SJPD Officer’s Good Deed Goes ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’

San Jose police officer Huan Nguyen’s generosity has exceeded even his own expectations. On May 6, Phuoc Hong Long Lam was gunned down in San Jose following a traffic incident involving two suspects. Lam left a wife and two children behind, striking a cord with the SJPD officer.

Nguyen said he felt a “need to chip in and help” the family because he shares similar roots. He and the victim’s family are both Vietnamese. They’re both from San Jose. And both have two kids.

The officer set up an online fundraising page, which has now raised more than $100,000 for Lam’s family. The total has reportedly broken the city’s record for money raised from a police effort, according to the Police Officers Association.

In a time when crime is rising and police officers are fleeing the department in droves for higher paying jobs and benefits, Nguyen’s gesture is the kind of positive PR that can’t be summed up in a press release.

Deputy Chief Phan Ngo told the Mercury News that Nguyen’s work with the family is part of a “tradition” of SJPD officers “extending themselves beyond the call of duty.”

Dieu Hien Thi Huynh, Lam’s widow, has no job, no family in the US, and little ability to speak English. Her family’s future was uncertain, but now she’s receiving donations up to $1,000, with benefactors from as far as London. The money pledged will go toward a trust fund for her children, Huynh said.

Nguyen’s new goal is to raise $150,000. He has never organized a fundraiser prior to this one, he said, but his story has spread across the nation, with the Associated Press and Washington Post running articles about his goodwill. Huynh said that she is “speechless” about how many people have helped the family in this time of need and vows to “value it and treasure it.”


  1. Great job, Officer Nguyen, and also to the homicide detectives who arrested two suspects in this heinous crime. Despite the constant negative press, the vast majority of the men and women of the SJPD, are some of the best people around and just want to do the right thing. Again, great job to all.

  2. Funny how great police work and care from caring officers does not get any posting. Just a notice from this site. Shame on you. The SJPD and this officer did a fantastic job. Far above just working mandatory overtime and going home. Officers give a crap about citizens and you guys and Murky News just blow off public safety. These guys are heroes when the Chuck council has delated the ranks by over 500 officers.

  3. SJPD has terrific personnel. Officer Nguyen is an inspirational example. Nobody’s condemning the good people who work for the City of San Jose. Some of us have a problem though, with the design of the system under which they are employed. We believe this system does not reliably bring out the best in these good people. And that’s a shame for us AND for them.

    • This is a great example of a dedicated Officer who was willing to go beyond the scope of duty to assist peaceful and innocent victims of senseless violent crime. Tragic circumstances such as these are the driving force behind creativity, innovation and goodwill towards others. As a city, we must not accept that something like this happened during broad daylight. Thankfully, this once great police department refuses to lay down. Officer Nguyen represents the tenacity and dedication which embodies the noble few who choose this profession in this day and age in favor of the wealth and comfort available within the private sector.

      Now, I must digress.. Galt what on earth do you mean by this terse bit of Orwellianesque babble –

      “…design of the system under which they are employed.”

      Once again, if its so great, and we’re all riding the gravy train.. Where’s your application?

      The next time you have an issue which requires you to pick up the phone and dial 911.. Think about how badly you would like the lowest bidder coming to take care of your issue..? Or better yet, don’t bother calling.. Just hope that some “intelligent” software program will dispatch an officer to you..

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