The Price of Everything

There is never a shortage of cynicism and hypocrisy during election season.  Yet, this year there seems to be an abundance of disquieting events not seen for some time.  While the disgraceful nadir of ethics at City Hall is setting the bar quite low, in this election we may be taking the bar to the ground—there will hardly be room for a slug to go beneath it. 

First, there were the absurd charges against Dave Cortese. Then, although supporting the concept and, indeed, the funding of a Grand Prix race, the Chamber of Commerce, who spoke loudly in favor of that very subsidy, has now attacked, in a number of mailers, Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez in direct and explosive language. It is not the accuracy of the charge that is in question—she orchestrated much of the vote and was in favor of the race—but the simple fact that the Chamber, for the political benefit of God knows who, now assails what it supports. Perhaps they have little confidence in their chosen candidate, Michael Mulcahy, and feel a bit of buyer’s remorse that they deserted the redoubtable Chuck Reed. Silly season has descended into panic season.

There are many crocodile tears being shed by friends of Cindy Chavez—elected officials, endorsers and, more hypocritically, by the labor movement and Democratic officials who raised not a peep when card clubs directed laundered money to some Democratic candidates in years past, as well as to the cherished tactic of the character assassination of many good people by the Democratic establishment and their anointed candidates. In order to have any credibility in such moralizing, the same standard must be applied by big labor to friend and foe alike. It seems that they are too busy cutting deals with the developers that stand to make Halliburton-type profits from the unholy alliance with labor.  It is very questionable what values they stand for any more. 

The Fair Political Practices Commission found the Democratic activists and their allies in big labor guilty in the past, and fined them for those transgressions. The complaint was filed by community leader, Mike Fox Sr., and Councilman, now Deputy DA and mayoral candidate, David Pandori.  Just like in a good mystery, all the strands seem to come together in the last scenes.


  1. Tom writes re: the chamber of commerce mailing “it is not the accuracy of the charge that is in question.” That makes no sense. The point is that CC acted unethically in the Grand Prix deal and the voters should know before we’re cursed with 4 more years of the Gonzo administration.

  2. Mr. McEnery,
    In regards to the Merc’s endorsement of David Pandori.  I would vote for him because you endorse him also, but his recent comments about bringing baseball to San Jose/Diridon South (“It will never happen!”) reeks of small town thinking.  Perhaps you could talk to your old buddy and convince him to PLAY BALL!

  3. Enlightened editorial in today’s Merc. I guess Camp Cindy will be getting ready to launch another attack on the Merc.
    Regardless, the reality of a Pandori administration is the first sign of hope in the past seven years (other than the return of the Les White.)
    The Merc gets it. Many of us on this blog get it. Now, if the rest of the voters will do their homework and get it, San Jose will have a chance to actually be a great city and not just based on whose population is bigger.
    Do your homework folks. Educate yourselves. We have the opportunity to free ourselves from the dark days of the GonzalesChavez regime—lets not blow the chance.

  4. At least the Mercury News has it totally right. Today they endorsed David Pandori and in words that leave no doubt that a campaign of ideas and principles should be rewarded.

    David has mailed one of the most comprehensive and thoughtful platforms for San Jose in his book, There is no sleeze or false accusations, no character assination or snide attacks. Just great stuff.

    I am proud to be volunteering for such a campaign and point to it with pride as an example of who should be our next mayor.

    Anne Stahr


  6. As usual Mr. McEnery’s comments are well made.  However, the problem I see is it’s past time to stop worrying about Chuck Reed or Dave Cortese; it’s time to worry about Cindy Chavez.  I’ve voiced concerns in earlier posts about current council members and I stand by them.  In spite of these misgivings, any of the current candidates would be better than Mrs. Potter.

    San Joseans need to pick a non-Cindy candidate now and make sure that person is elected or we’ll split our votes and Cindy will win by default.

    No candidate is perfect.  I’m personally more concerned about corruption and its impending future costs than I am about a ball park that’s not going to happen or some other issues.  I think we need a candidate that follows a moral compass that can be counted on and has a record of council experience – that’s David Pandori.

    So let’s please focus on electing David and making sure another Gonzo is not elected!

  7. Tom is right.  The problem with politics is the hypocricy that involves a standard of policies, processes and ethics that apply only to our ideological foes.

    Below is a small bipartisan list of past inconsistencies.  The point is, that for any of us to be credible, we must hold everyone (even our own candidates) to the same high standards we insist for others.

    1)  Clinton is a liar and must be impeached.  Bush lies about real policy issues and there is not even an investigation.

    2) Republican Bob Packwood is a scoundrel and sexist must leave the Senate.  Clinton is not asked to resign from office, even though his personal behavior exceeds that of Packwood.

    3)  Trent Lott praises Strom Thurmond and is a racist.  Cruz Bustamante uses the “n” word in a speech and is given a pass.

    4) Republicans and reformists decry reapportionment in California that puts Democrats in safe seats.  Nary a peep from reeps about the unconstitutional reapportionment in Texas that favors them.

    5)  We should get rid of all illegal aliens, except for those who do our lawns.

    6)  Democrats are fiscally irresponsible.  Yet it is the Republican policies that will have led to a $10 trillion debt by the time Bush leaves office.

    7)  Stealing the election of 2000 and 2004 was a crime against Democracy.  But some Democrats still savor the abuses and victory of 1960.

    8)  School advocates are appalled when the Governor “steals” funds from education.  But when transportation funds are “stolen” for education, not a sound is heard from them.

    9) Republicans decry Courts “making” law and diminishing States Rights.  Unless it is Gore v. Bush, which made hypocrites out of the Conservative Right Judges Scalia, Rehnquist and Thomas.

    10)  The Culture of Life Republican Right and their policies are the leading cause of death among Iraqis and American Militiary Personnel.

    Relative poliitcs, policies and ethics are the cause of such inconsistencies and they make hypocrites of us all.

    In the future it would be wise for those who cast stones to make sure their own abode is not made from a silicon based substance.

  8. #3 tony d

    I don’t believe that David is anti baseball or soccer for that matter.  I think he saying no because the public, as shown in the recent merc poll , would not vote to fund such a venture.  If private funding, like Pacbell I mean AT&T, was available I think David would be all for pursuing a major professional sports team. 

    Using public monies for luxuries while neighborhood libraries, parks and community centers are in need does rank high enough on David’s list of priorities for a better San Jose.

    While having another major professional sports team would be valuable for the image of San Jose nationally and internationally what would we really be projecting,  a run down,  dirty , dull and disjointed city.  Let’s take care of our needs first.

  9. New Poll from KPIX—Text from SJ Mercury News:

    Television station CBS 5 KPIX brought out a San Jose mayor’s race poll yesterday that showed the candidates in the same order as the Mercury News poll of two weeks ago, but with gaps spreading between them, possibly as more voters make up their minds, possibly just because different polls done different ways produce somewhat different results. In the new poll,

    Cindy Chavez gets 25% of the vote, while Chuck Reed gets 20%, Dave Cortese gets 18% and Mike Mulcahy gets 15%.

    The station headlined its news release: “4-way race for San Jose mayor too close to call.”  4-way? 

    You may remember there’s someone else in the race generally considered a serious candidate—David Pandori. The KPIX poll didn’t ask voters about him because he hadn’t registered enough support in an earlier poll.

    But “other” received 14 percent in the most recent KPIX poll, so Pandori supporters can make of that what they wish.

  10. Rich, you are the man with the best insight on the elections.

    someone asked you about the supervisoral race.

    then someone wrote about Mahan and Matthews. 

    I live near cupertino and feel bad Rebecca could not run for supervisor.

    I get the Valley Weekly.  Isn’t Mahan and Matthews the people mentioned on yesterday’s blog as having something to do with McLemore.  Now I read Matthews made some comment that hiding the information about something near cypress was part of being a council member.  That sounds like Gonzo about Norcal, part of being a mayor.  No wonder those two were pictured hugging.

  11. Is it just me or is anybody else wondering what’s up with the Merc running an online candidate forum and endorsing a candidate in the middle of the forum?  Doesn’t that seem just a tad hypocritcal?  Shouldn’t they have waited until all the candidates had their time before stamping a seal of approval on a candidate?  I’d be a little p..ed off if I was one of the candidates that had already had the “live chat” time and I’m not sure I’d participate if I was one of the ones coming up.  Leaves you to wonder if they are being selective about the questions posted (some have disappeared since yesterday) and the responses….doesn’t leave them much room to talk about sunshine and ethics.

  12. Did anyone else see this?  The Merc is dissing Campos and Chirco.



    David Pandori—How the other contenders stack up

    San Jose City Council
    District 1: Pete Constant
    District 2: Jim Foran
    District 3: Sam Liccardo
    District 5: Virginia Holtz
    District 7: Craige Edgerton

    Also looks like the Merc is recommending Mulcahy run for District 6:

    “Mulcahy might make a terrific mayor. But first, he needs to prove it in a council seat or find other ways to educate himself about all of San Jose.”

  13. I had to pinch myself this morning when I read the Merc. But there it was, the merc edit board leaning into the wind and acting on high principle supporting Pandori. I stand shamed because I wouldn’t have predicted the merc would actually stand up for somebody not leading in the polls, and somebody whose policies and thoughts are so-let’s just say it—smart and often unconventional.

    i applaud the merc and hope it’s a wakeup call for every smart voter in San Jose: This summer, we can break up the unholy marriage of big labor, big goverment, and big business which has treated s.j. as its illicit offspring for the last eight years and TAKE THIS CITY BACK.

    Congrats merc board, congrats dave, and now it’s up to the citizens of San Jose to see if we can seize the opportunity to do something VERY RIGHT and elect David Pandori.

  14. Now if only the D.A. will shine some light on their findings on Norcal, so we can have an informed election.  I’m sure he is trying to do the right thing by waiting after the election,  but in the long run waiting will ruin this city.  Please Mr. D.A. tell us what you know.

  15. Now is the time for all of us anti-Chavez voters to unite.  The Merc. has done the leg work to get the facts out on the candidates.  United we stand, devided we have Mayor Chavez!  Vote for Pandori because he is the best or because you don’t want Cindy, either way we have a better San Jose.

  16. #15 – Youv’e confused some of the endorsements. A couple of the ones you list under City Council are actually candidates for seats on the Open Space Authority.

    #13 – The online forum doesn’t really have any impact on the endorsement, and vice versa. Most of the questions are softballs anyway and we don’t find out anything anyway.

    For example, Cindy was asked today just what she did when she “took control of the situation” and she said go to her website and you can read about it. Good luck trying to find anything like that on her website. Basically, she blew off the questioner.

    So, based on the forums so far, the Editorial Board had no need to wait until it was finished. It is clear who offers straight answers and who doesn’t. The choice is clear—vote for more of the same or vote for a better San Jose and vote for Pandori.

  17. Cindy’s site states:

    Latest Poll Shows Chavez in Lead: May 23 at 2:58pm, a SurveyUSA poll for CBS 5 shows Cindy Chavez pulling away from the competition.

    KPIX broadcasted a flawed poll.  Without randomizing names and calling out Cindy first, it might as well have been a push poll.

    KPIX is doing a disservice to the citizens of San Jose by classifying the only person that can bring positive change at a time when San Jose desperately needs it, as “other”.  David Pandori for Mayor.

    Call and tell KPIX they need to run a new poll.  Email [email protected] or call (415) 362-5550 to complain.

  18. I want this blog to be as important as the Merky News that does not even get the respect of the McClatchey Chain.  They even sold it five minutes after they bought it, like a house with weeds.

    This is what I want.

    Let’s take a vote at 945am tomorrow for candidates for Mayor, Assessor, District Attorney and District 3.

    Question for Mayoral Candidates

    What is your vision for San Jose?

    Question for Assessor Candidates

    Will you put all of your property holdings in a blind trust?

    Question for District Attorney Candidates

    What is the most important legal issue in San Jose?

    Question for Supervisor Candidates

    Do you care about the voters in San Jose?

    That’s it.

    You do not respond, then the bloggers, by majority vote, decide at 1pm tomorrow, who they support, and candidates who do not respond, get a WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT SAN JOSE rating.

  19. Did anybody catch the story about Nora Campos announcing she would wait until after June 6 to ask the council to take up her charges against Cortese…because she didn’t want anyone to think the charges were politically motivated?

    Thanks for the laugh Nora.  Maybe you really were better off when you didn’t actually SAY anything…

  20. nominations for the best campaign website of the year.

    a) mayor

    b)  city council/san jose

    c) county office

    Can I ask people check out the candidates I have signs for, Pandori’s site, and my other candidate, Linda Lezotte’s site.  I see Yeager has a site as does this “Mayor Mahan”  Complete with a poem.

    A poem??  With unicorns, too, Mayor?
    giggle, rofl!!!!!!

  21. Rumor from the war room, things are about to shift, more mud coming this week.  Cindy is now admitting she made errors on votes.  Stay tuned for more in tonight’s debate.

    #22, The Campos memo back fired.  Campos had to back down so Chavez could avoid a vote against Cortese. 

    Nice knowing you RC.

  22. Near Cupertino—

    The Supervisor’s Race?  I haven’t been following it closely. 

    On issues there is probably not much difference.  Santa Clara City politics is almost always in turmoil and it doesn’t look like Patty Mahan has the resources to compete.

    I believe there will most likely be a runoff will probably be between Linda and Ken.  Both are good public officials who would serve the County well.

    KPIX Flaw:

    You can’t change the results.  If the poll came out that your candidate was leading, would it still be flawed?

    Don’t shoot the messenger.  Unless you have a better instrument—and I don’t mean the “this is SJI” post—the news is not good for Mulcahy and Pandori.

    Personally, I’m surprised Chuck is still in there, but I could be wrong.

    Here is a question for the masses?  Who do you trust?

    Susan Hammer, Mike Honda, Zoe Lofgren, John Vasconcellos, Anna Eshoo, Laurie Smith, the San Jose Police Officers Association, The California Nurses Associitation, and the Democratic Party or the SJ Mercury News Editorial Board and Chamber of Commerce?

    This is not a tough decision for those looking for a consensus candidate.

    I noticed the Merc did not endorse one incumbent—seems they are less satisfied with San Jose than most of their readers.

    Single Gal was right, Cindy does have to send out at least two mailers to get the names of all of her endorsers to voters.

    As the polls shows Cindy is choosing the right time to pull away, regardless of those nipping at her heels.

  23. As a man who projects financial losses before they happen, Cueva wants to see the city become more fiscally responsible. He points to the $700,000 used for ballpark-related environmental and architectural studies.  “If you’re in the red, you don’t have money to spend on things like that,” Cueva said.

    Chirco already proved she can accomplish nothing.  Let’s go for clean sweep.

  24. Classic statement, Tom: “Perhaps they have little confidence in their chosen candidate, Michael Mulcahy, and feel a bit of buyer’s remorse that they deserted the redoubtable Chuck Reed.”  Spoken like a true politician, assuming that the Chamber’s main criterion would be who has a better chance to win.  I’m afraid the Chamber’s motives are a bit more pure than that; they endorsed the candidate they think will be the best mayor.

    Mulcahy has all the integrity, desire and innovation of Pandori, but also has the ability to lead San Jose and strongly represent the city.  As the polls are indicating, Mulcahy looks like the best outside candidate.  Now, as long as the undecided voters don’t make the mistake of choosing a current member of the city council, Mulcahy should win.

  25. This is the Mardi Gras report you’ve all been asking about.  I copied this from Ms. Chavez web site:
    ““The Night I Saw Cindy Take Control”: A Testimonial by San Jose resident Jill Cody

    “It was the night of Mardi Gras in downtown San Jose. It was between 1:00am and 2:00am. I couldn’t sleep with all the yelling and screaming of party-goers outside. I live downtown with a view to the city and I saw a sea of people (hundreds) walking through Block 3 (the parking lot on San Fernando between Second and Third Streets) and a section of them broke off and also went around The Rep Theater. I heard glass breaking (The Rep’s windows were being destroyed by people throwing iron garbage cans through them). Below my window, I saw a woman step out of a parked car. It took a few seconds and then I realized that it was Cindy Chavez who had just stepped out of an unmarked police car. I saw her walk towards this huge, unruly crowd. She did not have a team of police with her. She just walked out into the parking lot and approached people to try to start gaining control. It was one of the bravest things I’d had ever see anyone do. One has to imagine the visual to understand. It was extremely late at night, there were hundreds of drunk people walking through the parking lot, and then this lone woman walking towards them. I was so impressed that my City Council representative would be out that late caring for her district and would take on the crowd. The next morning, I sent her an email telling her what I witnessed and thanking her for her commitment”.

    This is why I still say Pandori’s the man!

  26. #27 I guess that Cindy either heard people on this blog or others question the validity of that commercial. It still strikes me as odd either way. I think that it is interesting that they decided to make a posting on her website about it.

  27. 27 – Thanks. It is very well hidden and understandably so. Hardly sounds like she “took control of the situation.” In fact, it sounds extremely foolish. Being out and about in the District late at night during troubled times is one thing, but to pretend she “took control of the situation” is laughable. Who is advising CIndy, anyway? Col. Klink?

  28. #27, Funny, look at what just appeared.  “Take control”… why wasn’t she taking control of Cinco De Mayo?  We know she knows how to take control of the Grand Prix vote.  There are few streets I’d like to see her take control of on the East side.  How about that bullet in her bed story?

    For unruly gangs, I think I’ll go with Pandori.  Cindy jumping out of cop cars is not going to scale.

  29. Update on #24:

    Ms. Chavez updated her website not long after #24 was submitted with Ms. Cody’s testimony as mentioned in #30.

    If Ms. Chavez’s actions were as brave as Ms. Cody describes, the SJPD officer she was riding along with acted irresponsibly by allowing Ms. Chavez to put herself in harms way.  I am sure there were plenty of fill units available to back up the officer.  What if Ms. Chavez had been injured?  Yet another incident to be investigated?

  30. 15. You should have clicked on the link they are not dissing Chirco or Campos, it’s for the Open Space District, there mistitled it.

  31. It seems that the Mercury is not placing enough value on electing someone who can change City Halls long history and accepted culture of wasteful spending and mismanagement. It is one thing to promote new parks and programs, but without the ability to draw in new businesses that add revenue to the city budget, those programs will either never get built or theywill get built at the expense of cutting current programs. This council has run the city using a deficit budget model and it will take an independent businessperson with clear and innovative thinking to climb out of the that hole and make this city prosperous once again. Michael Mulcahy is the only candidate with the vision and leadership ability to do this.

  32. Mr. Robinson,

    You must admit this flawed poll is a shallow victory for Chavez.  Spinning it as “pulling away from the competition” is cheesy, at best.

    Let’s see a real poll with all 5 candidates in random order.  Then the Chavez camp can declare a victory if it really exists, otherwise this is no better then Reed’s lame push poll falsely announcing he was in the lead.

    Like planning a great city, endorsements are about quality, not quantity.  Interesting note today, Mulcahy got the Metro. 

    You need to attend a debate or two.  That consensus smear is not sticking, and technically it belongs to Reed.

    I hope the Chavez camp is printing those junk mailers on recycled paper.  Again it is about better, not bigger.  Voters are smarter than you think.  They want real content, not junk mail.  According the Merc endorsement, it looks like the Pandori book made all the difference.

    Maybe Chavez should take a page from Pandori’s book and develop a plan for the future.  No amount endorsements, shallow accomplishments, and stories about jumping out police cars are going to overcome a bad voting record and silent partnership in scandals.  This race is about tomorrow.

  33. So how is Mulcahy going to use his “experience” to bring in new businesses. He was given all his money! His contacts with Lew Wolff can only bring him so far!

  34. It wasn’t a cop in the cop car, it was Gonzo dressed up in a uniform taking Manny and Cindy for a joy ride.  Cindy went into the crowd only to invite them over to Manny’s place to party.  Later on Ron let Manny turn on the siren. I do think it is nice that the lady said the nice things about Cindy despite the fact that she didn’t get invited to Mannys’.

  35. #36 Jerry, Jerry, Jerry,

    How is Mulcahy going to bring new businesses to San Jose if he wants to tax them with a BID?  Mulcahy is a landlord not a business man.  There is a difference.

    The only thing Mulcahy wants to bring to San Jose is Pro Sports.  And if you thought the new city hall was expensive, wait until you see the cost of the new stadiums.  Why else is Lew Wolff backing Mulcahy?  Baseball, Soccer, or both?

    Let him govern Willow Glen first and see how he does with that before we give him free reign over the city.  The Bev Mo project is a good test case.  Sure…our neighborhoods could always use more liquor stores.

  36. Tom, right on about the attack on Cortese by Campos and Pyle.  If those two had an original thought, it would die of lonliness.  I continue to hope that Reed will be our next mayor.

  37. #36 Jerry
    Michael is a nice guy and comes from a nice family.  But you make him sound like he was the C.E.O. of G.E. or General Motors.  He put on childrens plays (and made a profit by getting grants) and now manages his family’s properties-all started with old family money.  If Michael has wanted to make a difference and shape San Jose, why hasn’t he ever volunteered as a planning commissioner?  He could have done that and not had to be a “politician”.  It takes a lot of time and pays little,  but it would be a start.  It’s nice to be the King but most kings have to be princes first.  Start at the bottom and work your way up.  That is the way Pandori did it.  Nobody ever handed him anything, he earned it.  Just like the Merc’s endorsement.

  38. If Jill Cody’s statement (re: Cindy saves Mardi Gras) is accurate then Chavez acted recklessly and irresponsibly.

    If Chavez was participating in a police ride-along she would have been clearly instructed NOT to place herself in harms way or do anything that would create the need for officers to come to her assistance. She was also likely instructed to remain in the patrol car.

    Instead, according to Cody, Chavez got out to “…take on the crowd.”

    A more appropriate action would have been to report the alleged window breaking, note descriptions of the perpetrators, stay out of the way and let the police to do their jobs.

    Having said that, isn’t it a bit odd that none of the “hundreds” of people who were there have come forward to corroborate this version of events? How about the police officer(s) who accompanied Chavez that night? Were any of Cody’s downtown neighbors also disturbed enough by “all the yelling and screaming” to look out the window and see this scene play out? Apparently not.

    It’s not surprising the Chavez campaign is backing away from this story. When asked about it Chavez does not confirm or deny, she deflects by referring people to her web site.

    Conclusion: No matter how you view this story there are problems with it.

  39. Rich

    How are you?  I have not been posting as I need to learn how to avoid ernestozing my comments.  However, I did want to let you know that our old buddy from SJSU, Nancy E McFadden, is giving our Urban Planning Depatment commencement address.  If you want to come on by to say hi, email me at [email protected].  It is this Saturday at 230pm

  40. Hey look!  David Pandori should be our next Mayor.  Talk’s cheap.  How many of you have or can contribute to his campaign?  Ms. Chavez has the upper hand with lobbyist bucks.  David needs that weapon as well.  Please contribute to his campaign so we can have another Mayor like Tom!!!!  Let’s keep the momentum rolling…

  41. Here is what it is going to come down to;

    Chavez and Reed to the runoff.

    Read it and weep, boys, mark my words.

    By the way, the Merc “endorsement “was pretty negative about Pandori, don’t you think?

  42. #51 “Out of touch” – it’s not the first time I’ve been told I’m out of touch but I think if anyone drops by David Pandori’s campaign office this Saturday they can pick up door-hanger packets and “contribute” to his campaign by offering time and effort to get his message out.  (I will however notch up a point for you regarding monetary contributions.)

  43. #57 Young One in San Jose – can you help me to understand why you or anyone would be excited to have VM Chavez as our next Mayor?  The scandals, a.k.a. corruption, of Ron Gonzales and the duplicitous support from Ms. Chavez is the point.  You want more of the same?  Maybe you didn’t mean to write whiner.  Perhaps you were correct in your reference to winners…

  44. 57—Thanks for another “articulate” post from a Cindy supporter. With more supporters like you, the educated and informed voters will make Pandori the next Mayor.

  45. Who is this cody blowhard anyway ,that stupid story is just as phony and bogus as chavez herself ,her and dummy ron must have thought that story up as they were shuffling funds from one place to another , I cant even see why that crap made as far as it did ,

  46. 47 – Don’t put too much weight on the results of this poll. It is certainly scientific and the Cindyanas have rallied their troops to skew the poll. It doesn’t really tell us anything.

  47. Dexter and others are trying to help the city.  They believe in good candidates for mayor and we that are supporting Pandori have to respect them.  I do not want Cindy at all.  I am tired of the Gonzo team running everything.  Thank goodness for San Jose Inside.  I respect Richard Robinson and people like Dale Warner as well.

  48. Jerry #42
    Michael really showed us what he was made of at the PACT event.  One minute he says ” I will not sign a pledge to meet with you to talk about education and housing for the poor after I am elected”  The next minute he says ” My door will always be open to you after I get elected.  What was he saying?  You can come in my office but I won’t talk to you.  Or, I promise to talk to you but I won’t put it in writing.

  49. 46 – Let me guess, you think Patrick Hannan is doing a heck of a job.

    Today was a great press day Chavez.

    “San Jose needs a fresh voice for a new era of clean, open government. Chavez cannot be that voice. She is too steeped in the past.”
    San Jose Mercury News

    “Cindy Chavez has been a silent partner in the scandalous Gonzales mayoralty and remains tight-lipped about her knowledge of events surrounding the half-billion-dollar Norcal garbage deal. If she has nothing to hide, she should come clean instead of referring questions to an attorney she won’t even identify.”
    Metro Silicon Valley

    The Merc staff was also surprised by the results of the poll they ran.  They thought Cindy would come in stronger.  There is now are serious doubts she will make past June.

  50. 46, If COMPAC keeps these mailers coming, there is no way Chavez will make it to the run off.

    Today’s oversize mailer had a nice quote from the owner of San Jose Men’s Wear shop,

    “I spent my whole life building a small business to provide for my family and build a better life for my children.

    Cindy Chavez voted to take away my business and property so she could give it to a rich developer.

    I think she was wrong.”

    Nice statement too.

    Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez votes to use government’s power to take away people’s businesses and property.

    If Chavez can’t handle the mud slinging, she should have thought twice before having Campos and Pyle send the Cortese memo.

  51. If the at-large electorate could be exposed to this forum, the suggestive power would help them to vote against Cindy and for David.  They don’t all read the paper and even if they do, there are many who will do exactly the opposite of what the Merc recommends.

    The scary fact is (I would love to be wrong about this) the support for David on this blog does not, I believe, reflect the opinions of the average (and unfortunately apathetic) SJ voter.  Cindy may be dead meat on this blog, but she is a dangerously serious contender over in SJ Outside country.  No amount of blogging is going to change that.  And KPIX sure didn’t help matters any.  Shame on them!

  52. A bunch of winers on this post. Since when did the Mercury New become the McEnery News, seriously Pandori and Liccardo. Cmon winers. You all need to get on with it. I just love the fact that VM Cindy Chavez will be our next mayor and many of you who by the way sound very bitter, hopefully move away. Such winers I’m afraid of the day of Pandori being our mayor. All of you stop whining. This blog would not have life if it wasn;t for the scandal of Ron. WINERS WINERS

  53. I find Cindy’s alliance with labor unions frightening, and wonder what other back door deals will be on the way if she is elected mayor. I spoke to a friend today who works for a large garbage company in San Jose. My friend said they got word from the Teamster’s Union today saying they are backing Cindy for mayor, and the union is asking all it’s members to vote for her. My friend said the Teamsters feel it’s in their best interest to have Cindy as mayor of San Jose. Smells like the making of another trashy deal for San Jose in the future.

  54. Mark T –  I share your concerns about the Pandori support being great on this blog and not in the rest of the city. However, after getting out and walking some precincts for Pandori, I have found that most people are NOT happy with the current situation and city hall and are ready for a change. I was encouraged by the amount of people who did know what is going on with the scandals, coyote valley, etc.

    Obviously, Tom McEnery supports Pandori which could account for drawing in those who think like him here but I have to believe that Chavez is not going to sail into the general election.

  55. HI,

    Open Letter To Mulcahy And Pandori

    I see the combination of the two of you as the best mayor for San Jose. However, I believe that if both of you continue in the race, that neither will win, and San Jose will have to settle for less. Thus, I urge you two to work out in the open a deal that results in Pandori dropping from the race and supporting Malcahy, and that Malcahy selecting Pandori to be his chief of staff and lead policy advisor. This should result in a charismatic leader using good ideas, approaches, and past experience – the best move forward for San Jose.

  56. #67 David,

    You are funny!  I think the Merc said it best

    “Mulcahy might make a terrific mayor. But first, he needs to prove it in a council seat or find other ways to educate himself about all of San Jose.”

    There will be an opening on June 6, in district 6 and we could sure use a good councilmember like Mulcahy.  Mulcahy in the mayor’s seat means Lew Wolff will be getting a deal that will cost all of us a lifetime.  Get to know your candidate’s true intentions before you promote him.

  57. #68 Do you mean the same Lew Wolff who came up here 25 years ago to help revive downtown with hotels and office buildings and in the last 7 years started divesting his interest here because he could see it was going in the wrong direction? Lew Wolff Knows how to pencil out deals that are win win for both sides. There is no better confidant than Lew Wolff when it comes to making sound business decisions. The best mayor will be one that surrounds himself with the best in all fields instead of one who thinks he knows everything. Thats why I think #67 might be on to something.

  58. I have heard Mulcahy is not interested in the Council seat. He wants it all now and he wants to start at the top rather than work his way up. Another reason why he’s not the right person for the mayor’s job.

  59. In my book your candidate told me every thing I needed to know when he signed those covenants with PACT. Mulcahy showed true character by denying their request. We need a solid business plan not “Welcome to Pleasantville” everyone.

  60. #71 David – Please do not buy into the talk that Pandori won’t be able to get things done in office. If you like his politics – vote for him! Remember that if Pandori does win, he would have Reed, Cortese and possibly Liccardo and Mulcahy as councilmen. Don’t sell yourself out and vote for Mulcahy because he is more “electable.” He will get walked all over by the rest of the council.

    Does anyone remember when Pat Dando ran against Gonzales 8 years ago? Many did not support or vote for Dando because they thought that Gonzales was unbeatable. In reality, the race was much closer than anyone anticipated and if everyone who wanted to support her did so, then the outcome may have been different. Learn from our history!

  61. Why would anyone say they wanted a council seat when they are in the thick of a mayors race?As of right now he is projected to get more votes than your beloved candidate. He will establish himself win or lose and he will be a viable candidate for many years to come. After watching the actions of this council it certainly is no training ground.

  62. Jerry,

    Yeah, that Lew Wolff, the one that would be handed $76 million in public land, including our sausage factory and then would be given the sweetest quasi-public funding PD deal you have ever seen.  You can kiss the General Plan good bye, developer pandering doesn’t get better than this. 

    You are right, #67 is on to something, it is called deja vu.  Silver spoon frat boy, loves baseball, surrounds himself with smart people.  Sound familiar?

  63. Can someone please explain the latest TV commercial from camp Cindy. The commercial start with Cindy neatly dressed, smiling in her usual innocent look proclaiming she will be a mayor who will champion education, parks and openness at city hall. Then Mayor Hammer steps in from the sidelines to say she trusts Cindy, she’s the one we need to bring change to city hall.

    Am I missing something? Isn’t Cindy part of the problem? Now she proclaims to be the solution for change? What an insult to the voters! If the voters can’t see past Cindy’s hypocricy, especially this latest commercial, we’re doomed. 

    It would appear that her spin master took a page from the “Emperor’s Clothes” If you tell the commoners something enough times, they’ll believe it.

  64. Refugio and all others,

    What your missing is Cindy’s style.  You are all welcome at her table, she may not always agree, but she will listen.

    If she disagrees with you, she won’t try to end your career or politically banish you—not her style.

    The message is, if you liked Susan Hammer—you are going to love Cindy Chavez. 

    That’s a great message.

  65. #69 Jerry
    Do you mean the same Lew Wolff that cost the city’s taxpayers an extra $11,000,000, when he said” the Montgomery Hotel was not worth saving”?  He said “there was no market for a boutique hotel and it should be torn down to make way for his Fairmont Annex”.  The historic first floor, the ballroom and the basement all had to be destroyed in order to move the Montgomery to make room for his annex, costing us over $11,000,000.  After the move Mr. Wolff all of the sudden was interested in the hotel when he heard the city was giving out our money to run it.  Thankfully he didn’t get it.  I’m sure the occupancy rate of the Montgomery is higher than that of the Annex.

  66. Richard,

    Don’t you mean, if you liked Ron Gonzales—you are going to love Cindy Chavez.

    It appears that Chavez has voted exactly the same as Gonzales 100% of the time, except when she had to censure him.

    We don’t expect Cindy to have an affair in office, but the jury is out on the other scandals.

  67. #57 Young One in S.J.
    The Chavez camp whines more than Ernest & Julio Gallo!

    P.S. Don’t give up, we are only having fun with you .  It is good to see the youth involved in an election.  Getting David Pondori’s book is a good place to start if you want to learn about the issues.

  68. #82 SJ Downtowner – I think you missed the most important part, which is how could pandori get elected. It’s just not going to happen. And if getting his programs in place requires him getting elected, then it’s not going to happen either. Lets make a bet on whether or not pandori makes it through the primary – loser to pick up trash around old city hall for 4 hours on a weekend. Does anyone else want to get in on the bet? If we get enough people in on this bet, we can clean up both old and new city halls!

  69. David #83,

    This is not a fair bet.  When David Pandori wins the election on June 6, you will not have any garbage left to pick up at city hall.

  70. Rich,  Let’s see how the new poll comes out next Friday.

    From the CCA mailing list.

    According to the station manager (whom my husband has been in contact with), KPIX hired a survey company who made the decision to drop Pandori’s name on its own authority.  The decision had something vague to do with an earlier poll by the station in which Pandori did not pull at least 10% support.  KPIX went ahead and ran the story and posted the results on its web site.  Under pressure,  they are paying for another poll due out on June 2.  But the staff at KPIX is certainly not being very upfront with their responses—not have they admitted that the station is responsible for doing anything unfair or inaccurate.

  71. david – don’t be so sure that Pandori won’t be making it to the general election. Getting the Mercury News endorsement will influence a lot of people to vote for him and his book has gotten a lot of positive feedback. So don’t go posturing for Mulcahy. Pandori!

  72. pandori believers – again, I like pandori’s ideas, and as a neighbor of pandori, I think he is a good guy. However, I would much rather see him do something to get some of his ideas carried out than waste over $200K on a no win campaign. And I believe that
    withdrawing and supporting another candidate that will include him in their organization is the ONLY way for pandori to have any of his ideas realized. The other candidate doesn’t have to be Malcahy. What do you suggest for 1) helping to get pandori elected, 2) get his ideas realized if he is not elected? By the way, if cleaning up trash around OLD city hall is not a fair bet, make another where the result is unconditionally beneficial.

  73. #76 Mr. Robinson, I have had the pleasure of working with Mayor Hammer and if what you say is true, why would Mayor Hammer support Cindy? I can’t believe she supports Cindy’s style of back room dealing. If the voters are willing to live with that, so bet it. For my vote, I want someone I can trust.

  74. I seriously cannot see Pandori winning the race for mayor. And if he somehow does, I can’t see him getting his ideas implemented. So, if you like his ideas, which I do, but don’t believe that he will be elected, how would you proceed? The ultimate example that pandori can use to show that he can work with others to accomplish what he believes in is to publically discuss with Malcahy, or any of the other candidates, how he can help them become mayor with the trade of him becoming the lead of their political advisory team.

  75. david #87
    If Mulcahy wins in June Cindy will eat him for lunch.  If Michael really wants to clean up this city he should throw his support to the man who could beat her and put this city back on it’s feet.  I don’t see that happening so Mulcahy will cancel out Pandori and we will have 8 more years of the same.

  76. #89 I think that you have it have right – and not david. Pandori has a good shot to make it to the general election – there are lots of undecided voters and the race is tight. Don’t buy into the buzz that Cindy’s camp is trying to create that Pandori doesn’t have a chance. They are scared of him and this is how they are trying to discourage people to vote for him. Its all the election game.

  77. #90 & #89, If you really believe that pandori will win the primary, put some real meat behind your talk. Take a risk in what you believe. For pandori to have any chance, he (and his supporters) better be at each farmer’s market, service club meeting, neighborhood association meeting, PTA meeting, etc between now and June 6. But maybe pandori is playing it really smart and waiting until he loses the primary, and then will make a deal with reed or cortese (the person in 2nd place to chavez) to swing the fall election their way with the trade to get some of his programs started and a roll in their office.

  78. # 91 David
    Perhaps the Pandori camp is doing one of the following:
    1…Letting the CoC hang themselves and Mulcahy.
    2…Letting the CoC put out the truth about Chavez.  “When she gets behind closed doors”
    3…Letting the D.A. do their job, knowing once the truth comes out, Cindy could not even get elected as Dog Catcher.
    4…Letting the citizens of San Jose get fed up with the all the present idiots at city hall.  They shoot themselves in the foot on a daily basis.  Did you see the $75,000 parking study?
    5…Let Reed and Cortese complain about what has benn going on at city hall for the past six years as citizens ask themselves, “haven’t they been on the council during all this?”
    6… Let citizens see for themselves that Mulcahy has to read from a script prepared by others at the debates and can not think for himself.  Who is doing his thinking for him anyway?
    7…Banking on the citizens being smart enough to learn the important issues and have the ability to see Pandori is the only   candidate with a clear vision.
    8…All of the above

  79. You forgot one #92. Your sitting around griping about Herholds endorsement which stole a little thunder from the Pandri camp.
    Your constiuency has turned their attention from Cindy Chavez and is now bad mouthing Mulcahy. Glad to see he has gotten under your skin. There is no more script for Mulcahy. He has a vision and with his tremendous leadership ability he will find a way to make San Jose a beeter place. I would think at this point in the game Mulcahy and Pandori have the utmost respect for one another. Neither of them are embarrasing themselves. They are the cream of this years crop.

  80. #93
    First of all my observation of Michael reading his script at debates, is it not true?
    I have seen it for myself, he reads rather than speaks from the heart.  As for the backlash for the CoC’s piece, though I feel they are printing the truth about Cindy, they are trying to get around finance laws.  Guilt by assocciation is hurting their candidate Michael.  These are my personal observations (not bad mouthing) as a citizen and not as a representative of any camp.

  81. So what if he had que cards. They are gone now. His whole campaign has come from his heart. The only backlash from the COC mailer is the attention drawn by the dysfunctional FOX family. Michael certainly did not approve of the mailers and his campaign has showed no signs of slowing down.

  82. A shared view
    Did you see Scott Herhold’s column on sunday? He wants Malcahy for the charisma and Pandori for the ideas and plan.

  83. Does charmisa work for filling in pot holes? Or keep my kids safe?  I don’t think so.  Please vote to improve our city not our city’s image.

  84. #91 You obviously don’t know Pandori. He isn’t in this to cut deals. He believes that his vision is the best one for San Jose. I think that it would be tough for any of the other candidates to take any of his ideas and implement them if Pandori were to lose. Call it a pride thing.

    #93 I don’t hate Mulcahy or think that is a bad person at all.  I just don’t think that he has the substance behind the style right now. He can acquire it through experience but I don’t want someone who has to learn on the job and I don’t want him to take away votes from Pandori.

  85. I guess potholes matter.  Some guy running for mayor in another city that works for San Jose said that he would take his picture sitting on one.  From what I and the rest of Chuck Reed supporters read down here in Almaden about this guy, he should be worried that his campaign for mayor has a big ethical pothole in it.

  86. Jimmy Olsen # 4 is preaching to the choir.

    Just when I thought it was safe to take out my earplugs, NJD2 (#6)shouts at us again. 

    RR #8—you almost sound surprised that politicians on both sides of the aisle could be hypocritical.

    SJ Downtowner # 86—There are at least an equal number of people who will vote for anyone other than the person endorsed by the Murky News