Silicon Valley Community Foundation Names New Vice President of Donor Services

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which parted ways with its two top officials this past spring over claims of pervasive sexual harassment, has named a new executive to oversee philanthropy services.

Casey Kellogg, who has spent a decade at the fundraising juggernaut, began her new role as vice president of donor engagement and services on June 4, the nonprofit announced earlier this week. In her new position, Kellogg will primarily manage employees who work directly with donors, which include many of Silicon Valley’s tech elite.

Before her promotion, Kellogg served as a senior philanthropy advisor. And before joining the foundation in 2008, she worked for the nonprofit TheatreWorks in Palo Alto.

“I am thrilled to have Casey as a partner in leading our work with donors," Misti Sangani, chief donor engagement and services officer, said in a news release announcing the promotion. “In her tenure, Casey has applied a donor lens to our work, ensuring efficiency is achieved while providing customer service with grace and respect. This experience will serve [the foundation] well for many years to come.”

The Silicon Valley foundation faced a donor exodus this past April after an investigative report by the Chronicle of Philanthropy exposed one of its top fundraisers, Mari Ellen Loijens, as an alleged bully and serial sexual harasser. Loijens resigned amid backlash from donors, who threatened to withdraw assets from the $13.5 billion fund.

Former and current staffers accused Loijens of demeaning and bullying them, making lewd comments at work and, at least once, trying to kiss a female subordinate.

Community Foundation CEO Emmett Carson was placed on leave soon after. Employees accused him of turning a blind eye to the alleged abuse because Loijens brought so much money to the foundation.


  1. > Silicon Valley Community Foundation Names New Vice President of Donor Services

    I’m sure Casey is a wonderful person, but my life will likely go on just fine even if I didn’t know this.

    Frankly, SJI is getting a bit boring and milquetoast. I’m not trying to be a bomb-thrower, but how about something to provoke a little community discussion around here. Oh, say . . .

    > “The California state Senate’s debate and vote on a controversial bill banning so-called conversion therapy has been delayed due to public outcry against the legislation, sources say.”
    . . .
    > “This has been one of the most controversial bills that we’ve seen in California in the five years I’ve been at California Family Council,” said Jonathan Keller, the organization’s president.

  2. What are the combined total salaries and benefits of all these VPS and “officer” of this and “ officer” of that?

    • I would like to know, too. How much donor money is spent on administration and fund raiseing?
      Thank you.

      • There’s a lot of money to be made as a non-profit executive. The high salaries assure the entity remains unprofitable. The CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank is paid several hundred thousand dollars a year in salary and benefits.

  3. This is a bigger scam than anything Tiano did back when the DA ran him into the ground. they got Tiano on the “fraudulent telefunding”
    this new foundation funding is just an even bigger scam. there is nothing “philanthropic” about this group.
    This is the type of nonsense we have had to deal with since the D3 failed to vote Dennis Kyne in 12 years ago.
    We lose the “Hammer” theatre, but we get nonsense like this running amok.

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