Single Gal and the End of an Era (Well…In My Mind)

So it seems that this is the end of the road for Single Gal. I never thought I would be typing this, but I finally can take the moniker “Single” off my name—for good. I must break the news that I am getting married.  There, I said it. I will never be called Single Gal ever, ever again. I have found someone who is willing to deal with my whining, and my ability to talk about the same things over and over, without wanting to strangle me. Someone who actually thinks my ideas are somewhat interesting and thoughtful—’til death or downtown retail do we part. That is more than I can say for the majority of my loving public on this site.

So this will be my final column for San Jose Inside.  You may hear from me if a burr really gets under my skin. But I sure hope I am not writing in five years from now, asking why we can’t have a Santana Row downtown, why the Guadalupe River Park Trail is still not connected, or why we have a mayor and City Council who often just don’t seem to get anything done.  I may just have to break down and run myself if that is the case.

But first, I need to soak up my engagement. And what I mean by that, is pay back all those friends for the hell they have put me through all these years.  That hell includes countless hours at wedding showers (my most despised event), bachelorette parties, showers at bachelorette parties, thousands of dollars spent on shower gifts, wedding gifts, bridesmaid dresses that we cannot shorten and wear again, ugly shoes to match the dresses, destination weddings, and, even after all the selfishness and wedding hell I have been through, most of all, for their years of never once setting me up with a single good prospect.

This is where I get my payback, and man, am I looking forward to it. (“Bitter Bride, party of one, your table’s ready!”)

I plan on putting them through the ringer, and by the time I am done, I will have successfully shown them what it has been like to be Single Gal all these years. 

After my wedding, which is at an undisclosed location far south of San Jose (please don’t send helicopters and paparazzi) I will settle abroad for a few years to live a different life in a European city with outdoor cafes, connected city trails, downtown retail, no cruising on city streets, and friendly bartenders with accents, as opposed to meathead bouncers with steroid rage. Though I will not be here, I will think of San Jose fondly, and it will never be far from my mind, even in my new life.

It’s been fun to start discussions on this site, and I will take with me that through all of our differences, in the end, we all want San Jose to be a better place. So here’s to a 2009 in which that becomes a reality. 

Good luck, and au revoir!


  1. Nice to hear.  you should still write as a to be married and married gal. 

    A big issue with downtown is it reliance on very young singals for both bar and restaurants.  The real money, which is mostly spent at Santana Row, is spent by the “mingles” crowd; which is young couples without kids. 

    As you get married, you will start to hang out with friends who have done the same.  A night out will include food instead of Jagar shots!

  2. Congrats SG and thanks for your visions/hopes for our great city.  Hopefully, when you again find yourself in San Jose on a permanent basis, our city will be closer to the vision many of us passionately share: REAL downtown retail at San Pedro Square, a magnificent transit hub at Diridon Station (BART and high-speed rail), a lively/safe urban scene from SoFA to St. James, and perhaps even our National Pastime under the warm downtown San Jose sun.  It can happen!  Thanks again MARRIED GAL and hope to hear from you again in the future.

  3. Congrats, and best of luck, SG.

    While we may not always agree I have found your posts to be great conversation-starters here on SJI.

  4. Congrats SG/EG/MG.

    New things to look forward to:

    Mini Vans
    Visits with In Laws
    Family Vacations
    Friday and Saturday Nights in
    Stretch marks
    Sippy Cups
    Soccer games/dance class/mini mite hockey

  5. Good riddance, Single Gal.  I was right, wasn’t I, that you’re no longer single since there are 5 guys to 1 girl in this lovely city? As for downtown San Jose, you’re dead wrong!  Downtown is world class that’s fully matured with it being thoroughly developed through out its core boundry. It’s 24hr downtown, period!  As you see, downtown is very lively with throngs of families with kids flocking downtown. So, I hope you would move France or Prague and just stay there.  Even Italy is nice, so you don’t need to come back to San Jose since it has a great downtown, not the urban experience you’re looking for.  You won’t be missed since you were a fraud for the last year and the half.

  6. Soon to be Married Gal,
    Congratulations on your new adventure! Enjoy the engagement, and torturing your married friends! wink (They’ll completely understand the pay back because they’ve been there too.)  Married or not, you’ll always be our Carrie Bradshaw. Eventually even she got married to Mr. Big! (It only took her 10 years to snag him!)

    You will be sorely missed. Having a youth element on SJI has been wonderful.  I wish you much love, luck, and happiness! You will LOVE living in Europe I know I did!

  7. That’s the problem with giving yourself a name based on a non-permanent identity. Sure enough, calling myself ‘Filthy Rich Guy’ and ‘Mr. Sandra Bullock’ never really panned out the way I envisioned it.

    Good luck to you!

  8. Someone wants to marry YOU? I guess we all know who the alpha dog in that marriage will be..i can already see the poor guy polishing your toenoils while you eat bon-bons and watch re-runs of Sex in The City….my heart goes out to him

    Why do you allow the personal attacks such as
    #6 and # 10 have posted?  I realize that we have freedom of speech, but you have editor
    responsibilities as well.  I just hope that
    single gal’s feelings are not hurt, when a time of her life should be happy. Please post this so all can read it.

  10. NAPPER, Kathleen, and all,

    I agree that statements like: “you were a fraud for the last year and the half” have no place on this site. The rest of “Fed Up”‘s rant is probably acceptable.

    As for “Singetarty,” I think the guy hangs himself—he’s obviously jealous—but I would have spiked that one too.

    Both of these slipped through the cracks and I apologize to all, especially our SG, who, I’d wager, will be missed by 90 percent of the SJI community, whether or not they agree with her 100 percent of the time.

  11. Eric,
    You’ve altered, or omitted my posts for less. If you are going to hold me to a certain standard of commentary, even though I have not violated any of the rules, then you need to do that to EVERYONE. SG didn’t deserve those comments, so I think you need to remove them because they are out right personal attacks that are uncalled for, hurtful, and ARE in violation of the commentary policy of SJI.

  12. While I thank all of the posters for coming to my defense – I know the people writing those hurtful posts are just angry people who would never say those things to someone’s face, they need the protection of a computer screen in front of them.  I know they are projecting their unhappiness on me, and that is why it slips right off my back!  Thank you though and good luck to all of you too!

    SG now Married Gal

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