WATCH: Lightning Complex Updates From Cal Fire, San Jose

1pm: Heatwave persists, storms subside.

LIVE San José Fire Safety Updates

LIVE NOW: I’m joined by Emergency Operations Center Director Lee Wilcox to answer fire safety questions from the comments and connect families with resources.For more support, including a checklist to stay fire ready, an SCU Lightning Complex Evacuation Map, Temporary Evacuation Points, and emergency rentals through “San José Cares” or Airbnb, visit

Posted by Sam Liccardo on Monday, August 24, 2020

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo delivered his daily update today on the lightning fires.

Together with Deputy City Manager Lee Wilcox, they remarked on the welcome news about the storm warnings being lifted and how visibility has improved enough for crews to lay down fire breaks around some of the blazes burning around the South Bay.

Still, Liccardo urged residents in evacuation zones to heed orders to leave. He also encouraged impacted residents to avail themselves of help in the form of Santa Clara County-run resource centers, discounted hotel rooms or Airbnb’s offer to waive fees on room and board for fire survivors.

Noon: Lightning sparks 10 new fires.

California Fire Situation Update for August 24, 2020

Get the latest on the wildfires burning in California and what to expect in the coming days.

Posted by CAL FIRE on Monday, August 24, 2020

Cal Fire delivered a midday update on the lightning fires that have burned through more than 1.1 million acres up and down the state.

According to Cal Fire Assistant Deputy Director Daniel Berlant, lightning that struck during the storms that swung the Bay Area last night started just 10 new fires—a far cry from the hundreds of blazes ignited a week prior.

“Not a significantly busy day, which is good because of all these other fires still burning,” he said during a briefing broadcast on Facebook Live.

The milder-than-expected storms allowed Cal Fire to make some progress containing the SCU Complex east of San Jose and the CZU Complex in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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