exist is alive and well in the Silicon Valley Newsroom aka: The Metro.

        Ps im posting this on my mayor weed fb Page. In case you block me here josh

  2. Other Almaden surprises:

    1. Denelle Fedor, staffer for Republican Pat Dando, finished sixth.  I would have thunk that her connections to a political “player” would have brought her a little more success.  On the other hand, she tried to portray herself as a “non-partisan/bi-partisan” compromising moderate compromiser, which turned off people like me.  Could it be possible that other lucid people are likewise turned off by Rodney King style “can’t we all get along” politics?  A candidate needs to stand for SOMETHING.

    2. Edesa Bitbadel, staffer for Democrat and incumbent Council member Nancy Pyle, finished third.

    I would have thunk that Nancy Pyle would have had more suction than being unable to help a loyal spear carrier gain more than a third place finish.

    My impression of Nancy Pyle has always been that she is almost a stereotype of an “oily politician”.  Edesa came across almost exactly as one might expect a loyal staffer to an “oily politician” to behave.

    She sounded articulate, but kind of robotic, in mindlessly reciting all the politician sound bytes and catch phrases she learned in candidate school.

    All in all, a lesson of this race is that whatever “magic” a politician possesses, isn’t easily or automatically transferrable to staffers.

    3. Brian O’Neill.  The SEIU “Politics Chair” finished fifth in a six person race.  It’s a huge surprise that he DIDN’T finish sixth, and a mystery that to me he got any votes at all. To the hundreds of people who voted for him, I have to ask: “What were you people thinking?”

  3. “A Jew and a Palestinian will face off against each other for San Jose’s District 10 council seat in November.”

    Why on earth would you write something like this?

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