Single Gal and Single Pierluigi

Pierluigi Oliverio has come under fire recently for his campaign fliers that show him posing with kids and what some people believe is his “pseudo family.” I just have to come to the defense of Oliverio. Being single is tough no matter where you are or where you live, and even tougher, apparently, if you are running for a council seat in the ultra family-oriented Rose Garden and Willow Glen neighborhoods.

I believe Oliverio when he says that he wasn’t trying to trick or dupe the voters into thinking that those people were his family, but I know his advisors, and perhaps Oliverio himself thought, “Well, this couldn’t hurt.”  Unfortunately, in some people’s eyes, it can. I think this episode may be more of a reflection on the campaigning process itself and what type of person candidates feel they need to present to the voters.  Yes, a devoted father of three who wants to make his city better does speak to the voters more than a single guy looking for “Mrs. Right.”  Maybe people feel that a family person is more likely to keep their roots here and that single people can be flighty and may not invest enough time in the area.

Ron Gonzales ran on a platform of being a devoted husband to his wife of many years, and it worked for him in the short run.  In the long run, though, he didn’t need it and started a new chapter in his life.  Similarly, Sam Liccardo is a noted bachelor but, in District 3, being a family man wasn’t so important to the voters.  (Well, the 300 people who voted anyway.)  The district has fewer single-family homes and more single voters than other areas of the city, and Sam Liccardo not being hitched with 2.5 kids wasn’t a factor at all.

I hope that the flyers don’t end up hurting Oliverio in this runoff and that voters will see him for the person he is, not for the picture of what they want him to be.  I think he could bring a lot of positive energy to City Hall, even if he has to check the box that says “single.” 


  1. Single—totally agree. The only thing that matters are a candidate’s position on policies and their ethical stance. This ‘character issue’ stuff is just cover for appealing to people’s prejudices and tribal biases. Shame on politicians who bank on it and shame on voters who buy it.

  2. Weak. This is just like Nora Campos wearing glasses in her campaign mailers to make her look older and more distinguished—even though at the time she didn’t need glasses. I overheard this confession straight from her own mouth a few years ago. A picture is worth a thousand words, so anyone who uses one to deceive is a 1000x liar.

    OTOH, were those in the picture with Oliverio labeled? i.e. “P.O. and his neighbors, the Nunez family?” Or “P.O. and his niece Samantha”?

    A similar subtitle for our D5 friend would have been, “Nora doesn’t actually need glasses, but she plays someone who does on TV!”

  3. The problem isn’t with PLO’s marital status, the problem is with his credibility. It’s a slippery slope when candidates start lying during the campaign, and make no mistake – PLO is lying. The photo was intentionally misleading, and the spinning of that deception is a disturbing signal of the kind of misleader he would be if elected. Single Gal, you should have learned this with Gonzo. His ‘98 campaign was dirty, but everyone looked the other way because his election was blessed by the powers that be. We were all shocked at his marital infidelity, but really it was just a continuation of ingrained deceit and manipulation. He couldn’t help himself, and neither can PLO. SG, don’t be so easy on PLO. He isn’t living up to your standards. You certainly wouldn’t put up with this crap in a relationship. Why make excuses for him?

  4. Hmmm….

    Since this is his third or fourth run for public office, I wonder if your faith in his ethics might be somewhat misplaced. As to his shadowy “advisers”, please enlighten us as to whom these people are, so that they may be avoided in the future.

    Single is not an impediment, it is a limit of understanding. If you are single, and have lived alone or with parents most of your life and you are 33 years old, you have a different but limited experience of human life. Marriage and parenthood change you, they broaden your horizons and force you to examine yourself, they force you to compromise, they force you to see that you are not always, and indeed may only rarely… be right. They call this process “growth”. I highly recommend it but it is not for the faint of heart and an ability to commit is required.

    Mr. Oliverio brings a youthful enthusiasim and an unerring self confidence to what he does, which is a direct result of the aforementioned limited life experience…


  5. His marital status is not important. His misleading photos are important. Why try to fool people when there is no need to do so? If he is willing to foist this deception on the voters, where will he stop? It was a foolish decision, either by him or his consultants, or both.
    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’m not waiting for a second time.

  6. Single Gal, I usually agree with you but not this time.  I’m fairly certain it was an intentional “oversight” on Mr. Oliverio’s part (or his staff).  But I can’t get too worked up about it, as the Merc points out in the same article,

    “In fact, opponent Steve Tedesco’s Web page includes a comment—“Tedesco would be a good addition to the council’’—from an Oct. 17, 2006, Mercury News editorial. Naturally, his Web site doesn’t mention that the paper’s editorial actually endorsed Oliverio.”

    I guess I’m just used to politicians misleading us.  They just continue to disappoint me.

  7. Like the Merc said, the picture was not any more misleading than the Merc quote on Tedesco’s web site,  “Tedesco would be a good addition to the council.”  Just a little out of context.

    Tedesco’s web site goes on to say, he looks forward to working with neighborhoods on issues such as airport noise.  This is coming from Expansionista Steve Tedesco, top opponent of Measure O, the Airport Traffic Relief Measure, and who had former Mayor Janet Gray Hayes husband’s “Yes on O” truck cited.  Perhaps Tedesco is thinking of the Clintonian definition of “working with”.   

    But my personal favorite on the Tedesco web site is from COMPAC board member Lee Cunningham, “He has a proven track record and the highest ethical standards.”  Since when has COMPAC been a good judge of ethical standards?

    The Oliverio picture was harmless and forgivable, Tedesco’s track record is not.

  8. SG – You seem to be suggesting that although Oliverio did not intend to mislead voters his campaign handlers did. (“Well, this couldn’t hurt.”)

    Sorry, but a candidate can’t have it both ways. Mr. Oliverio must take responsibility for his campagn. That’s called leadership.

    Beyond that, the idea of who is married and who isn’t seemed to be a non-issue, until he made it into one. That’s called a mistake!

  9. A gavin newsome haircut with about as much substance. So how does it surprise anyone that he cooked up a phony family picture for the cover of his mailer. I noticed it right away.

    PLO is a nobody from nowhere. Oh yeah, I know, he grew up in Willow Glen. That’s a big accomplishment. A software salesman who calls himself a high tech executive, a guy who bombed out of teaching who has schmoozed allot of people. His only public policy experience is some nothing oversight board.

    He just seems like a guy who has had too much trouble getting started in life. Let him work as a council aide or get honestly active in civic affairs for awhile. This guy make Manny Diaz seem like he has substance.

  10. I don’t live in D6 so haven’t been doing much research on either candidate.  It does bother me that PO would go to the trouble of giving the false impression of being a family man.  This had to be aimed more at Willow Glen than the Rose Garden.  The Rose Garden has more D3-ish singles and progressive types than family-focused Willow Glen. 

    My question is, where did this guy come from?  I have never heard of him until the D6 contest began.  Tedesco seems to be a good guy and the Mercury agrees that both would be a good addition to the council.  It may come down to ethical items in this campaign since that is the flavor of the term at City Hall for the next 4 years. 

    I don’t know why PO thinks being single is such a bad thing that he has to give a false indication that he’s not.  I personally would have preferred it if he had NOT done this pretending and would be inclined not to vote for a guy who apparently is courting the family vote.  That rules me out of his target demographic so I guess when it comes time to help my my widowed mom (also not on PO’s radar) complete her absentee ballot, Tedesco will be the choice.

  11. I don’t know PLO and do not live in his district but he and his staff better learn how to do their research.  So what made him think that it was important to be married inorder to get elected in Dist. 6.  Whomever gets elected they will be replacing a two term councilman that is gay.  If that didn’t teach him that citizens in his district care about substance over marital status, I don’t know what will.

  12. San Jose District 6 Neighborhood & Community Leaders and Preservation Action Council of San Jose are sponsoring –  District 6 City Council Candidate Debate on Wednesday, January 31, 2007,  starting at 7 pm at United Way Building, 1922 The Alameda, Room 107    

    Moderator – Janice Rombeck – Mercury News

    Debate             7 – 8:30 pm
    Meet Candidates     8:30 – 9 pm

    Debate topic – Planning, Land Use and Historic Preservation   Previously Submitted and Audience Questions  

    Parking is rear building off McKendrie Street

  13. I think the Oliverio for City Council campaign has given new meaning to the phrase,
    “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

    I don’t believe in hiding my identity. My name is Denelle Fedor; I am the campaign manager for Pierluigi Oliverio. I am the person who is responsible for using the picture in question.

    The photo was not intended to deceive anyone.  Pierluigi is a single, bright, smart, 37 year old man who is looking forward to marriage and having children someday.  Since the beginning of the campaign (summer of 2006), the campaign website has listed that Pierluigi is “single and looking for Mrs. Right.”  Please refer to and go to Bio “a lighter side.”

    In hindsight, a caption may have quelled the misrepresentation that the picture has received by some people.

    The Oliverio campaign is not accepting money from lobbyists, unions or political parties and has not lied about Pierluigi’s competitor in any material that has been distributed to voters. In addition, the Oliverio campaign has not used negative campaigning to smear the competitor as part of a strategy to win this council seat.

    Since the SJMN article regarding the picture was published, we have received many positive calls from voters. One voter who read the SJMN article felt compelled to go to the Oliverio campaign website.  She liked what she read and is now voting for Pierluigi.  She said what she noticed and liked was the fact that Pierluigi is not accepting money from lobbyists or unions.

    Denelle Fedor
    Campaign Manager, Oliverio for City Council
    [email protected]

  14. 17 – If that’s the best you can do, then I’m switching to Tedesco. Clearly the picture was meant to deceive and your lame semi-apology does little to refute that. Candidates are judged by their ideas and the people they surround themselves with. You made a bad call but where was your candidate to say “No, this is a bad idea.” We’ve had 8 years of a mayor surrounded by bad people with bad ideas and a mayor who would not or could not say “no”. We don’t need that in a councilmember.

  15. 14, Let say that I might have misspoke about him moving from job to job. it just seems like that. But the fact remains that this guy gets nothing done! never has and never will he just likes to get a check. I’ve never heard him say anything interesting or do anything period. and that is a FACT. like I said before we don’t need one more of these guys. maybe you know something that I don’t but I doubt that!

  16. Let me just say that I don’t know enough to say much about this guy they both seem very weak to me = (nothing gets done)
    But I do know that Tedesco bounces from job to job and NEVER gets anything done and thats a fact just look at his record thats right their isn’t one? you can make up your own mind.
    we have enough do nothings as it is do we need one more? nora campos, somebody really must explain why she is still their?

  17. 19 – You may know something that I don’t but your post certainly doesn’t indicate that. If you’ve got something to back up what you say then lets see it. If not, your opinions don’t carry much weight.

  18. 14 – I’m not a big supporter of either guy, but you seem to be mistaken. Tedesco has had only 2 jobs in the past 20 years or so. Hardly bouncing from job to job. If you are going to attack someone at least do it with facts rather than fantasy.

  19. Single gal, you sound so cynical. You say that the candidates must portray themselves in the image most acceptable to the voters. That this
    decision to create an illusion of a family is a result of the “campaigning process”.
    It is interesting that Mr Oliverio’s response to
    a question at a candidate forum last night about the family picture was that it was “just politics’. You do all think alike.

    Your closing would be hilarious if it wasn’t such
    a serious breach of trust. You hope that D6 voters will be able to “see him for the person he is” while he is busy portraying himself as the person he isn’t !

  20. Taxpaper 1 & 2

    Quit squabbling over the resumes and go to the bottomline. ST=2 jobs in 25 years PO=Tech executive or sales executive.
    All CEO’s are either loved or hated depending
    on your perspective. We are voting on a representative to speak for our interests at city hall (AKA our D6 lobby)

    The issues are trust , dependability and ability
    to understand and solve complex problems.

  21. I’m not going to get into a you said he said here let me ask you something name one just one thing he has done in either job and you will have answered you own question? now don’t you feel stupid?

  22. #17.
    Correction: You are not the person responsible for the campaign literature. The candidate bears that responsibility.
    We vote for candidates, not consultants.

  23. Not accepting money from unions and lobbyists acting as agent of developers is good and every candidate / elected official should do that in San Jose   Everyone knows that the reason business / unions people give money to candidates and elected officials is to gain access or face time that average resident does not get or as others have stated ” Pay to Play ” is still San Jose political game since big money is at stake in public decisions

    Lets clear up the conflict of interest / campaign contribution issues for everyone –

    Oliverio and Tedesco are BOTH accepting money from people with a financial stake in business before City Council and an clear expectation of access or favorable public decisions for their business interests

    Oliverio while he is not accepting money from lobbyists and unions as business candidate he is raising large amount of money directly from city developers and office space owners who want City Council approvals   Look at his contributor and endorsement lists

    Tedesco another business candidate is also raising large amount of money directly from city developers, office space owners, lobbyists and while unions are not maying large contributions it is because he is not a union candidate plus he was was employee / lobbyist for Chamber from 1977-2002

    They both have questionable conflict of interest fund raising and there are questions as to

    1) who they will really represent – voters/ taxpayers, their own political ambitions, business community, developers/office owners, highest bidder or ??
    2) neither has a recent strong community involvement background – yes Tedesco worked for Chamber but lobbying for their interests and is on Airport Commission while Oliverio is light in his actual community involvement but lately has gone to dozens of commiunity / city meetings to learn issues like Sam in District 3 and Pete in District 1

    Both decent people with some community accomplishments but many unanswered questions an d a lot of learning to do about issues

    Many people undecided and Debates will make decision on who to vote for most voters

  24. #17- Denelle,
    I could care less if Pier is single or not. Most people don’t care, but I am pretty fed up with the way you and he are misleading people. You guys are playing innocent, when you’re called on it instead of standing up and taking responsibilty for it. Much like the Gonzo administration.
    As his campaign manager, I think you need to stop allowing your candidate to mislead the public, and you both need to stop campaigning at events like the Mayor’s Inauguration, the recent Independent Police Auditor’s forum on Police profiling etc.  It’s really offensive and is unprofessional. Integrity is important to voters, not a silver tongue, and opportunism at our expense.
    Pier is doing a lot of things to mislead voters. He follows Mayor Reed all over the place in an effort to make voters think Reed endorses him. Reed does not endorse him.
    Pier went to the Police Officer Association and Fire Fighters Association for an endorsement interview. He lost the Police endorsement, and refused the Fire Fighters endorsement, AFTER, he got it, claiming he wasn’t going to be owned by anyone. If he didn’t want their endorsement, why did he even bother to attend the interview? He also wrote a face saving letter to the POA, after he found out they weren’t endorsing him, saying he didn’t want the endorsement. Talk about burning your political bridges behind you!
    You say Pier isn’t playing dirty in this campaign, please. He hasn’t been straight from the beginning. He has never won any of the three offices he’s run for, he has never served on a task force, city committee, or board that would have allowed have him to get the experience this office requires. He says he was on the neighborhood association in Willow Glen, okay, doing what and for how long?
    Pier moved to District 3 and ran for City Council and lost. He has never had to implement, or oversee a large budget, or staff, nor has he dealt with state, and federal laws that a Council Member needs to make informed decisions. Pier is good at telling a tall tale filled with promises, but he is a salesman, and obviously a very good one. But our city needs an experienced, honest, Council Member whom we can trust. Every Council Member will have an effect on our City, and neighboring districts. Pier is NOT experienced enough to handle that responsibility.
    Lies by omission, are still lies. Fake photos speak volumes to me. Pier is well educated in marketing, and so are you. Both the Metro, and Mercury News are re interviewing the candidates because they’ve heard some of the ways Pier is trying to mislead us.

    Denelle, if Pier is so forth right, why has Pier continually refused to participate in a debate with Tedesco? People want to hear them debate the issues.

  25. 22 – Read the profiles in today’s Merc and you will see what Tedesco has done. Better yet, show up tonight for the candidate’s forum and hear for yourself—from both candidates.

  26. #21, above all else a council member must be an advocate for the district.

    Tedesco’s past actions related to airport expansion have shown that he does not give a damn about neighbor’s concerns when it comes to airport noise, pollution and traffic.

  27. #23 – Mal Content: 

    You are absolutely right.  I ran for City Council back in 2002 for District 9.  During that time, my campaign made an error – an overeager person working on my behalf put an add in the City of San Jose Kirk Center Newsletter.  It was an oversight, and an accident, but non-the-less, it still happened.  Instead of publicly blaming my campaign staff and volunteers, I took responsibility myself.  The bottom line – I was responsible for the campaign; if I wanted the job of being an elected leader of San Jose, I also needed to be able to take responsibility for my actions, and the actions of those acting on my behalf.  I paid the fine, and took responsibility for what happened.  For me, it was a matter of integrity, and I think we need more of that in City Hall.
    Pier is not a bad person, and I believe someday he will make a good candidate for City Council.  I would like to see him get more experience on a school board, and a City Commission or two, before he takes on the responsibility of a declining City Budget that is going to require lots of tough decisions to balance. 
    Steve Tedesco has the experience of working with large budgets, he has experience with the youth of our City, he knows what non-profits need to succeed in our City, he has business experience, and he is very integrity ridden. 
    I’m a mediator, and I was asked to train Steve Tedesco and his staff at the Boys and Girl’s Clubs of Silicon Valley in conflict resolution, and workstyles.  I noticed how much his staff respected him, and how much the children at the Boys and Girl’s Clubs looked up to him.  I think he is the perfect choice for District 6.

  28. #22
    Please site PLOs past accomplishments as a volunteer in Dist.6 and in San Jose.  What civic leadership roles has he taken.  On what commissions has he serverd?  Please list his his past job titles and nuber of years he held the job.Tell me of what he is passionate about in San Jose.  What is his vision?  These are the type of facts we need to know!

    I ask the same from Steve Tedesco’s camp.  Then we all can make an informed decision on who we are voting for.

  29. ” He has been involved in our community through the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association, Next Door Solutions, Battered Women’s Shelter, San Jose Anti-Litter Program, San Jose Downtown Association, Joint Venture Silicon Valley Council on Tax & Fiscal Policy, Neighborhood Tree Planting, as well as numerous business related groups. “

    When was he on Willow Glen Neighborhood Association as anything other than member attending a few meetings?  What did he actually do?

    What was his exact involvement in each organization for which he takes credit?

  30. What debate has Pier “refused to participate in with Tedesco”?  Every debate I been at, both candidates have been too. 

    Sound like the Tedesco camp is getting desperate.  Maybe you guys need a Reality Check?

  31. 35 – Not everyone said that about Mulcahy. Oliverio lacks the depth and experience in community issues and you don’t start at the Councilmember level. You start by getting that experience, REAL experience by serving on Boards and Commission and actively participating in community groups. Oliverio does not have that background. He always seems to be just on the edge of the truth—as 36 above points out. He seems to inflate his experience. I would be comfortable if he was honest about his background rather than trying to manufacture it. It’s as if he is ashamed of his real experience so he puffs it up a little. That kind of flim-flam might have been OK for a Gonzales administration but it won’t work in the Reed administration.

  32. Just based on endorsements I wouldn’t vote for PLO.  It’s a who’s who of old guard insiders, including bad apple council members and a former mayor responsible for the turd in the plaza.  Hardly a guy I want on the council with that kind of backing.

  33. I’ve lived in D6 for over a decade, and I first met PLO when he was a party-hard young democrat. 
    I’ll be the first to admit that I was fooled by the photos.  I thought I’d been really out of touch with some of the old crowd.  How did I miss the wedding and so many kids?
    I may not agree with ST on every issue, and I don’t think he’s a perfect candidate, but he does know the issues and he does know that being a City Councilmember is hard work.

  34. Hang on… 7 months ago, everyone here was saying Mulcahy couldn’t be Mayor because he didn’t have board or commission experience, but he’d make a great Councilmember where he could essentially cut his teeth (District 6).

    Now we’re saying Pierluigi is unqualified to be a Councilmember because he is lacking the same experience that would have made Mulcahy suitable?

  35. I want second #37’s comment and point out that Jim Spence, who finished third in the “primary” and has endorsed Steve Tedesco, was also a losing candidate in Dist 6 in 2000. No shame in that…

    His reaction to losing that race was not to start a new career, move to District 4 or 10 and change his name to James or Jimmy…

    No, he decided he needed some real experience and he went out and got it, working as an aide to Councilman DiQuisto and involving himself in the real work of City Government. He earned his spurs, paid his dues… And we thank him for his support.

    He has walked the walk, not just talked the talk, just as Steve Tedesco has.

    I also want to respond to an earlier comment about Steve and address the under current in the Mercury News article. Someone asked what Steve accomplished when at the SJ Chamber of Commerce, saying he had never done anything… Well I don’t think this gentlemen has been paying attention…

    I have known Steve for over 25 years and he is not a self-promoter, he is the guy that actually shows up and makes the thing happen while allowing the Board Chairman or the Mayor or the newspaper to ballyho it and take credit when the lights go on. But somebody had to string ‘em and get the permits… Much of the effective work the Chamber did during his tenure was the kind of boring nuts and bolts stuff, endless meetings and phone calls that culminate in something actually getting done, like helping to build the consensus for our Downtown Renewal, the Arena, the Airport Expansion, the Convention Center, the Fairmont…

    Christmas in the Park, anyone? Remember consensus building? That was the Chamber under Steve Tedesco.

    Does anybody present know why San Jose does NOT have a gross receipts business license tax?  Because of the staff level work that nipped it in the bud by Tedesco and the Chamber, doing what they are supposed to do, represent the overall business community.

    Which brings me to my second point about the Chamber of Commerce… Has anybody noticed the proliferation of business oriented interest groups over the last 25 years…???
    The complaint had always been that the Chamber was losing members, jees..I wonder why. The Downtown Association sprang up and guess who welcomed them with open arms even though they could be seen as “competion”? Come on Scott, step forward…. And you too Carl, the Manufacturing Group also was similarly created and welcomed. Who was there pushing for Joint Venture? Steve and the Chamber were! Add to that the Hispanic Chamber, the Vietnamese Chamber, heck they even rescued and rebuilt the Los Gatos Chamber.

    When I attended my first COMPAC barbeque 20 some odd years ago it was less than 100 people, they borrowed the Rotary’s mobile unit, Steve and staff carried all those nice heavy aluminum tables (still in service I might add, good buy!) in and set up ‘em…  Ask Pat Dando how important that event is now and was the day Steve left…

    People have asked me, a Progressive Democrat, why I support Steve, given what they perceive as his positions. I have responded by saying that what you perceive about Steve and his politics, his positions, has largely been a function of his positions, first as Ron James’s pillar and go to guy and then as leader of the Chamber as well as at the Boys and Girls Club. He has been an effective advocate and leader in all of those positions, but each has had limits defined by the position.

    No one asks the Executive Director of the BGCSV about development issues in the neighborhood, but if you want the long course in afterschool programs and the proven effectiveness of homework centers and supervised activities during the “dangerous hours” and why the City should be involved, just ask him, but be prepared to listen and be listened to, no notes required.

    And his depth of knowledge extends across the spectrum of issues that our City faces, it is not limited to sound bites or flashy new ideas but is grounded in the boring policy wonk stuff the glazes most eyeballs, stuff that effective Councilpeople must have mastered in order to hit the ground running, a real concern in these days of term limits and budget restraints, the voters have no time for “on the job training” or so-called “quick studies”.

    Steve Tedesco is prepared to go to work tomorrow, he is a real person not a crafted “image”, an honest broker who has done his homework and he speaks his mind, plainly.

    Just ask Amy Dean…

    Just my opinion… Opinions are like armpits, everybody’s got ‘em and they all stink except mine…

  36. Mmmm…
    Correction…Jim Spence finished fourth, not third, he was third in the “huddle” with Clark Williams in third, sorry Clark…not intentional…

    But is was a very close huddle, giving even more importance to every vote cast!


  37. Well,you can all rest easy because the family
    portrait has been replaced by Ken Yeager in the new brochures—How quickly the demographics can change.

    I did some checking on some items and the total collected by Mr.O for the Battered Woman
    Shelter for his 10 year tenure was $ 550 –
    WG neighborhood assc board member never saw him at a Meetings within the last 7 years.
    Check for yourself,they will gladly talk to you.

    Someone here asked for people to come forward to clear his name. Most of those who
    could don’t know his name.

    Who are the unamed advisors ?

    That’s the next mystery to solve…….

  38. Dallas I agree.  Steve has his arms around the issues already and has a good grasp on them along with the ability to truly see the whole scope and impact of things.  He can hit the ground running.  PLO is going to spend the better part of Yeager’s term just getting his bearings and his inexperience could end up costing D6 in this mini-mayor system we have.

  39. Whoa Dallas Cowboy, consensus and Airport Expansion do not belong in the same sentence.  Steve “Expansionista” Tedesco has been the main proponent for airport expansion for years at the expense of the Rose Garden neighbors ability to sleep at night, and he certainly did not earn the name Expansionista because of any consensus building…

    Sure… maybe Expansionista does have more experience… as a lobbyist and setting up COMPAC BBQs, but he has never been a neighborhood advocate.

    Expansionista states he will “assure adequate funding for parks” yet while on the Evergreen Task Force, he commented that he felt there was “too much park acreage”.  A neighborhood development with too much park acreage, we can’t have that!

    Expansionista is a conservative business advocate who will always favor economic development over quality of life improvements for our neighborhoods.

  40. #27 said: ” above all else a council member must be an advocate for the district.”  He/she must be a holdover Gonzoista.  Sounds like the mini-mayor nonsense to me.  I’d rather have an advocate for San Jose, than for a district.  Balkanizing the city has caused a lot of problems.  And, since at least the days of Nacy Ianni, we have gotten too any one-trick pony councilmembers who resonate with the activists in the district on a mere one or two ideas.  Nancy’s were not letting the Meridian Post Office become the Main Post Office.  Horrible idea.  The MAIN post office is now on Lundy, the functional equivalent of North Dakota.

    Her other deal was keeping the Ainsley House in San Jose.  Well, Campbell got it anyway.

    With 27’s view, we get folks like Terry Gregory, Forrest Williams, Nacy Pyle, Nora Campos, and Judy Chirco, and perhaps Madison Nguyen (she’s been so below the radar I haven’t a clue what she has or hasn’t done) and ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  A real bunch of visionaries there!!!

    How many of you who are whining about the effect big business and big union and developer $$ have on elections do more than whine; that is, how much do you contribute to get people elected?  For better or worse, it takes gobs of $$ to get elected.

    Hillary knows it.  That’s why she refused public $$ for her primary and general election campaigns—she know’s it’s not enough to win.  After all, it’s only $80 million!

    Most successful politicians are good salespersons.  They sell themselves.  So, they’ll say anything to get elected.  Then they do what they want, and get re-elected.  What was the statistic last election—I believe only four state (Assembly & Senate) incumbents lost.

    Everyone hates CONGRESS, but they keep re-electing THEIR Congressperson.

    It’s the same at every level of government.

    Then there’s the bloat. Just today I heard on KLIV that the VTA had to put out an RFP for sheet cakes.  Yup, the stuff they serve when someone has a kid, or retires, or something.  When Wilsons Bakery closed, the honchos @ VTA couldn’t get their sheet cakes.  The RFP for sheet cakes was THIRTY THREE PAGES LONG!!!  One requirement in the thirty three page RFP for any cake supplier was a $3 MILLION liability insurance policy.

    Can you imagine how long it took some minion @ VTA to assemble that RFP.  Then it went up and down line for comment, then off to County Counsel for review and comment, I’m sure.  PROCESS BULLSHIT for a lousy cake.

    That, ladies & gentlemen, goes on daily at all levels, and that, ladies and gentlemen is why so many elected officials keep raising taxes.

    It’s time for another Boston tea Party, folks.

  41. RGJ/Dallas112263:

    Thanks for correcting the record about my 3rd place finish in the D6 race. As I missed the runoff election by just 49 votes, I can attest to the adage that “every vote counts.”

    For the record, I see some strengths and weaknesses in the policy positions of both candidates and so I have chosen to remain neutral in this race. However, I strongly encourage all of my D6 neighbors to attend one of the upcoming candidate forums and, of course, to be sure and vote on March 6th.

    I will be voting on March 6th and look forward to a spirited – but issues-oriented – campaign. As a voter, I hope that both candidates will refrain from personal attacks and will focus their energies on how best to address some key quality of life concerns.

    I look forward to hearing more on how we can ensure greater access to well-kept parks and open spaces, how we can improve the poor condition of our roads and sidewalks and how we can best protect our neighborhoods from poorly-planned developments. I also want to know how these candidates are going to protect funding of the hose wagon at Firestation 6 – a public safety issue important to many families in our district.

    As someone with a lifelong commitment to public service, I greatly appreciate anyone willing to step forward to serve our community. Thus, I hope that the public will focus less on personal characteristics and more on how these candidates are best equipped to solve significant issues in our great city.

  42. #42- I understand your concerns. But, Steve has done much for the City, and neighborhoods. Airport issues, while important, are not the only issue facing our City. I guess I don’t understand why people buy a home near the airport, move into it, and then complain about noise. Honestly, I just don’t get it.
    Secondly, as our City grows, we will need a larger airport. Otherwise, how are businesses entrepreneurs, tourists, etc. going to get here without so many delays? Time changes things, and we have to keep up. If you are concerned about your neighborhood changing, you better not vote for Oliverio! He is a walking citation of changing things, spending money, and bringing San Jose into the new century!
    In last night’s forum, he horrified me by saying he’d cut retirement benefits to new City employees, and give them a 401K, matched of course by the City. He said we had to get rid of Unions. I think Yeager would have heart failure if he heard that, “new idea!” Given that Labor supports Ken, and Ken is supporting Oliverio, I think someone blew it last night.
    Here’s the “reality check” for me, the same elected officials who supported Gonzo, and Chavez back Oliverio. Secondly, Pier isn’t truthful. He exaggerates his involvement in things like his volunteering on committees etc, he colors his important contributions to the city, and neighborhoods, and in non profits. Last night he claimed to have participated in the Mayor’s Transition Committee Meetings. Humm… He was just a visitor, the same as Tedesco was, and MANY other concerned citizens.
    I think Steve is getting a bum wrap for speaking his truth, for holding his ground, and for having made people in higher offices mad, on one-issue concerns they had. You can only make enemies by being a person with long time involvement in the community, or business world, and by speaking your truth.
    Oliverio has no personal truth; he just uses other people’s ideas, and colors his lack of involvement to look like something it is not. Oliverio keeps following Mayor Reed around, touting Reed’s message, in the hopes he can fool us into believing Reed endorses him. He has big ideas, and no way to pay for them. More importantly, in last night’s forum, he didn’t even have the integrity to apologize for misleading us with photos of his fake family. And that is something that really should concern us all.

  43. The Airport – I remember reading how then City Manager Dutch Hammond planned on putting the Airport out in Alviso – so he put a sewer line connecting Alviso and San Jose, and anyone who wanted to use it had to annext into San Jose.  When he died, the Council put the airport in it’s current location, much to the detriment of folks that live there now. 
    I understand complaints about the Airport.  But don’t forget that if we did not have a vibrant, successful airport that keeps up with the needs of our economy and our city, then our thriving business community would not be as successful as it is either.  Many of the businesses that generate revenue for our City, as well as jobs for many of us, rely on the airport in one way or the other.  There is a way for our airport to expand, and yet, be a good neighbor, and that is the balance we should be striving for.  Steve has displayed, time and time again, that he will not only give you his thoughts and opinions (not tell you what you want to hear to get elected), but he will also listen to what you have to say, and try to work on a win-win solution. 
    To hear PLO state at last night’s Candidate’s forum that he wants to cut retirement benefits to new employees, give them a 401k, and do away with Unions in the City is pretty extreme.  If truely this is what he wants to do, then how does he propose to do it?  Has he looked into the City, State, and Federal laws that regulate Public Unions and Pensions?  Whatever we think of Unions today, they have played an important part of our naitons’s history, and do serve a purpose. Some people out there are saying that they are supporting PLO because he is young, and controllable.  What will he tell those Union folks who are supporting him?  Will he promise them something different?  Will he apologize, and back off this statement, or even say he misspoke?  Or will he hold to his guns, and back his statement up?  District 6 residents ought to be paying attention to this; it will tell a lot about who PLO is as a candidate.

  44. # 31, Dear San Jose to Bridget,
    I think you need to get your facts straight. You have never attended a debate between Steve and Pier because one has never been held. You have been attending forums where candidates are asked questions, give answers, tell a little bit about themselves, and that’s it. All questions are screened too!
    I’ve asked why Pier isn’t willing to do a debate and I was told, “Pier doesn’t want things to get dirty.” I’d say more like he doesn’t want to get caught in all the handy salesmanship he’s doing.
    I don’t know what you mean by “Tedesco’s camp.” I don’t live in District 6, but I know both Steve and Pier. I know their background, experience, and who has done more for the community, and the City of San Jose.

    Tedesco: Boys and Girls Club, Executive Director
    Chamber of Commerce, CEO
    Director of Government Affairs

    Oliverio: Salesmen in start up company

    Elected and Appointed Positions:
    Tedesco: Mineta International San Jose Airport Commissioner and former chair
    Evergreen Vision Project
    Campbell Union High School District Board of Trustees
    Santa Clara County Human Relations Commissioner

    Ran for District 3 Council seat-LOST
    Ran for SJ Unified Board of Education, Area 1-LOST
    Ran for SJ Unified Board of Education, Area 3-LOST

    Public Safety
    Tedesco: City of SJ “Weed and Seed,” Task Force member
    Graduated 1st Citizen’s Police Academy

    Oliverio: None on record

    Also, read the paper today. Go to both of the candidates websites too, to see their records.
    Finally, Oliverio donated to BOTH Chavez and Reed’s campaign. I guess he likes to cover his bases! No loyalty, no integrity, no honesty, and NO accountability.

  45. Shoot no one is talking about the whole Gavin thing!

    It’s not a crime to be single, I’m married with two dogs and a baby and I have to say there are days…..

    The reality is people seem to give more credibility to those that are married, for some reason married people aren’t a threat (sexually) or maybe marriage demonstrates commitment, but it’s an unsaid pressure. This is a discussion in itself…..

    Pier is a nice guy, he IS a family guy, the man lives next door to his parents!

  46. Thank you for your balanced comments Clark, your campaign was a strong positve model. I share your hope for a balanced campaign and we will get to that… right after we get through trashin’ Steve and Pier….LOL!

    Just an FYI…

    A recording of the Dist 6 Candidate Forum from last night…at the URL which should be posted with this… Posted as a public service, partisans will hear as they will, the undecided might do some thinking…

    Some things have to be heard to be believed… So listen… 

    Oh, and Dallas112263 is about an event, historical in nature, not football (and never the COWBOYS!) or Texas for that matter. But our hearts are with Texas Progressives tonight… Molly Ivins has lost her battle with cancer.

    And I would like to take this opportunity to ask the assembled multitude if anyone has an extra seat to the State of the City Dinner Friday night, with that outstanding Nobel and Oscar nominee (and soon to be nominated, we hope, for a larger task), Al Gore?

    I NEED A MIRACLE TICKET… Can pay the freight and donate my extra “Gore/2008” bumper sticker to the cause… I’ll be out front in a coat and tie with my hair tied back…

    Who was never really anonymous, no one is… Google it!

  47. Jean, the airport was there long before Dutch was in charge.  There was a push back in the late 60’s or early 70’s to move the airport closer to Alviso.  This would have taken the approach flight path directly over the 101 freeway instead of directly over downtown.  The spineless people in charge back then didn’t pursue this plan due to a little complaining by then-tiny Milpitas.  Talk about the tail wagging the dog. 

    My parents bought their Rose Garden fixer-upper in 1960, a number of years before the first scheduled service using the modern day fan jet aircraft.  Noise was never an issue.  Not everybody impacted by airport noise bought their homes after the airport became so busy, and they have every right to complain.  Sometimes the noise can really be intrusive but things are much better than they were now that the bulk of aircraft using SJC have much quiter engines.

    Bottom line is, we are stuck with the airport where it is now.  SJ leaders blew it when they didn’t pursue the relocation I mentioned above.  Get used to the stubby downtown skyline.  It’s destined to stay that way.

  48. Mark T – Thank you for the update.  I am a history buff, so bear with me.  So was it Dutch that tried to move the Airport to Alviso?  I understood that movement went south when he died on that flight to the Canary Islands (ironically)… I assume that is when the Council caved in to keeping the airport at this location due to Milpitas complaints?
    I understand the noise issue (no, I wouldn’t want to live with that noise either), and my comment isn’t that folks there shouldn’t work with the Airport on win-win solutions.  I just think that there is a way to ensure our airport is vibrant and supports our economy, while being a good neighbor.  The one you mentioned – having airplanes that use quieter engines – is good.  Also, I have heard mentioned a movement to try and open NASA to cargo flights – this would enable us to bring more into NASA, and move those noisy flights there (ok, long term solution, and not something that will happen soon).  I’m sure there are other solutions that can be looked at.  I know Steve is someone who will sit down and put in the time to hash it out, and find solutions that work for everyone.  He will do the work it takes, and that is why I support him.  PLO strikes me as someone who will tell you what you want to hear to get elected, and that should bother you.  We have had too many politicians in office like that.

  49. Jean,

    You talk about Tedesco like he is good for vibrant business in San Jose.  He was not as the so called leader of the chamber. 

    That organization is a joke and always has been.  It does nothing for small businesses at all; just hollow talk.  Like tedesco.

    I am in for new blood.  I could care less about a brochure mistake.  we have seen worse with the old guard; of which tedesco is a card carrying member!

    Small business owner

  50. Where are the experts on Measure O?  I know it wasn’t about noise, but about traffic and planning. 

    Noise is no longer a real issue at the airport, in its current state at the airport.  As long as the curfew holds.

  51. #54 – Small Business Owner –

    It doesn’t seem, from your comments, that you know Steve Tedesco, or his record.  See Dallas 112263 above, where he talks about Steve Tedesco’s work to prevent a gross receipts business license tax;  Steve’s work to build the chamber over his tenure with the COMPAQ BBQ, and by helping other, minority Chambers of Commerce; His work to save the Boys and Girl’s Clubs of Silicon Valley; as a founding member of Christmas in the Park; and hundreds of other contributions to our community.  See Bridget’s comparison of the two, above – clearly Steve Tedesco’s record speaks of experience on the issues, as well as sticking with what he starts and doing the work. 
    Steve is not into self-aggrandizement; he is a person that has worked to build the organizations he has been involved with from the inside.  He left the Chamber better off when he left than when he started; the Boys and Girl’s Club is better off now than when he started, and I submit that that is the case with every endeavor he has been involved with, and it shows in his record.  And that is CERTAINLY something we need in City Hall right now!

  52. PLO came out of nowhere and seems to be hyping up his experience a little too much.  He is largely unknown, and he’s going for a council seat already?  This guy needs to be reeled in if you ask me.

    Steve has a lot of experience.  He’s going to have to work for his constituents if he gets in, or he’ll get booted out.  He’ll need to be on the side of the citizens who don’t want more airport noise or the curfew lifted, or he’ll get booted out.  Somehow I get a feeling that Steve is a sincere guy with good intentions, where PLO seems more of the self-serving type.

    Bottom line is just like the Merc has said.  D6 will be OK regardless of who gets elected, but I’d prefer to see Steve get in.

    Jean, Dutch had already retired when those 747’s mixed it up on that foggy runway and brought about his demise.  I think the airport relocation plan I spoke of was already history at that point, and he wasn’t involved anymore in an official capacity.

  53. Say what you want about Steve Tedesco, but bottomline he’s a decent guy who truly cares about SJ and has been more involved in trying to improve San Jose than any hi-tech carpet bagging sales man with a dubious track record of civic involvement. 

    I’m not a rah-rah chamber fan or a Tedesco backer, but at least Tedesco has a track record to look at (albeit being pro-business) vs. what? (some guy who aspires to be a pol after failing two times to get on the school board and selling lots of vapor-ware???).  Does Terry Gregory come to mind???  From the buzz I’ve been hearing,  my fellow Asian Voters aren’t going for it this time.  We want some substance at City Hall.

    Prediction for future Murk News Valley Section headline “Tedesco wins, Pitts for Oliverio!”

  54. Willow Glen Dad,

    Say or imply what you want about a person who has put their name in the political ring; but don’t bash women or others who have nothing to gain and are not running for office.  Just because a politician or graphic artist messed up a flyer!

    To imply the lady with children is cheating on her husband is very low class.  I don’t think she or the candidate were doing anything wrong in taking a picture.

  55. Hurrumff…

    Nice comment Jean, that about sums it up…

    District Six is fortunate to have such a high level of involvement in this campaign.

    From Citizen San Jose, a rather interesting blog….I thought that first tape was incomplete, sorta fizzeled out altoghether…or maybe I was glazed by then…

    So, without further needless comment or other Sunday Morning Drivel…

    This is part 2 of the District 6 candidate forum between Steve Tedesco and Pierluigi Oliverio. Moderated by San Jose Mercury News reporter Janice Rombeck the two candidates discussed topics ranging from the BAREC site, trees, development, and of course, “What would would you do with $10 Million dollars?”

    The “San Jose District 6 Leaders Group” and the Preservation Action Council of San Jose hosted the forum, which was held on Wednesday, January 31 @ 7:00 pm, at the United Way (1922 The Alameda).

    The next forums are:
    The WGNA will be hosting its official Candidate Forum on February 13, 2007, at the Willow Glen Baptist Church.

    And on February 27 another debate is scheduled at the Billy DeFrank Center at 7:30 – 9:00 pm (registration requested).

    IMPORTANT: For those that are new to Citizen San Jose, these recordings are presented without editing (other than adding a small introduction at the beginning) and is an accurate representation of what took place. This blog and the blog is completely neutral and is not an endorsement of any candidate or issue.

    This is a recording of that event.
    Audio recording provided by Citizen San Jose
    Date Recorded: 2007-01-31
    Recorded by Joe C.
    Phone 1*206*339*JOSE (206-339-5673)
    email: Citizensj ‘AT’

    Keep up to date by subscribing to this podcast (for free). Just cut and paste the following into your favorite podcatcher (i.e. iTunes )

    The above was cribbed in its entirety….


    Leave a comment

  56. Does anyone think Ken Yeager’s endorsement of PLO is going to improve his chances of getting elected? Ken didn’t care enough about District 6 to complete his term, voted along with Gonzales to waste millions of dollars & endorsed Cindy. PLO would have been better off sticking with his pretend family.

  57. Endorsements don’t mean much anymore—especially Ken’s for the reasons you site. As Cindy Chavez learned, endorsements are barely worth the paper they are printed on. Ken’s a nice guy but if PLO follows his lead we’ll have another enabler who would let a Gonzo type get away with what he wanted to. Not this time.

  58. #62- Mac,
    I would stilll like to know how Yeager won the Board of Supervisor’s seat. And no, I don’t think Yeager’s endorsement of PLO matters very much.
    I have been wondering what is wrong with voters these days. It seems they vote for candidates that either aren’t qualified, or lie.
    What’s up with that?

  59. #62- Mac,

    I would still like know when the idiocies of Expansionista’s campaign are going stop.  And how did a popular councilmember like Ken Yeager, who actually did fight against airport noise, rather than lying about it in his campaign literature, win a supervisor seat by a landslide?  Could it have been because he fought to protect the trees in Willow Glen with stricter fines before some idiot committed such a careless act, rather than groveling for votes at a neighborhood meeting after the fact?

    Really if endorsements don’t mean much anymore, why does Expansionista list Forest Williams?  After all isn’t Forest also endorsing Oliverio?

  60. #65_ Reed, Liccardo, Constant are both qualified, and experienced. I’ve never seen them lie either. Unlike Gonzo, Oliverio who lied about more than a fake photo and garbage deals. Oliverio is controllable, Tedesco isn’t, and hence Oliverio has more endorsements.
    Secondly, both of the women who ran for the same seat as Yeager were just as qualified, and experienced as Yeager, if not more so. LeZotte fought very hard for her district, and for our city. She did far more than Yeager did in her 8 years on the Council. One of her greatest attributes was that she held staff accountable. My what a concept!
    Residents of District 6 are wonderful examples of what all district residents need to do. They are educated on the issues, they VOTE, they get involved, and they study the candidates very carefully.
    I wish our District 9 voters were that dedicated to our community. My Council Person, Chirco is so un in touch with us, and our needs. She rarely takes an action to do anything. For example, my street is so heavily traveled that we have lots of accidents, hit and runs, property damage etc. I contacted Chirco and got the run a round. No action taken yet, but my neighbor who was recently rear ended, and injured by a hit and run driver, is still recovering from a serious injury. I guess if you’re not a member of PACT, you get nothing.

  61. #58 – Mark T,

    Lets try this again.  Regarding the Airport, Thank you for helping me understand it’s history more clearly.  I still think it is ironic that Dutch was interested in Airport issues while City Manager, and died in an Airplane accident on the runway… 
    I wanted to comment quickly on PLO’s statement on Unions, and pensions at the Jan 31st debate.  I will not comment on his beliefs – I think we need to hear more clearly from candidates running for office what they stand in, and if that is what PLO believes, regardless of my beliefs, bravo for coming out and saying it.  Since it was a strong statement, in what is still a UNION town, I think D6 residents ought to pay attention to how he responds after making that statement.  Does he continue maintain this stand, and restate his position as he said it at the Jan 31 debate?  Or does he change his position?  Does he state his position clearly as he did on Jan 31, or does he talk around the issue, clouding things up, so that you don’t have a clear picture of where he stands?  If he changes his position, then what is the reason for the position change?  This is where District 6 residents can see what type of Leader PLO will be as a Council Person.

  62. Clearly the Oliverio campaign is in trouble. When the name-calling begins (i.e. calling someone Expansionista) you know the wheels are starting to fall off.  Just ask Chavez. When her shills began their tirades on this site calling names and firing insults, they knew they were in trouble and the rest of us knew they were desperate. Oliverio better get a grip on his people fast before it is too late (it might already be too late).

  63. I would rather have someone in office that will tell me the truth, and his position up front, than someone who hides things, talks around issues, and adopts a position of no endorsements from organizations only after trying hard to get them.  Steve Tedesco will tell you what he thinks up front, but will also listen to you, and work to find a win-win.

  64. Well Jean, let’s go a step further and look at PO’s quote to The Resident ” I will not take $ or endorsements from unions or any other special interest groups because at the end of the day,I don’t want to be beholden to anyone”

    Why then would he interview for endorsements
    for 12 different groups including POA,Fire,Real Estate Board,Chamber of Commerce,Tricounty
    Appartment Owners+more if he says he will not accept them. He has since received the encdorsements from 5 of these groups but
    does not publicize this fact. In fact, the Retired
    Police and Fire is supporting PO to the tune of
    40 walkers and $ for expenses. No hint anywhere on his site/flyers of this alliance.
    Conflict of interest, PO warns of any candidate
    who takes $ and endorsements-because this assumes a payback is required……Huh ?

    Then what would you call the behavior of a candidate that takes from these interests but
    conceals it ???

  65. #70- I was at the forum, and I know what I heard coming out of Oliverio’s mouth. He said, “We need to get rid of Unions.” I’m sure he’ll reverse his comment on this because he blew it, and he knows it. Let’s hope Tedesco holds him to his statement, rather than letting Oliverio wiggle out of it with his boyish charm routine.
    I agree with Jean, and Restless, you District 6 folks need to be paying close attention in class because Oliverio is trying to sell you a lousy bill of goods.

    Well-said Trouble. I think that says it all…..

  66. Jean, Bridget & Restless,

    Listen to the podcast and get your facts straight.  Oliverio never said he wants to get rid of the unions and it was your own Expansionista that first suggested a 401K for city workers.

    Oliverio said we should be free of unions when making decisions about the city budget.  And he also said we should register unions as lobbyist.  Something your Expansionista,  doesn’t agree with.  This sounds right on the mark.

  67. #73 Bridget
    Why would you say “he said” that? Though you make quite a definitive statement, you are wrong.

    Though I would agree that we need to be free of unions, frankly.

  68. #75.

    I was there.  And here is Bridget posting about “misleading voters” “telling tall tales” (#25), and lies (#64).

    She goes on to say: “and I know what I heard coming out of Oliverio’s mouth. He said, “We need to get rid of Unions.”

    Bridget, if you are going to quote a candidate you oppose, and do it in such a way that you make it seem to be the 100% gospel truth “I know what I heard coming out of his mouth”, have the decency to get it correct.

    Otherwise, you are “misleading voters” and “telling tall tales”

    And like I said, I would agree that we need to be free of unions, frankly.

  69. Histrionics

    Why do you challenge this? Were you there to hear PO’s statements? You don’t disclose. Iwas
    not at this forum but have received a lot of
    feedback from those that were. You need to know that if Bridget’s quote was not accurate it was darn close,because this was the perception draw by those that I spoke to.
    Unions are the problem with San Jose, the cost
    overruns,the lack of business development and a drain on the city’s fiscal health.—-only paraphrasing here please—-but you can pick up his drift.

    What I don’t get is that he has any credibility left with PO making statements like this,all the
    while taking endorsements, aid and comfort from his sworn enemies————-Unions———-or could he be misleading us again ?

    Maybe Single Gal you can help us understand
    since you know his advisors.

    Hello————Single Gal where are you ?

  70. Histrionics- The only one spreading tall tales, and misleading voters is you. I stand by what I’ve written and said about Oliverio. I spoke to a retired Fire Fighter, the day after the forum. He told us that he wasn’t happy with Oliverio’s comments on Unions either. (He was there too!) He said he had a “word,” with Oliverio, and quote, “ put him straight.” Now who is the candidate between the two who is easily led…Oliverio that’s who!
    After reading many of your posts, I am reminded of some of the Mayor Watch Editors. The same defiant, fact less bloggers who liked making personal attacks on people, rather than participating in an honest exchange of facts and ideas. I’m Bridget, who are you,“Man of many names, and little to no facts.”

  71. #77, Bridget.  I have posted twice.  I don’t know how you can read so much into them.

    I will repeat myself.  Please Bridget, if you “quote” a candidate, actually quote what THEY SAID. 

    How do you find something wrong with that?

    You can hear it here:

  72. Histrionics

    Here,here !  Why must you shoot the messenger just because you don’t like the message and why do you quibble with everything?

    If the quote is your issue move on. but this candidate’s behavior is clear. Double Talk.

    You say that you agree with PO and wish to be “free of Unions” . What exactly do you two mean by that, no unions at all or no influence
    over city decisions, retirement benefits discussions. What is it you mean ?

    This way maybe we all can get a straight answer from you, one that we are desparetly seeking from your candidate but never are able to get from him ?

    Can you help us out here instead of nipping at

    Thank you

  73. Thank you Restless Native. Well done.

    #79-  Oliverio? Is that you? Whomever you are, I was never one who enjoyed a dancing partner with two left feet. I was at the forum, and I heard Oliverio being questioned after the forum, by equally angered citizens. I don’t need to restate what I heard, or listen to any tape to know I have integrity, and am honestly stating the facts as I know them.
    You need to follow your own advice and speak the truth yourself. Having said that, I will no longer be responding to you Mr. Nameless. I have more important things to do than quibble with misinformation, and an Oliverio supporter who won’t disclose who you really are.
    My hope is that District 6 voters are paying close attention to Oliverio’s actions, and not his big promises. City employees contribute more than half to their retirement benefits; invest well, and ARE NOT draining the City’s budget, as Oliverio claims. Poor choices, bad spending habits, too many high priced outside consultants are what is draining the City’s budget. Not convinced? Read Mr. Campbell’s Billion Dollar Lie parts 1 and 2!

  74. For everyone else trying to figure out the plot of this soap opera drama, this is the classic schoolyard tale Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!set in San Jose’s District 6.  This has been a preview of the film that will be premiering at Cinequest 2007 later this month.

    Directed by Single Gal

    The Cast
    Restless Native played by Steve Tedesco
    Bridget in San Jose played by Karen Tedesco
    Histrionics played by Pierluigi Oliverio
    Denelle Fedor play by Denelle Fedor

  75. And number 81 playing the Court Jester, banned from the Kingdom for trying to take a serious issue and turn it into a comic routine fit for the ignorant, and disinterested masses. Long may he rein in Never Never Land~

  76. #79 Doesn’t it concern you that Bridget will put words in a candidate’s mouth?  Certainly not the integrity I look for when considering someone’s opinions. 

    I simply ask that this not be done.

    To answer your question, in the context of the question asked at the forum, I agree with both Oliverio and Tedesco, we need to be free of the baseline union retirement package when dealing with new employees added to the city payroll.  I like Tedesco’s idea of moving towards a defined contribution, like a 401K, rather than a defined benefit.  Oliverio also said that, “if you’re joining the city tomorrow, I would like you to have a 401K, and I’ll match it”  Both good ideas, that free us of the huge bubble that is looming over the horizon.

    Now, based solely upon my previous posts, how can you surmise who I would support?  Again, I was clearly pointing out Bridget’s misrepresentations, which bothered me, that’s all, and her “histrionics” on points, hence the non de plume.

    I have likes and dislikes about both candidates.  With Pieruigi, normal residents would have accessibility, he does not have the “old boy’s network” that have permeated City Hall for so long.  With Tedesco’s “long history”, many “non-D6” people can cut to the front of the line.  And, it seems like some think this is a coronation, that he deserves this.  On the other hand, I do like what he has done with Christmas in the Park, and I understand he has been involved with the Boys and Girls Club.  We really need some attention to the activities and after school programs in D6, and he would be strong here.

    Though Pierliugi doesn’t have a long history, I don’t think it takes a whole lot to be a councilperson.  I think Pierliugi would be very strong on constituent services, which, was one of Yeager’s finest points.  That’s why he was overwhelmingly voted in as supervisor.  D6 loved him.  He was our mini-mayor for neighborhood issues.  Yeager pointed out that he thinks Pierluigi would put the time in needed to be a good councilperson.

    Bridget, you complain about your poor constituent response in D9, and that would never happen with Yeager.  But why would you move onto a big street then complain about how heavily traveled it is, and that traffic accidents occur?  These things happen.  People need to drive to places. 

    The most troubling thing for me about Tedesco is the Airport, and his commitment to neighborhood issues.  The links posted by others on this blog were quite eye opening to say the least (#42, #66) .  I would venture you don’t get to be an airport commissioner by being an strong advocate for the surrounding neighborhoods.  That really worries me.  And with supporters like Bridget who say we need and larger airport at any cost – damn the neighborhoods!…..  If that’s Tedesco’s position, then my absentee ballot goes to Oliverio.

    I want to know what they will do for our neighborhoods and the D6 constituents.  The recent forum was a bust.  Not many D6 specific issues discussed.  I look forward to the Willow Glen Forum.  Let’s talk traffic calming, Airport expansion history/future, gang prevention, business development, infill housing opinions.

  77. #83:  Clearly you are walking around in never-never land with #81.  You seem to be convoluting and twisting statements by Bridget and others to push your agenda.  “Being free of”, and “getting rid of”, don’t amount to the huge discrepancy you are trying to place on Bridget.  Moving into a neighborhood with a heavily travelled street, and complaining about the lack of traffic enforcement is a legitimate concern.  There are no streets that I know of, that are recieving proper traffic enforcment, or “traffic calming”,  because that department is underfunded, and understaffed.  Call the Police Traffic Enforcement Unit – they will tell you themselves.  As for Council Member Chirco’s lack of response to such a serious issue, I know Bridget’s statement is the truth.  I work with neigborhood groups in District 9 on many issues, and Chirco is definitely not in Ken Yeager’s league.  You are right – Ken did a great job representing District 6. 
    At no time did Bridget say “expanding the airport at any cost” was acceptable to her. We are a city that has way outgrown the small airport we once had, and unfortunately, we have to grow to meet our city’s needs.  The real issue, I think you are missing here, is the deception with which PLO is conducting his campaign.  He is a real salesman, and if nothing else, entertaining. 
    You can vote for who you want, and you are entitled to your opinions, but you have made some very misleading statements throughout this blog.  If you really do care about the facts, try reading people’s comments over.  Maybe then you’ll see the light.

  78. Thanks Jean. I think that District 6 will have to suffer greatly if Oliverio wins. But sometimes people must learn the hard way.
    I am proud to say I never voted for Chirco for District 9, either time she ran. I do the best I can to educate myself on candidates and not just through bloggs! I speak with women’s groups, non-profit organizations, and when possible, the candidate themselves.
    I have spoken to both Oliverio, and Tedesco numerous times, and if I were in District 6, Tedesco would get my vote hands down above Oliverio. Why, because Tedesco isn’t telling people what they want to hear, Oliverio is. District 3 residents saw through him, and that is why he lost that Council race. Smart people!
      I don’t agree with Tedesco on gay marriage, but he’s entitled to his own personal opinion I have seen his work at the Boys and Girls Club. I am in awe of the way he has brought that club back to life. He has kept those kids from crime, gangs, and loneliness. To me, that is worth respecting him regardless of our differing on gay marriage. Tedesco doesn’t make grand promises like Oliverio; he’s too busy working in the community to make things better.

  79. In todays WG resident newspaper there is an article on the cory debate that makes you wonder if Tedesco should even be running the boys and girls club.  I dont know him, but his behavior doesnt seem appropriate for an executive director of a childrens afterschool program. 

    “Every time Tedesco had the microphone in his hand, he had something negative to say. It was this continuous jabbing like poking a bruise over and over again

  80. When faced with an empty suit like Olivieri, the highly qualified Tedesco has no choice but to start poking holes in this guys flimsy resume. Olivieri is obviously very good at self promotion but is not good when it comes to actually backing-up that self promotion with factual experience. Tedesco offers decades of community experience, there is no debate about that. Groups he has been involved with know him, have seen him at meetings, and he has results from his activities. Olivieri lists all kinds of involvement yet people from those groups don’t know who he is. The list of questions about him goes on and on.
    There is nothing negative in pointing out the lack of truthful substance about your opponent. If you want to hide your head in the sand and pretend, the Olivieri is your guy. As for me, I’m going with documented, proven experience – and that is Tedesco.

  81. #86- Everytime Tedesco had the mike in his hand he told the truth. Facts don’t change because we don’t want to hear them, or don’t like the way they’re delivered. Number 87 is 100% correct. Oliverio is trying to inflate his community involvement, and his experience.
    As for the Boys and Girls Club, if Tedesco had’t stepped in when he did, it would be gone~

  82. ” Negative campaigning is trying to win an advantage by referring to negative aspects of an opponent or of a policy rather than emphasizing one’s own positive attributes or preferred policies. “

    In the broadest sense, the term covers ANY rhetoric which refers to any opponent, if only by way of contrast which is what Tedesco is doing

    These are not mean spirited attacks as frequently happens in political campaigns but questions that properly clarifying or question Olivieri’s own stated record of community involvement which is the main platform which he is running on

    Many community groups have never seen him until he started running and he seems to takes greater credit for activities taht what actually happened

    What was his actual community participation in each group and what did he do are valid questions for voters and Tedesco to ask

  83. Pointing out the differences between you and your opponent is not negative campaigning in the sense that people are trying to make it sound.  It is smart campaigning.  As a sales/marketing guy, Oliverio should know better – that is an effective sales technique.  The fact that he is trying to characterize what Tedesco is doing as ‘negative campaigning’ tells us that not only is it effective, but he is worried enough about it that he is trying to combat it. 
    Don’t be fooled; Oliverio will not just go negative, but he will sling mud when he thinks it’s time.

  84. Nothing that has been written here comes close to the vitriolic tirades of DB and RC. They are gone but not forgotten.

  85. Great Ideas seem to spring once again from this blog!

    “register unions as lobbyist”

    Reed should include this in his reforms!  After all, that’s where all the big $ and shoe leather in this city come from. Just ask any of the present, bought and paid for council members how they got there.

  86. The most important thing we need to do in the District 6 City Council election is to carefully look at the candidates and their experience.  I myself look for Leadership qualities and a record of accomplishments.

    Mr. Tedesco’s latest comparison chart of accomplishments was just stating the facts.  Where are Mr. Oliverio’s Leadership ablities?  Has he ever taken on this kind of a role?  He was a paid staff member for Measure E, not a community leader for the bond issue.  He may be a good sales person but other than that what can he do for our district?

    Why hasn’t Mr. Oliverio made any corrections to the comparison chart.  Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t have anything to offer?

    The budget that the council oversees is in the billions of dollars.  For me, I’m voting for experience and leadership!  My vote is going to Mr. Tedesco.

  87. Isn’t anyone troubled to know that Pierluigi Oliverio is supported by Labor, and those supporting labor, but at the same time, is saying the city needs to be “free of Unions”?  That is a direct contradiction.  To be supported by the very folks that he says he wants the city to “be free” of should raise some very serious questions by District 6 residents, questions that he has not yet answered. 
    Another point: if he is willing to take support from Labor and Labor supporters, and turn around and advocate for the City being “Free of Unions”, then how are District 6 residents and neighborhood groups going to believe him when he makes promises to them?  He is already telling you he will be ok with lying to someone.  Question for District 6 is, “will he lie to Labor, or will he lie to us”?

  88. To #94 et al

    Your skepticism of unions is refreshing and more than well founded. However the wolf in sheeps clothing is starting to be revealed. You
    can check Mr Oliverio’s flyers and the public
    record to find out that he is endorsed and financially supported by:

    Assn of Retired SJ Police & Fire Political Action
    Commitee( They are wanting an increase in their benefits from the City Council this year)


    Democratic Central Commitee(Tantamount to
    Labor’s endorsement-but they won’t go public)

    At the same time PO proclaims at the PACT forum that the city needs to be “free of Unions”—wink,wink

    Not to mention endorsements from the coverboys of labor Yeager,Beall,Vasconcellos
    and many more.

    You tell me the message that labor is sending
    here *endorse but don’t tell* and maybe no one will figure it out in the next 4 weeks, we may just pull it off.** Beware of Labor, as you say, but beware of the sheep—he may not be
    what he seems.