Blogs Battling Over Prostitution

A recent NBC Bay Area report on the increase in prostitution downtown—and the disbanding of the city’s vice squad—has gone viral, and spawned a Twitter debate over the cause.

Protect San Jose, a blog run by the police union, Tweeted that city manager Deb Figone was to blame for the downtown hookers, drawing a response from Daily Fetch, an anonymous political blog.

The original Tweet linked to a San Antonio newspaper that picked up the story. (The predictable headline: “Hookers Know the Way to San Jose.”)

“It seems our country’s economic woes and California’s wise economic ways has stirred up an employment boom for one industry in San Jose, Calif.: prostitution.

Blue light specials are abounding due to budget shortfalls and cuts that have led to the elimination of the city’s police vice unit. A reported increase in prostitution has followed in frenzied-like proportions.

According to the story, hookers from all over California are headed for San Jose. It’s like the streets are paved with dirty crumpled $20’s.”

Below is a transcript of the twitter debate between @ProtectSanJose and @thedailyfetch.

@ProtectSanJose #SJPOA Pres Beattie Sets Record Straight on Figone’s Failure to Apply for Millions in Federal Grants #sjpd #sanjose
7 Jul

@ProtectSanJose Due in part to Figone’s COPS Grant #epicfail Hookers Know Way to #sanjose #sjpd
@ProtectSanJose “It’s like the streets of #sanjose are paved with dirty crumpled $20’s.” FYI: @thedailyfetch #sjpd #sjpoa
@thedailyfetch If only a crumpled $20 would do the trick… (so to speak)
@ProtectSanJose If only #sanjose city manager’s COPS grant #epicfail hadn’t robbed us of the chance to save vice sqd or gang enforcement
@thedailyfetch True @protectsanjose, but “Figone did…consult with Police Chief Chris Moore on the decision.” Right?
@ProtectSanJose #sanjose CM lacks power to deny grant if awarded but can just fail to apply shouldn’t council decide this? Chief works for CM

The NBC Bay Area report that started it all:

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  1. Metro, thank you for publishing SOMETHING on this topic because the Mercury News sure hasn’t. I’ve spoken to several Police Officers who verified that DT is full of hookers and Pimps. One Officer told me that Johns are getting robbed and beaten.

    This Sunday, July 17th, at 7:30pm, Pastor Sonny Lara, CEO of Firehouse, is leading a demonstration called, “Not on my watch,” at 2nd and William Street. I hope SJI readers wil join us as we will be sending a loud, peaceful, and clear message that we will not tolerate this in our City, and that we are taking our streets back!!!

  2. San Jose is a town where hookers would congregate by First and San Salvador.  Then the city cleaned up that area of town, and now the place for a lot of hookers is Santa Clara Street, near the drug dealers.  San Jose at night, especially at City Hall is more like downtown Oakland than San Francisco.

    The fault lies with the Mayor.

    I am writing this under my street name.  You want a clean San Jose, understand that with Reed the city has been getting dirtier and grimier.

  3. What did you expect when Chuckies council cuts 66 officers in addition to all the others jumping ship or retiring.  The police Dept. is forced to cut all special units in order to staff patrol officers.  Lets count the cuts, VCET (gang prevention unit) Air Support, Vice, reducing Metro Unit (deals with prostitution and quality of life downtown), Mounted Unit,  MostDetective Units.  In other words, EVERY unit in the police department is being cut just trying to get officers back on the street to meet minimum staffing levels. 

    Every call for service is going to result in a delayed response.  Sure hope you don’t have an emergency and forget about getting an officer to investigate your home burglary or auto theft.  Put 411 on your speed dial so a dispatcher can take your report over the phone.

    Safest city – forget about it!!!!

    • > What did you expect when Chuckies council cuts 66 officers in addition to all the others jumping ship or retiring. 

      For all I know Chuck Reed is a management klutz and an economic dumbell.

      But, he’s just a tiny little pissant in the grand scheme of things.

      The responsibility for police layoffs, increased crime, and general economic depression and collapse of the California has to be assigned first and foremost to The Dumbell In Chief in Washington, D.C., and Governor Dumbell and his Clown College in Sacramento.

      President Dumbell’s first priority is to make sure that businesses DON’T MAKE TOO MUCH PROFIT!  That would be unfair.  When the government PREVENTS prosperity as a matter of ideology, why should anyone be surprised that governments down the food chain, local economies, and local services suffer?

      No doubt it makes the unionists feel good to bash Reed, but Reed is out of money thanks to the knuckleheads in the sky.

      • How come Santa Clara, Palo Alto and many other cities aren’t broke???? How come the “knuckleheads in the sky” didn’t break THOSE cities? Says something, doesn’t it?

      • Chuck needs to think small and quit opening his check book on BS and quit hiding money for grand dreams like the A’s. He could care less about about public safety, only wants his name on a ball park or a soccer stadium which no one will fill anyway.

      • Chuck is just the steward who has to reap the folly of the Gonzales years, when unions had a majority of the council in their pockets and they outnegotiated city fathers all too willing to give away the store.  Add to that the $billion boondoggle known as The Taj Gonzal, along with the R2D2 Rotunda and it was just a matter of time before the chickens came home to roost. 

        All across the country gubmints have spent $billions that they didn’t have.  Now we need to raise the debt ceiling to borrow more money to pay back the money we borrowed last year.  Financial Armageddon is just around the corner.

        If you spent $1million per day each day since the birth of Jesus, you would have spent just over two-thirds of ONE trillion$$.  Our national debt is $14.3 trillion, and they want to borrow more.

        • John, how could they spending that long, since it was 2,000 years ago, and Bush and Reagan were not born back then?

          You grumble like a hot dog of tired beef, and very short in your bun.

  4. Great Video – I hope our city council is proud.  Maybe they should show this at their next meeting.

    Oh, but we need a downtown ball park, maybe we can have a prostitution / pimp bobble head night.

  5. What’s Moore suppose to do when City Manager depletes the police department???  “Well he was consulted”  Moore is consulted, but never listened to because the City Manager is the real Police Chief of San Jose and the Mayor has a paid police consultant (retired deputy) whispering in his ear on how Reed/Figone should police the city….Don’t blame Moore for the city’s political nonsense…..GO A’S!!!!!

    • Seems other Police Chiefs are standing up all around the country.  They are informing the public that they cannot do with the current staffing. 
        Your chief seems to be on the meeker side of things.  I did see him say that he will personally escourt the ICE agents off the premise if they did anything outside of what they are being tasked to do. He could sure bark then.

      • They city should have closed every library, community center, and park, and stopped funding private art organizations and non-profits before they laid off a single police officer.  Public safety is the NUMBER ONE priority of local government.  There isn’t even a close second.

  6. It would be nice if our council and city manager walk downtown ALONE without police escort or their fired security officer or the retired deputy (time to fire him as well) and see what is really going on. Come downtown PO, to see what is really going on in your district.  Your doing one hell of a job!

    You all need to be ashamed.  San Jose will be back to the gang wars of the 70’s and whores running amok downtown. Why don’t we bring back the curtain porn show booths as well to raise the city budget.

  7. Please city council, tell me why you fire 66 police officers then hire back 25 fire fighter who will get the same pensions as officers.  What the hell is going on!! Are you all insane?  Are fire fighter going to hose done the side walks when the prostitutes go home for the night?

  8. To those of you who said that the SJPOA was using fear to stop lay offs, you were wrong for accusing them of that. We’ve had an increase in homicides, gang violence, violent crime, and now this. Just wait until Officers start getting killed or injured, and more Officers are laid off. I bet these criminals are laughing all the way to the bank. We’ve played right into their hands~

    And now, Raj and his buddies are screaming about the Chief accepting help from the Feds to stop gangs! Unbelievable!

  9. Chuck,

    Please explain to me how you layoff 66 police officers and let dozens of other officer positions stay vacant (currently over 100).  Then you turn around and hire 49 fire fighters today.  These 49 receive the same pensions as police officers.  Isn’t this the reason you declared a fiscal crisis for San Jose.

    I don’t think we are going to see fire fighters (God Bless them) solving any prostitution problems or other crimes in San Jose very soon.  Maybe we need to cross train them and create a public safety team similar to Sunnyvale in orde to solve you over blown money problem.

    • 49 firefighters were hired back on the SAFER Grant…..a FEDERAL grant to rehire the ones the head clown, Reed, laid off.  Moore requested the same type of grant from the COPS program.  Figone refused to support it.  Firefighters receive pensions they have earned over their careers….not just for serving 4 years…like the City Council members.  The Firefighters numbers are so depleted, even the City Clowns couldnt refuse hiring them back because the City is so thin.  The Fire Department cant even respond to 2 Major incidents (3rd alarm or greater) together without using help from other cities.  They have more important things to worry about than johns trying to get their rocks off.

  10. its just starting reed an co need to step down it’s there fault the city’s in the shape its in we have lost to many good people wp plant an more are leaving
    your not to bright reed

  11. It’s not only the prostitutes and pimps at 2nd and Williams, but the drug dealers running Fountain Alley, the McDonalds and Jack in the Box parking lots and slinging dope in St. James Park. Car burglaries are escalating and the thugs are assaulting people downtown left and right. All of these problems were either eliminated or controlled at one point. But with Figones axe swing and her incompetent troll as Chief of Police, the battle is being quickly lost. This Chief could realign the patrol districts so that drastic cuts will not have to occur but he would rather the streets become more dangerous and criminal investigations go unassigned.

    At a time when the city needed a General Patton to lead the police department, we get Tiny Tim.

    • The drug dealers also sell in the plaza next to The Rep a couple of days a week, and once a week or so in the Zanotto’s Alley.

      The Ho’s haven’t got that far north yet, but it’s coming.  It’ll be like the 70’s all over again in SoMA.

  12. Let me think outside the box here!, Hmmm….? What to do ? what to do…?

    I know, lets put a ballot measure before the public to tax all busness transaction between the ho’s and the johns, we could license the pimps.  and give them tax credits if they own a marijuana collective…. All this untapped revenue! I’ll solve this budget crisis in no time! 

    sorry fro teh brevity and any spelling or grammar error as i’m sending this from my blackberry

  13. Retired and everyone,

    Actually, if the Pimps were smart they wouldn’t spend that “hard” earned money in San Jose.  But then again the hookers put “Head~s” in the beds at the local Downtown Hotels/Motels by the hour.  This was the master plan of Chuck Reed and Dan Fenton to brag about San Jose as a Top Notch Travel Destination.  They packaged it as “Hookers,Head & Beds”.

    Come to San Jose for all of your needs, Hookers, Drugs and Lots of gang activity and Corruption. 
    Lets get rid of the cops and cut services to the citizen that was really smart on Reeds part. 

    With the New REED Ball Park, The Hookers and Pimps,and Gangs running wild, Reed is succeeding in his master plan of turning San Jose into the mean streets of Oakland.  I say let the Hookers and Pimps stay, at least “they” are working…. 

    Good move Reed you Idiot!

    Old Frank

  14. The city could keep prostitution industry downtown by providing a safe, clean environment for them in a brothel and collect taxes from the business.  The city could use a cool redlight district where people from all over the U.S. can come and have a good time, instead of going to Bunny Ranch in Nevada.  They should organize it and legalize it.  It’s not a bad thing.  The city could have a bonafide attraction like they have in Amsterdam and collect a whole bunch of taxes.

  15. If you want to see the hookers and pimps walk freely down the streets, check out all the motels on north 1st st. between the 880 overpass and Brokaw rd. That area is infested with pimps and hookers from the east bay! It’s disgusting!

  16. I know it’s easy to blame.  Let’s get past the blame game.  Your constant rants with NO solutions are getting us nothing.  Have you got any ideas for a better place to live?  You can attack this message as well.  We know the P.D. is short on people we know that more officers are needed.  Could it be that a more efficient use of officers could be had?  Maybe some more overtime for the officers.  Think with solutions not attacks.  I have spoken to numerous officers who think that with over time allotments this could eliminate some of the problems.  Is it true that some officers have not been on the streets for 15+ years?

    • Do you really understand “how short on people” the PD is? Despite being the 10th largest city in the country we ranked 33rd in number of police officers back when we had 1400 cops. Now we have a little over 1100. They can’t staff the beats as it is, so redeploymemnt would mean pulling cops out of the neighborhoods to address these problems. It’s like squeezing a water balloon. Doing more with less went out the window a couple of years ago. The fat was cut long ago and now we’re down to the bone. Unfortunately they will be doing less with less for the forseeable future. I know many of you liked to think that the POA was crying wolf, but you can see that the chickens are coming home to roost. Overtime helps when you have an adequate workforce to draw from, but just serves to fry overworked personnel when you are severely understaffed. Oakland used to do this when they wouldn’t hire cops and had officers working 7 days a week with overtime shifts -it was counterproductive. Even so, where would the money for O/T come from? You’d have to lay off some cops to have the savings to fund the overtime. Lastly, the PD has a mandatory rotation policy for officers which caps most specialty assignments (such as detectives) at 3 years, after which an officer must return to patrol for a minimum of one year. Contrary to urban myth, there aren’t many “desk jobs” at the SJPD. Most officers not assigned to the patrol division are assigned to the detective bureau where they carry out criminal investigations. The PD is very innovative and if they can do something they will, but you still can only cut the pie so many ways and it is getting smaller and smaller. Get used to it.

    • You want solutions tell the council to rehire police officers.

      You can’t have officers to be more efficient when you don’t have any.

      Ask the city manager about overtime since she has blocked all of the PD overtime.  Each minute of OT has to be reviewed and approved.

      Bad info on officers having not been on the streets for 15+ years unless to count the very few capped number who are unable to work the streets. (Article 39 they are called)

      Solution: the city needs more officers not less.  Maybe the Sunnyvale model but no model will work without bodies.

      These are not attacks just facts.

      • Retired:>>You want solutions tell the council to rehire police officers.

        Yah I’m pretty much with you on that one. Funny how SJ is starting to look like the ads in the back of the Metro.

        I went down to 1st street billiards to scope them out as a potential client for one of my karaoke jukebox’s with a friend.  I told him I’d been talking about the prostitution problem on SJI, so we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood.

        We walked past a gang of 20+ hooligans parked on the corner by the agenda.  They weren’t there to go clubbing, nope, just hanging out on a street corner at 10pm.  We made our way down towards the laundrymat and saw a police car parked in the auto parts store lot, on the island between 1st street and Alameda.

        There were still girls out though.  We walked back to his car and drove off towards Alex’s 49’er (we had done a demo of our system there a few weeks earlier, and wanted to scope out what was happening)As we were getting on the 280 we spotted one on Alameda and Vine.  Right across the street from the pink poodle was a crackwhore at the bus stop, twitching and hooking.

        >>Have you got any ideas for a better place to live? 

        Depends on your definition of “Better”.  If by better you mean, a municipality that isn’t in debt, has a decent, clean living population and low crime rate, and OK access to jobs, I can name a few.

        Los Gatos
        Santa Clara

        If you take the “Jobs” out of it (can’t really blame the lack of them for the rise of crime)

        Rio Vista (I LOVE this town)
        Lake Tahoe
        Angels Camp

        and I bet if I actually looked at statistics instead of just going by places I visited, then I could list a lot more.  Statistically speaking, San Jose is slowly losing its luster.  Santa Clara County property taxes are sky high, crime is up, and the city is on a perpetual verge of having to declare bankruptcy. People still want to live here for the jobs and education, but the quality of both is in a steady decline as well.

  17. I eat a lot of Denny’s.  After work, some customers will ask me if I want breakfast, and we’ll head down to the Vagabond Inn Denny’s on first street (past 880, just past the sheriffs office)

    Well before this story came to light, the hookers have been convening on that spot for the last 10 years.  I think that’s where they moved to after the great cleanup on 2nd street.

    We have to tip our hats to Chief Landsdown for ridding us of this problem the first time.  All he did was told his beat cops, “Don’t arrest them, ask what they’re doing, etc.  Just stand next to them and their pimps” After a few months they all got the hint and just left.

    I see them come into Bamboo from time to time.  One girl I remember bragged to me once, “I get $500 to sit in a Mercedes and give an old man a hand job”  Eventually she got picked up by some sugar daddy who got her a condo and sent her to school over at mission college.  I saw her once after she completed her nursing assitance course, telling me how she’s had a life change and wouldn’t be going back to her old way of life.  Haven’t seen her since, and I hope she’s doing well.

    Other than that though, you can follow the other Denny’s, and find hookers.  I was eating breakfast with Cary Andrew Crittenden one fine morning, and as we gulped down our grand slams, we saw a girl at the bus stop walking around, shaking her moneymaker, until a big black ford F-250 filled with gardening equipment and driven by a man wearing a cowboy hat picked her up.

    Another time I was eating at the Denny’s further down 1st street, near brokaw and saw much of the same.

    It seems to me that they congregate most around these airport areas (quick trick from the many traveling businessmen) It’s a *Safe* area (free from prosecution) between the two Denny’s near the airport.

    Heh, funny, the other day some wild looking guy in glasses came into Bamboo inquiring about the massage parlor that closed down next door.  He kept asking me, “DO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY MOVED TOO?” 

    At this point….

    It just seems like the city wants to make as much money on vice as it can.  Expanded gambling, pot clubs, and now prostitution for our business travelers seems to be the “in” motive behind our currently elected officials.  How long before we see San Jose forming a comittee to find out if legalizing prostitution will yield a cost – benefit for the city?

    I can’t express enough how much it sickens me. It’s not enough that I have to put up with these knuckleheads were I work, but now it’s starting to permeate to my own neighborhood, far away from downtown in my own little pocket of district 9.

    I see a revolving door as far as the elected officials go.  Maybe I’ll try and jam it with my foot again.  Tired of these assholes.  The things I could tell folks…

    • If you consider crazy Crittenden a friend it speaks volumes of your judgement and perspective.  Although I agree that the City is using vices to exploit it’s moneymaker…

      • >>If you consider crazy Crittenden a friend it speaks volumes of your judgement and perspective.

        And if you consider yourself too good to be friends with someone, you’re an elitist. 

        Critteden isn’t a tweaker, or ex tweaker (like some family I know)  I draw the line at those types of crazies.  He might not be able to present things as well as others because he gets excited, but I’d rather have a friend that shows true colors than one that’s an expert of hiding behind a facade.

        Have fun with you “sane” friends anonymously.  Hope you don’t get stabbed in the back by one someday.

  18. When question was asked: 

    Why was Liccardo after voting for police layoff now silent about increase in crime in his downtown district?  As Mayor candidate – police layoffs, increase in crime and upsetting politically powerful police officers union are not political accomplishments that will help candidate get elected

    Comments were not posted by moderator Why censorship ?

  19. Prostitutes in downtown San Jose is a orblem worth resolving.  In residential areas in San Jose and areas bordering San Jose a group of bicyclists whom Oliverio supports have decide to ride at 1230am harassing residents.  We have a IPhone video of San Jose Bike Party members blocking a ambulance attempting to get a person to Valley Med.  Oliverio says he does not care.  There are hookers on the streets and in Oliverio’s case, on the City Council.

  20. There is a moderator here, his name is Eric that goes out of his way to censor or delete post that are very factual and to the point and don’t fit his agenda. 

    The point of a blog is to communally discuss topics without censorship.  No one here likes it when their voice is silenced because of an agenda of some liberal with a little perceived power over others.  That is really too bad.

    Old Frank

  21. SJPD’s disbanded Vice unit had not work street hookers for at least the last three years. Prior to that they worked them occasionally but the main work load fell on the METRO Unit. The METRO Unit came into being when the NET Unit ( Narcotic Enforcement Team)  and the Street Crimes were combined into one new unit e.g. METRO Unit (cir. 2000). The old Street Crimes unit was responsible downtown issues. They are the unit that worked the hookers hard during the 1980/90’s and eventually moved them out of town or at least off the street.

    The METRO unit was hot and cold working street prostitution. After a few years their main focus became drug enforcement, with prostitution a afterthought. Uniformed patrol had kept the pressure on and the street walkers stayed off the street. They hadn’t gone away, they just moved on to Craigslist.  When Craigslist became popular most of the hookers went to that venue to meet customers. A lap top computer, a picture of their younger sister or a 20 year picture of themselves and motel room was all that was needed. 

    When the VCET unit was disbanded the METRO unit also took over gang enforcement. With the rise in homicides and general gang violence the METRO unit has been directed to focus entirely on gang enforcement. Today there is no specialized unit working street   prostitution. All enforcement is done by uniformed patrol officers. 

    Where are we today? SJPD’s staffing is below 1100 officers (down from approx. 1400 a few years ago) + the “brain drain” of 150+ officers retiring (most of them earlier than
    they had planned to) during the last two years + the laying off (66 officers)  and driving out (40+ to other police departments) of the “best and brightest” = fewer patrol units with more calls to handle and less time to proactively work; less experience – both in officers and supervisors (even “hassling” hookers must done legally, much less making a “loitering with intent” case that will stand up in court and and the inevitable internal affairs complaint).  Add in low morale (low morale = minimum performance in any work environment—SJPD has the lowest morale in it’s history) and you have a problem.

    Our street walkers have returned due to 1) reduced police presence (and interest – most young proactive officers would rather work a drug or gang case than try and work a street prostitute case in uniform)  and 2) because Craigslist has tightened up on them being able to advertise – stopping them from using Craigslist to attract clients.

    • To a Little History:

      I support your comment and we are on the same team but I would like to add a part of that history that you left out.

      Prostitution was never an afterthought in the Metro Unit. 

      The night shift focused on drug enforcement and prostitution, but what you missed is that the day shift teams for many years carried on the Street Crimes tradition.  I’m sure uniformed patrol had some impact with prostitute enforcement but the main reason street prostitution was under control was because of the hard working Metro officers.  We kept the streets clean of prostitutes and their customers.  It was these Metro plainclothes officers that knew every street prostitute by first name and intel books were kept on them.  Now I understand those books were shredded just like the Metro Unit.

      • Former Metro:

        I also support you comments with some caveats.  You mention they new prostitutes by name and kept a book.  This book you refer to..did it have Polaroids of pictures of the girls.  My point being, that this might have been done (was being done) but I don’t believe that it was being done for years. At least five to seven years if not longer.  You can’t even get that film anymore.  I don’t believe Metro focused on prostitution and it was indeed an afterthought (for the last five to seven years).  My opinion. 

        Now Vice was continusoly busting prostitutes up until it’s final days. It just wasn’t street prostitution because Metro was supposed to do that.

        The bottom line is this:  Metro isn’t busting hookers, CRU isn’t, Patrol can’t and Vice doesn’t exist. No one to mind the store.  The mice will play when the cat is away.

        One final thought, if you don’t think the hookers don’t talk and know there is no enforcement think again. (

        Watch for the brothels in yor apartment complex.  They are there and more are coming.

        • To More Info:

          “I don’t believe Metro focused on prostitution and it was indeed an afterthought (for the last five to seven years).”

          I’m not sure where you are getting your information but let me tell you where I am getting mine.  I was a Metro dayshift officer from 2007-2010.  My supervisor was an old street crime officer who also worked vice as an officer and a supervisor.  We focused on street prostitution about 75% of our time.  When I first came onto the team I was taught prostitution investigations by officers who were in Metro at least 2 years prior to me arriving in the unit.  Those polaroids I talk about, I still have one of those cameras and believe it or not I still have film for it.  I was able to score a case of film in 2008.  But your right, it was hard to come by so we switched to the digital world.  We took better digital color photos, printed them in-house and placed them in the binders I talk about.  Not only did we work the girls but we conducted many john decoy ops which kept the customers guessing.  We did these up until my last week in the unit. 

          If there was a street prostitution call for service we were there to take care of it within minutes.  Just last week I worked the streets and I saw the same type of call pend for 3 hours!

          I guess I’m telling you these facts because I felt I as well as my fellow Metro officers worked hard these past 3-5 years to keep the streets clean of the prostitutes and now I see it all coming back more than ever.

          Thanks to the city the Metro unit changed its focus a year and a half ago and you are correct in saying that no one is busting hookers now.

  22. These attacks on Reed are pointless.  we are in control of Reed.  we control his horizontal and vertical.  A fair to middlin’ lawyer and weak follower of our interests, Reed was chosen decades ago.  We have a plan, erode San Jose, create excuses for laying off dozens of police, it is all for the right moment.  Reed gets a call, plays solitaire, and then gets his instructions.  Prostitutes on the streets, creation of pot clubs, more gambling, city hall dissension, we all create a crisis for more power to come to Reed The falcons carry messages from our agents at City Hall.  Reed is ours.  More hookers, more cash flow, less police, more opportunity for put other interests.  Reed leaves at 430 to cook casseroles, with a decaying city at our mercy.

  23. Monkeys is a code word for people of several groups.

    Chuck Reed is more like a lemur.  Use lemurs instead of monkeys.  For example, I am from SC Plays Unfair and we are all a group of lemurs who climb trees.

    Nancy Pyle was seen telling some hookers, “Now don’t you be bringing your fishnets and stilletos around here to this meeting.”

  24. Yeah, the hookers make Downtown such a desirable place for a night out. Who says Downtown doesn’t have much? Has anyone checked into the girls who troll Santana Row, I learned about them after I mentioned the surprisingly slutty look on so many young girls at Santana Row to a native of San Jose. She told me the girls are there for the football players and their entourages who live in the townhouses above the stores. She said it’s the best-kept secret in town. Wolff’s ballplayers will add to the stud stock I guess. You will never see stories about the hookers Downtown or at Santana Row in the Mercury News, because it’s bad for the town’s image and therefore bad for business.

  25. DTGIRL
    We have become the sleaze capital of California. We could have done with out your post on Santana Row, but Hey, you got to plug daddys world down town.
    To try to convince me that it takes 50 cops, to save us from Johns and whores, insults my inteligence.
      There are 180000 illigal aliens, in Santa Clara County, and probably that many whores if you count the out of work house wives trying to make ends meet.
      Let’s tax the huggs and kisses world of making bank. We are already taxing the drug system. Right Susan?
      Reed, Compos, Sam.  Man Up!

      The Hugg Patrol

  26. Hilarious, wish I would have taken a photo.

    Had to stop and get gas when I got off work tonight.  Stopped by the Chevron on 4th and Santa Clara.  While I was filling up I noticed a hooker working it in front of City Hall.

    Stay Classy San Jose wink

    • That was one of the new contractor employees hired by the City of San Jose to take the place of the laid off city employees. 

      As you know these folk’s will work for less and don’t need benefits as the pimp, I mean contractors supervisor will make sure not to knock her teeth out so he doesn’t need to have medical and dental benefits as an overhead.

      Old Frank

  27. I had the opportunity to work in the down town for many years as a patrol officer, Street Crimes Unit officer, and a Vice detective.  I am fairly familiar with the prostitution situation in San Jose.  However, this issue is just a small part of a growing problem that is of the city’s own making.  Let’s set aside the issue of whether or not prostitution should be legalized for a moment as everyone has a wide ranging opinion on that, including myself.  Let’s accept the fact that prostitution is currently illegal and considered a blight on society by the majority voters.  As a result, any type of prostitution is considered undesirable by most cities and their citizens.

    However, the same can be said for illegal drugs, speeding, graffiti, identity theft, robbery, burglary, vandalism, sexual assault, etc.  San Jose is no different than any other city in that they have decided over the years what is an acceptable level of crime, and what is an acceptable level of police services.  Now, one might ask what could possibly be an acceptable level of crime?  Clearly there is one because otherwise the city would employ 10,000 police officers and would have a task force for every little violation including spitting on the sidewalk.  Unfortunately, just like the federal government’s acceptable level of rodent hair and feces in hot dogs, San Jose is willing to tolerate criminal activity to a point.

    How do we know this to be true? Because over the couple of hundred years that law enforcement has been around in the U.S. every agency, with the support of their community, has established standards based upon facts.  Communities decide what an acceptable response time is for the police to arrive when somebody calls in an emergency.  Dispatch Centers live and die by the minutes and seconds that are measured over the course of each year for responding to defined priority calls.  The FBI collects crime statistics and publishes them annually in a format called “Uniform Crime Reports” and this has been the source of San Jose’s claim as the safest big city up until the past few years.

    So there is a way to statistically measure the level of crime and the performance of a police department empirically rather than just relying on the biggest mouths.  Quite frankly, there are plenty of people who will never feel safe, even when they are.  And there are just as many who are not safe and don’t know it.  How somebody feels is important but not as important as reality.  As a result, each U.S. police agency lets their community dictate where they want their tax dollars focused.  For most big cities priority one is coming when somebody calls.  This means the patrol division of each city is the most heavily staffed.  If you dial 911 and yell for help, you don’t want a 20 minutes response because there aren’t any patrol officer or they were re-assigned somewhere else.

    The second priority is usually centered on investigating crimes after the fact in a detective bureau.  Then within that organization, person crimes like murder, rape, assaults, etc. take precedence over property crimes like burglary, robbery, identity theft, vandalism, etc.  Every agency deploys their resources based on a matrix of prioritizing criminal activity versus available personnel and equipment.  Normally police agencies, and San Jose is no different, have found through decades of research just how many patrol officers it takes to keep response times at expected and acceptable levels.  Then they know just how many detectives a unit needs to maintain an acceptable solve rate for assigned investigations.  Once that is accomplished, the additional officers are assigned to specialized units in order to focus on quality of life issues.

    These units are the Vice Unit, Gang Units, Traffic Units, SWAT teams, Graffiti teams, etc.  These units are not a luxury, but they are expendable when staffing drops.  They are going to be put on the chopping block for any agency first before the patrol division, and then the detectives, are slashed.  However, when it gets really bad, the detectives are up next as the patrol division is the highest priority.

    Setting aside the complete fiscal irresponsibility of the city leaders that put us in this money crisis, the bottom line is that cops are being laid off.  The number of officers now available to the PD to work all the needed units does not exist.  Therefore, special units go first including those that work gangs, prostitutes, and property crimes.  It is so bad though in San Jose that the detective bureau is also being slashed and only the most heinous of person crimes will receive the needed attention.

    What I have stated has been written here before repeatedly by many.  The sad part is that Mayor Reed and his supporters continue to beat this drum of union bashing and finger pointing while all the while ignoring the fallout of their decisions.  I believe that Mayor Reed had to know that stripping public safety would result in a rise in crime.  I believe his comments about the rise in crime being an aberration and acting surprised that San Jose is going to hell in a hand basket are at best incredibly naive and at the worst, a bold faced lie.  In fact, being a calculating politician, I think Mayor Reed has simply gambled the safety of the citizens of San Jose in order to further his anti-union agenda.

  28. I believe Mayor Reed assumes that when crime reaches such an intolerable level that citizens are ready to march on City Hall and demand something be done, Reed is going to point the blame at the police union and tell people to take their torches and pitchforks down to the SJPOA hall first.  I also believe he is completely delusional in his belief that San Jose can hire replacement cops somewhere down the line at a much reduced expense.  Given the law of supply and demand, coupled with the lack of qualified candidates, and San Jose is going to be the least desirable place to apply for a good decade.  San Jose will be grateful to accept table scraps from Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Milpitas and other Northern California agencies. 

    Mayor Reed and his supporters on the City Council are directly responsible for each and every hooker that prowls the street corners of San Jose.  Mayor Reed and his cronies are directly responsible for the uptick in gang activity.  Mayor Reed and his ilk are directly responsible for increased response times, cases closed due to lack of manpower, a rise in overall crime, increased visible blight, and a decrease in the quality of life for those that they are supposed to serve.  I believe Mayor Reed has risked each and every person’s safety in the city for political power and gain. 

    The SJPOA cannot do anything to change the downward spiral. While Reed and Figone would love to see the SJPOA disband, it wouldn’t make one bit of difference.  Chief Moore cannot do anything to reverse the trend as he is under the heavy thumb of Figone.  The rank and file officers are certainly unwilling to place themselves in more peril physically and civilly for a community that has publicly stated that they don’t value the officers and support Reed’s disparaging those officers as “Gravy Train” riders.  San Jose PD will continue to bleed personnel to other agencies until Reed and Figone believe that they can run roughshod over the SJPOA. 

    Citizens of San Jose, you’ve made your beds.  Are they comfortable?  Reed is a two-term councilperson and now on his second term as mayor.  As Reagan said, are you better off today than you were?  Who should shoulder the responsibility for San Jose’s rapid descent into just another big city slum?  Isn’t the person at the top supposed to adhere to “the buck stops here” creed?  Why is it that Figone is still making a huge salary given the state of the city?  Why is it that those with the biggest salaries are finger pointing to those at the bottom of the food chain?

    • at my computer up here on the Peninsula, I think the ones on these sites look better.

      Oops, break time over, have to email Bill.

      Or, maybe LuLu.  She says she is on Fifth and Santa Clara waiting for the council aides.

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