Open Letter to The Incoming Class at Presentation High School

To The Class of 2014

Dear Ladies:

I was wondering…how many of you know who Jessica Ennis is? Jessica Ennis is an international track star. Earlier this Summer, she won the gold medal in the Heptathlon at the European Championships. Last year, she also took gold at the World Championships. Jessica Ennis is arguably the world’s greatest female athlete. This young woman can fly…and throw…and jump…etc. She’s Wonder Woman.

Unfortunately, few American girls have ever heard of Jessica Ennis. First of all, Track and Field does not have a very large following in the United States. Secondly, our media doesn’t celebrate women like Jessica Ennis. Instead, we have Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and Snookie.

I’ll bet that if you took a survey at your school, you’d find that more than 95 percent of your classmates have heard of Kim Kardashian, and/or watch her show. Let’s not keep up with the Kardashians. The Kardashians (and their like) are not role models for anyone to follow. They teach us nothing, other than to provide a painful example of what pure ego and mindless self-gratification can bring… (nothing of lasting value). To my mind, they are undeserving of their fame and the fortune attached to it.

Okay, enough preaching. I want to offer the Class of 2014 an idea for a project. Why don’t you create a website, “Presentation Presents…” featuring a new role model for American girls to consider?  (You could make Jessica Ennis your first subject.) Every month,  pictures and text highlighting a new role model could be posted. The site could offer a fresh alternative and resource for Amercia’s youth. You could take the site “viral” through Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck this school year!


  1. I’ve never heard of Jessica Ennis. I get the feeling I should have. I’m still unclear of her connection to Presentation. Is she attending now? Did she graduate from there? Is she a native San Josean?
    And who is Kim Kardashian?
    And real quick without looking. Who can name the seven events that comprise the heptathlon?

  2. We need to be emphasizing the importance of academics, not encouraging kids to pursue the phantoms of an “athletic career.”  Athletics has become the sort of B track for those who can’t hack the academic side of things, but those kids should be doing vocational training & tradesman apprenticeships, not learning how to play ballgames or whatnot.  That’s next-of-kin to just throwing them away, as far as I’m concerned.

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