Yes, Don Rocha is Still a Male Model

San Jose Councilmember Don Rocha is a versatile man. He’s an elected official, an actor and a pretty damn good basketball player.

I know this last detail because my team played the City Hall squad more than a year ago in an adult league game at Seven Trees Community Center. Rocha was the only reason the game wasn’t more of a blowout. Mayor Chuck Reed’s staffer David Low also hit some nice shots. Councilmember Xavier Campos really needs to work on his game.

If Rocha decides to quit after just one term on the City Council, as he’s considered publicly, he’ll have a lot of career options. He could go into the private sector. He could make a run for State Assembly, as Jim Beall wants. Or, he could go back to male modeling.

Of course, that would mean Rocha stopped modeling, and by the looks of a article posted Wednesday, the man has been doing a little double duty.

The main photo for an article detailing the Pentagon’s new contract with a Campbell-based company features Rocha holding a biometric device in front of another man’s face. According to the article, the company, AOptix, inked a $3 million deal with the Department of Defense for “a hardware peripheral and software suite that turns a commercially available smartphone into a device that scans and transmits data from someone’s eyes, face, thumbs and voice.”

Sounds pretty cool. But let’s get back to Rocha.

The council member told San jose Inside that the photo shoot occurred a few weeks ago—most likely Friday, Jan. 18—and it was the first time he took a modeling gig in the past couple years. “The opportunity popped up and took it,” Rocha said. He added that he did it to help make ends meet and took the day off from council work to do the photo shoot. Rocha would not say how much he was paid, but that info will eventually become public when he files a Form 700.

A company spokesperson for AOptix was surprised to learn that a San Jose councilmember is one of the models in the company’s product photos. But, c’mon, we’re talking about Don “effing” Rocha here. It’s practically a celebrity endorsement. And nothing beats Rocha’s Blue Steel.

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. Don is aisle alright: a model of an ineffective, angry Councilmember. He needs to grow up, act like an adult, and realize he doesn’t always get his way.

  2. I appreciate Don being honest about his experience on the Council. He ran because he wanted to serve his constituents, not play politics. I work in a field where politics plays a huge role in getting things done and believe me when I say it is exhausting, and can be counterproductive, when all you are trying to do is help people who need it.

    I’ve worked with Don, who is my Council Member by the way, and he really cares about our community, and our public safety servants. I’m glad he proved me wrong. He has really stepped up to the plate for our community.

    As to his modeling career, if he wants to earn a few bucks on the side to support his family, he’s got every right to do so. Any way, he isn’t too hard on the eyes! LOL!

  3. Don Rocha, like many thousands of other San Jose residents trusted our city council to do the right thing, until he was elected himself.
    Now he sees The Absolutist and company as the liars that they are. Rocha is probably the one who deserved a sick day, not Khamis.

  4. Its interesting to read why he might not run for council next election. As I get more into understanding local politics I amazed that anything gets done! When I hear of the deals that go on behind the senses to pass a law or a bill I ask myself, “When did working for the common good take a backseat to ones own personal ambition?” Its interesting that the “machine” good down another good man!