Purple States of America

The media has portrayed a polarized country by classifying states as either red or blue. If states were categorized by voting percentages rather than electoral votes, here’s how the United States of America would look. This map was created using Photoshop values based on voting percentages by New York DJ and producer Cousin Cole.


  1. That’s interesting.
    Here’s another one in which the country is colored in county by county based on election results.


    If only the land could vote.

  2. Maybe we can get a map of voter fraud!

    How does Mitt Romney get ZERO votes in 59 Precincts in Philly, and 9 Precincts in Ohio? Impossible you say? Well it happened if you believe there was no voter fraud involved.

  3. Those 100% precincts were heavily African-American, as the President carried the African American community by more than 90% of the vote, it would not be unusual for him to carry a number of precincts by 100%.

    The results are more a reflection of the current state of the Republican Party than any voter fraud.  I haven’t looked at precincts in Utah, but I wouldn’t be surprised is some of those went 100% or close to it for Romney.

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