Speaker Series to Highlight Black Lives Matter, Social Justice

Silicon Valley FACES, a South Bay nonprofit dedicated to ending bigotry and violence, will host a community forum about the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Wednesday afternoon event will feature guest speaker Sydney Webster, the minister in residence at Oakland’s Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church.

Webster promotes social, racial and economic justice as a minister and member of the Interfaith Committee for Justice.

The forum marks the second in an ongoing speaker series that aims to promote unity in a diverse world. Moina Shaiq kicked off the series in October with a question-and-answer session about being a Muslim woman in America.

Organizers hope to include a wide range of community members at future talks, from scholars and writers to poets and activists and people of all faiths from all economic and professional spheres.

The event is free, but reservations are required because space is limited.

WHAT: Diversity Forum
WHEN: noon to 1pm Wednesday
WHERE: Silicon Valley FACES, Suite 150, 1401 Parkmoor Ave., San Jose
INFO: Qiumin Zhu, 408.286.9663, ext. 405, or [email protected]

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  1. > WHAT: Diversity Forum

    Before I sign up for this forum, I would like to know what Silicon Valley FACES’ definition of “diversity” is.

    If too many white people sign up, will the forum still be diverse?

    > Speaker Series to Highlight Black Lives Matter, Social Justice

    Will there be a speaker in the future who will “highlight” Brown LIves Matter, or Yellow Lives Matter, or Red Lives Matter? Why is the Black Lives Matter being held first? It suggests some sort of “Black privilege”.

  2. “Sydney Webster fights against… the institutionalized prejudice of black and brown people…”

    The meeting will conclude with a rendition of “We were overcome.”

  3. Will Colon Coperdick be there in his Fedel shirt to rant about being economically discriminated against?

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