Happy Inauguration, MLK Jr. Day

Washignton D.C. came to a halt today, but not because of the usual partisan gridlock. Along with almost every government worker in the nation getting the day off for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, President Barack Obama was also confirmed for his second term in the Oval Office. Enjoy the rest of the holiday and we’ll return Tuesday.—Editor


  1. How deeply ironic is the contrast between Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Hussein Obama.

    The central motif of Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech is FREEDOM:

    “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, Free at last!”

    The central motif of Obama’s lame duck inaugural speech is: statist collectivism.

    According to Obama, the American people are so childlike, so helpless, so clueless, that they can’t feed themselves, can’t educate their own “wanted” children, can’t figure out how to dispose of their “unwanted” children, can’t make responsible decisions about how much or how little doctoring they want to submit to, can’t manage their financial affairs, or plan their financial future.

    The Obama doctrine is that freedom is wasted on Americans.

    Awhile back, some unruly and inflammatory internet denizens suggested that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. might have actually been a REPUBLICAN.  Apparently, there is no actual record of Dr. King ever being registered as a Democrat, and based on his instincts to run away from plantations, the suggestion has a kernal of plausibility.  But the suggestion of Dr. Kings covert GOP sympathies was quickly and loudly shouted down by choruses of progressive mythologists.

    Over the years, it seems to me that Dr. King’s essential message of “freedom” is inoxorably being infused into the political DNA of successive generations.  And at the same time, the current cohort of youthful idealists are beginning to entertain the heretical thought that Obama (who is objectively as much Irish as he is African) may be less than authentic in his “blackness” and more of a manikin in a black skinsuit reading the decidedly un-black Saul Alinsky’s teleprompter.

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