Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Forms Task Force to Combat Right-Wing Terrorism

Less than a week after mob of insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overturn the presidential election results, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office announced today that they’re “assembling a special task force to combat right-wing terrorists.”

“The task force will be comprised of Sheriff’s deputies, detectives and other law enforcement personnel to investigate any right-wing terrorists or terrorist groups that have any intention on harming public officials, destroying government facilities or putting our community at-risk,” the department said in a Tuesday afternoon news release.

The Sheriff’s Office asks residents to call its anonymous tip line at 408.808.4431 or its public line at 408.808.4400 to report information related to right-wing terrorism in Santa Clara County. The Sherriff’s Office can also be contacted by email at [email protected].

The department will also be working with the FBI and the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center. Information can be forwarded to the department’s federal partners by visiting


  1. Excellent news. Right wing criminals aka white people are responsible for 99.9% of the violence, murders, rapes, Mayor’s house vandalism that happens in San Jose and Santa Clara. Will this task force aid Antifa and BLM when they beat up conservatives, white business owners who dare to oppose their businisses being burned and looted, Trumpers or anybody perceived as right wing? I believe this task force should round up anybody who is not a BLM or Antifa supporters and put them in re-education and hard labor camps. If they won’t deny their whiteness and conservatorism they should be executed at San Pedro Square.

  2. How about a task force to investigate what has been happening at San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo’s house on a repetitive basis?

  3. I guess left wing terrorism isn’t a problem. Maybe they should check with Portland and Seattle? Of course, the media is burying the violence that is happening on a regular basis to Mayor Sam Liccardo’s house. Not one local politician has spoken out against the violence. It looks like the new County head was brave enough to denounce the violence at the Capitol, however.

  4. And, where do you think these guys got the idea that it was OK to storm a government building? Perhaps look to Seattle and Portland where NOTHING was done to reign in this type of anarchy for months. “Summer of Love”. I am not surprised.

  5. Please do not call the Sheriffs anonymous tip line if you hear about any left wing terrorism threats, they are only asking for tips on right wing terrorism threats.

  6. How is it possible you people think this is a good idea?

    How can people who took the same civics classes I took can cheer for this?

    What are you itching for, a Domestic War on Terror?

    Conservatively 60M people displaced, 800K killed, and trillions squandered on that first ne-con adventure.

    Now you want to point that weapon into your own backyard.

    Wars on Terrorism create far more terrorists, you realize that, no?

    Did you not learn anything since 2001, from Dubya?

  7. Well said Don….

    “How about a task force to investigate what has been happening at San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo’s house on a repetitive basis?”

    Hopefully the Sheriff’s Department will do the right thing and go after the BAD APPLES in any movement or organization that is causing problems (Breaking the Law) in Santa Clara County.

    But let’s be honest folks…. District Attorney Jeff Rosen will selectively enforce the law in a matter that politically benefits his run for State Attorney General.

    The Bad Apples at Liccardo’s house must be held accountable for what they did below….

    1.) Death Threats
    2.) Assault and Battery
    3.) Arson
    4.) Vandalism (Liccardo’s house and all of the Superior Court Buildings Downtown)
    5.) Trespassing
    6.) ………… I am sure there are a dozen more laws that where broken…….

    Do the crime….do the crime…. Whoever you are…


    Civil and Peaceful…..

    Then the bad apples wrecked it all….. Those are the same Dbags (Bad Apples / Agitators) that are assaulting reporters and freelance journalist that are filming??

    Then they celebrate with a Bonfire in the Mayors front yard….????

    We must hold people accountable for their bad behavior no matter what side of the issue they are on.

    You gonna “bark” District Attorney Jeff Rosen or are you gonna “bite”? I thought Arson was a crime???? Assault????? Death Threats?????? What kind of DA’s office are you running????…. Maybe the Feds need to step in and do your JOB?? Truth Hurts.

    Let see if the Sheriff can really weed out these “Problems” in our County….

  9. Don’t you just love it.

    “LAW AND ORDER” conservatives caught promoting criminal activity now claim that they are discriminated against for their conduct.

    Just like Parler which looks like they might have to cooperate with the feds to avoid being charged with conspiring to commit felony murder regarding the assault on the Capitol.

    And they claimed they would preserve privacy of their users.

    But unlike section 230, CRIMINAL charges are allowed to be enforced on Parler.

    And since 80 TB of postings are now in the public, the real “slaughter” begins, but for committing violation after violation of the terms of service with AMAZON and facilitating criminal actions.

    They are going to throw their users under the bus when they are confronted with at least 15-20 years in prison.

    Just look at the DOJ announcement found here “US Attorney: Looking at sedition and conspiracy case” ( And the reporting “Prosecutors weigh ‘heavy hammer’ — felony murder — for rioters in Capitol officer’s death” found here (

    It is going to unfold, especially after Jan 21

  10. Yet BLM and Antifa used and continue to use Twitter and FB to organize hundreds of riots and attacks that resulted in billions of dollars in damages of businesses, private residences and federal buildings. These riots caused thousands of violent assaults on bystanders and multiple murders of both civilians, law enforcement and federal agents. Facebook took pride in helping with organizing violent uprisings in the Middle East, uprisings that caused tens of thousands of deaths. Yet you choose to go after the obscure and new app Parler and completely ignore the rest. Your bias is shocking.

  11. Scott,

    Please provide PROOF of your claim? That is all I ask. In other words, show the EXACT same behavior that users of of FB and Twitter did that is THE SAME as Parler. I would equally demand the same treatment. However, BLM and AntiFa NEVER attacked the Capitol, nor is their any reports of any police being murdered.

    There has been a lot of accusations, including postings of cities on fire, but so far not much in the way of POLICE reports. But remember when Trump had the protests tear gassed in DC? Simply so he could get a picture taken of himself holding a bible upside down?

    As far as OBSCURE, since it was the “Top” app in the market it was far from obscure.

    Finally, to use a real 60 Min correspondents name in place of your real one seems very disingenuous.

    Amazon already filed their lawsuit response to Parler, and it really indicated that Parler was given warnings for months. And the agreement included an immediate “suspension” clause, that Parler’s attorneys probably knew about.

  12. Except for Goldstein, the above “contributors” appear to have ingested hallucinogens of some sort or another. This intensifies the race-laced fear and aggression they feel and express. Of course, not a one of them can ground anything they say in any substantial evidence or in a coherent reality.

    For example, consider a study undertaken by a somewhat reputable think tank on the question of the domestic “terrorism” problem confronting the U.S. ( It covers a period of more than a quarter-century (1994-2020), mostly before the Trump phenomenon. Anyone remember the Michigan Militia ( Or the Oklahoma City bombing at a federal building (

    A few key excerpts from that study: “[F]ar-right terrorism has significantly outpaced terrorism from other types of perpetrators, including from far-left networks and individuals inspired by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Right-wing attacks and plots account for the majority of all terrorist incidents in the United States since 1994, and the total number of right-wing attacks and plots has grown significantly during the past six years. Right-wing extremists perpetrated two thirds of the attacks and plots in the United States in 2019 and over 90 percent between January 1 and May 8, 2020…

    “…Between 1994 and 2020, there were 893 terrorist attacks and plots in the United States. Overall, right-wing terrorists perpetrated the majority—57 percent—of all attacks and plots during this period, compared to 25 percent committed by left-wing terrorists, 15 percent by religious terrorists, 3 percent by ethnonationalists, and 0.7 percent by terrorists with other motives.”

    The historical record and evidence indicate that violent attacks are much more likely to come from the likes of the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, Boogaloo Bois and Patriot Prayer than from the Antifa and BLM boogeymen conjured up by the right-wing echo chamber ( Given the above, a rational plan to combat violent extremists would focus more than twice the time and resources on right-wing threats relative to left-wing threats and about four times the resources relative to religious extremist threats.

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) concurs with such an assessment: “Among Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs), racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists—specifically white supremacist extremists (WSEs)—will remain the most persistent and lethal threat in the Homeland. Spikes in other DVE threats probably will depend on political or social issues that often mobilize other ideological actors to violence, such as immigration, environmental, and police-related policy issues. WSEs have demonstrated longstanding intent to target racial and religious minorities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, politicians, and those they believe promote multi-culturalism and globalization at the expense of the WSE identity. Since 2018, they have conducted more lethal attacks in the United States than any other DVE movement…” (

    The DHS, in other words, was crystal clear about the possibilities and potential for a violent mob attack against public facilities and institutions in DC and elsewhere no later than October 2020. So was the FBI in the days and weeks prior to the “White” riot in DC ( Keep your eyes and ears focused on information as it comes out as to who was responsible for the lack of security and for the apparent cooperation the mob received from at least some elements of the Capitol and/or DC police forces prior to and during January 6, as well as participation from elements of active police and military elements (;

    Only Mr. Goldstein’s comments increase light and reduce heat. The rest of the “contributors” are Trumpists, right-wing libertarians (i.e. proto-fascists) and/or crypto-fascists seeking to deflect attention from, and ideologically rationalize, the past and future actions of the mobs fomenting violence and racially-motivated civil war in the streets.

  13. In Portland this week, a Jewish restaurant was vandalized with anti-Israeli graffiti.

    Also, the flagship Powell’s Bookstore in Portland was forced to shutdown, at least temporarily, because of protests that it is selling online (but not on the shelves of its massive store that subsumes an entire city block) a book critical of Antifa.

    These are Nazi-style tactics on the left.

    Committed this week.

  14. Steven,

    “There has been a lot of accusations, including postings of cities on fire, but so far not much in the way of POLICE reports”. So police precincts, businesses, residential buildings, courthouses, statues, cars…being set on fire by Antifa and BLM are just a lie. That’s what you are saying. Your credibility is gone right there.

    Regarding Police officers being murdered, you also lie. 2 in Vegas, well one is a vegetable, the other is in a grave, David Dorn, a federal agent in Oakland and multiple cops shot at or assaulted and mutilated for life. Bit since no cities were set on fire, obviously the dead cops are a myth, too

  15. Econoclast, as much as you like to push your agenda, you forget the biggest threat to this country, the people responsible for millions of deaths abroad of both locals and American citizens. Obama, Bidens, Clintons, Bushes, and all their cronies and war loving corporations that pull their strings. Whatever some redneck boogyman crew does, it will never come close to the damage inflicted by those crooks. On January 20th, let’s start the countdown to a new war. It will not take long, and all of you supporting the evil establishement, both sides of it, have blood on your hands

  16. Don,

    Protests are not force, just protests, the owner chose to shutdown and tried to put the blame on others. There was no actions to either threaten or invade the store. The Author was ASSAULTED and I want those responsible to be arrested and prosecuted. However, there have been a lot of cases of “FAKE” AntiFa people committing crimes, like property damage.

    As far as the Isreali Restaurant is concerned so far not evidence has yet been presented to establish either BLM or AntiFa was involved. And speaking for myself a jewish by family person, the methods used by Isreal to make life a living hell for the Palestinians that is still happening since they took over the land is horrendous. I do not support terrorism, but the mistreatment the Palestinians have had for more than 70 years just doesn’t make me a supporter of the Isreali Jews, even though my family is there.


    As far as David Dorn is concerned, there are people ARGUING it had to do with BLM or AntiFa activism. BUT there has been NO LINK or EVIDENCE to say they were connected. It is a TEMPORAL assumption, that has no proof at all yet. And you also forgot to mention he was not a WHITE officer, he was a retired black officer. This was an ARMED ROBBERY and nothing more.

    What you are doing is simply repeating others information with no real evidence. I read the story on the CNN Website and again it is only discussing that the crime occurred in TEMPORAL proximity of the protests.

    But there was no social media postings promoting the shooting of a police officer, and you know it. The postings have yet to establish that BLM or AntiFa was suggesting to take ANY violent acts.

    But Donald Trump and his friends did so, it was on Twitter, Parler, and captured in the News on January 6.

    Please provide some evidence that BLM nor AntiFa EVER instructed anyone to damage property, hurt anyone, or try to take over the government?

    By the way, Trump is now being impeached AGAIN. And when the next Senate takes over, he WILL be impeached, unless Mitch McConnel does it before Jan 20.

    All of this is a distraction because Trump is Guilty of possible Conspiracy to commit felony homicide, and since it has no statute of limitations, he is likely to be charged sometime after Jan 21.

  17. The murder of David Dorn was broadcasted live on Facebook. The store was looted because all the stores on the street were looted by BLM. If they had no riots there, the store would have not been looted and Dorn would have been alive. Just like if Trump did not have his rally on the 6th, the Capitol would have not been ransacked. Dorn’s race is a non factor. Loss of life is loss of life. What’s up with the woke people obsession with race? That is actually racism, labeling people by their skin color. You also ignored the murders of the other cops I mentioned, the double shooting of the cops sitting in their car, etc.

    There is plenty of evidence, public videos not only of BLM leaders and Antifa leaders encouraging violence, arson and looting but also far left politicians such as AOC, Waters, Pelosi, and even President Harris encouraging harassment, violence and rioting. There is also evidence in plain sight of BLM and Antifa organizing violence protests, doxing people on Twitter amd FB. Go see! The posts are up and the accounts are allowed there just fine. If you don’t admit the bias you are lying to yourself

  18. Scott,

    Saying there is and providing the proof are 2 different things. You claim plenty of evidence, give us a link to it please. Here is Donald Trump ( Look at what Rudy Giuliani said here (

    Now there is evidence that the GOP may have actively helped the attack from CNN “‘Stop the Steal’ organizer says GOP lawmakers helped him” (

    Please provide something regarding your claims. Simply put, show us a link to a FB or a Twitter that is the same as what Rudy and Donald did?

  19. Just an update on what I reported above regarding the relative level and degree of threats posed by the right and left. During the quarter-century 1994-2020, right extremists were responsible for 57 percent of violent attacks in the U.S. But in the Trump era, their share of violent attacks has increased (as has that for left extremists). Here are the results for 2020, Trumps last full year in office:

    “[W]hite supremacists and other like-minded extremists conducted 67 percent of terrorist plots and attacks in the United States in 2020. They used vehicles, explosives, and firearms as their predominant weapons and targeted demonstrators and other individuals because of their racial, ethnic, religious, or political makeup—such as African Americans, immigrants, Muslims, and Jews. Second, there was a rise in the number of anarchist, anti-fascist, and other like-minded attacks and plots in 2020 compared to previous years, which comprised 20 percent of terrorist incidents (an increase from 8 percent in 2019). These types of extremists used explosives and incendiaries in the majority of attacks, followed by firearms. They also targeted police, military, and government personnel and facilities. Third, far-left and far-right violence was deeply intertwined—creating a classic “security dilemma.”6 Since it is difficult to distinguish between offensive and defensive weapons, armed individuals from various sides reacted to each other during protests and riots, and each side’s efforts to protect itself and acquire weapons generally threatened others” (

    Those who insist on pointing at trees (e.g. recent incidents in Portland, incidents in Minneapolis in May/June, etc.) are intentionally missing the forest (aggregated data and evidence for the country as a whole over long stretches of time).

  20. Scott,

    Saying there is and providing the proof are 2 different things. You claim plenty of evidence, give us a link to it please. Here is Donald Trump ( Look at what Rudy Giuliani said here (

    Now there is evidence that the GOP may have actively helped the attack from CNN “‘Stop the Steal’ organizer says GOP lawmakers helped him” (

    Please provide something regarding your claims. Simply put, show us a link to a FB or a Twitter that is the same as what Rudy and Donald did?


    I won’t argue you are unintelligent or poorly read, but frequently you fail to see the forest for the trees.

    CSIS is a intersection point for neo-libs and neo-cons to provide cover for their outrageous self-dealing. “Think Tank” is a meme spawned from Russell Conjugates and Orwellian Doublespeak, I am shocked to read in pages of this blog, you of all people site statistics from a “Think Tank.” Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    The facts of the matter are this:

    Post-Volckerism and Clintonian-globalism the working class has had the lower rungs of advancement ripped away from them and the middle class has been stuck in rinse/repeat fleecing by the uber rich Ruling Class. The promise of a Knowledge Worker economy was always a lie that was crafted and sold by “Think Tanks” and their BS statistics. And now we have massive suffering in cities and rural areas who live in third world conditions, sometimes worse.

    I am pro-Soldier and anti-War, as are a significant portion of the US population. I want Americans to do better, not because I don’t like non-Americans, its that I know problems need to be bounded, you can’t boil the ocean. While we seem to have enough money for endless wars and bailing out large banks to vacuum up middle class homes, we don’t have enough to offer healthcare and ensure that we are least helping American’s achieve some sort of decent life that isn’t dependent on next week’s check from the Fed. Which frequently doesn’t arrive.

    Both parties are to blame on this, no doubt. Once Clinton and Carvel crossed the Rubicon and made the DNC/DLC the dominate branch of the Dem Party, the US was ruled by a anti-American, War Pig ideology as slime balls from both parties lined up at the trough. Much of that transfer of power was done within the boundaries of DC, memo’ed up by “Think Tanks” such as CSIS.

    Trump, for all his faults, was the anti-“Think Tank” and this is why he absolutely crushed the GOP establishment. People do not want to fight wars in places they know nothing about, will never go. People don’t want to compete for a $15/hour job with the world’s most desperate and willing workers. People don’t want to bail out billionaires then turn around to foreclose on mom and pop.

    But what happened after Trump got elected? The people that have been raping America for 50 years attacked the Deplorables, attacked Trump, attacked logic, attacked truth. And what’s most shocking is once the large corporations, that are doing real damage to the entire society financially, socially, and politically, began censoring voices the Left cheered them on and asked for more.

    You may be absolutely sure that there was no fraud in the 2020 election, that the dominion machines are the only un-hackable computer systems on the planet, that introducing a new, easily corrupted system of mail-in voting had no “widespread” irregulates, and think that courts refusing to hear cases means there was no evidence or what ever evidence was there was “debunked.”

    Many, like 50% (more than voted for Trump) think otherwise.

    So lets summarize:

    The Ruling Class have been screwing you for 50 years (really more as the attacks on Unions started in the 1960s to the point your kids no longer want to have kids, can’t get jobs, and turn to drugs, porn and video games in despair.

    The Ruling Class sends our kids off to war to kill, die, lose friends, and get maimed for what? Freedom, patriotism, God, County, Duty? In Yemen? Syria? Somalia? Libya?

    The Ruling Class screws up and implodes the economy and Obama presides over 11M foreclosures, 4M, 13M I have heard many numbers, but the point remains.

    The Ruling Class gets rich off the slowest recovery in history from houses they bought from the foreclosures they caused.

    The Ruling Class circles the wagons once the “Deplorables” muster enough votes to put in this grenade of a President in office and spend his first 3 years making up BS to try to impeach him.

    The Ruling Class relentlessly censors dissident voices and then for the coup de grâce, de-platforms their champion across all social media within a span of hours while their servitors in the House impeach Trump for nothing the second time.

    Trump got ~63M votes in 2016 and ~74M votes in 2020, that’s 9M more than Clinton and Obama got. After all this Pee Dossier, Mueller, Ukraine, Kavanaugh BS train, and his very real missteps on Healthcare. And even though I don’t think a President can do much with Rona, I can understand that many blame him for that too. Take a step back and think how 2020 went as well. You won the Presidency by 40,000 votes that matter, have a tie in the Senate, and lost seats in the House. I’d call that an un-mandate. And now are calling for massive tax-hikes in a pandemic caused recession, gun-grabs, no-fly listing of US Citizens and Impeaching a President who has 8 days left in office. You are the dictionary definition of Over-reach. And all this power you are giving yourself is one bad election year away from going over to the GOP or worse a much more effective, competent Trump-like figure.

    Just look at your handle, ECONOCLAST, a not so clever take on Iconoclast. And you are SHILLING for them, endlessly. Citing a Think Tank? What? Ignoring 74M voters concerns on the vote because it their race, censoring them, castrating Trump, ramping up a War on Domestic Terrorism will not make things better. Actually it will only make the crazies garner more sympathy.

    You are a disgrace to yourself.

  22. SJ Kulak,

    Simply put, BIDEN got 80+ million votes.

    Georgia has 2 DEMOCRATIC senators for the first time perhaps since the Civil War era.

    Getting people to vote for you ois a SALES pitch, which Trump is a pro at.

    He uses scapegoating and hatred to get people to agree with him, NOT that he has any particular problem solving skills.

    The fact was he rode the Obama recovery until he had to take the steering wheel regarding COVID and FAILED miserably.

    I think he may wind up being charged with involuntary manslaughter due to his recognized knowledge of the COVID problem in the interview in January, but in the end let more than 300,000 people die on his watch.

    So lets hold him properly accountable and not get distracted from the delusions of winnig, only because a “snapshot” looks good.

  23. Meanwhile organized crime runs amok in Santa Clara County. I have been on paid administrative leave thanks to taxpayer $ since October 17, 2019. I am not bragging; I am disgusted and you should be too. I am a Management Analyst in the County’s Social Services Agency and have also long served as a whistleblower against official misconduct and wrongdoing. I have repeatedly asked DA Jeff Rosen to investigate documented evidence of perjury, bribery, coercion/extortion, criminal conspiracy, and misuse of Federal, State, and County funds, including MediCal. Sadly, Jeff Rosen does not give a damn. Those members of this County’s crime ring include County Crime Boss Jeff Smith, Social Services Agency Director Robert Menicocci, James Ramoni, Mary Ann Warren, Terri Possley, Renae Bhader, Kingston Lum, Matthew Cottrell and Jeff Gaskill. They are obsessed with perpetrating organized crime in contempt of County taxpayers, County workers and the public welfare. It is fine to investigate all potential leads in regards to domestic terrorism no matter the political leanings. I am a victim of age discrimination, which is epidemic in the Social Services Agency, as well as vitriolic whistleblower retaliation, as well as fearful for my life and that of my wife (Maria Hernanez). Please check out her website and learn more about County corruption under Crime Boss Jeff Smith. What I am saying is organized crime by highly paid County official must not be tolerated by you, the public.

  24. Mr. Goldstein,

    Read it and weep. The “Class 2” Seats have two GOP Senators since the Whig days. The class 3 has had 5 GOP since the Whig days. The GOP has controlled the class 2 seat 18 out of those 167 years, and the 30 out of those 167 years. Or effectively 14% since the Civil War. Sam Nunn, Max Cleland, Zell Miller…

    So you are just making things up now.

    Bigger picture, though, is you and ECONOCLAST continue to miss the point on purpose. Open your eyes.

  25. SJ Kulak,

    I STAND CORRECTED. I respectfully apologize to all readers.

    I will correct since the 2005 the federal senators from the state were ALL Republican.

    It took Trump to get the voters to expel the Republican Party from the Georgia Senate, and you cannot argue otherwise.

    Still, the “Right-Wing” “activists” have proven themselves to be at least 3 to 4 times more violent and criminal than any other groups in the country

  26. Investigate all terrorist groups, not just so-called right wing. All acts of terrorism should be condemned.
    Thank you.

  27. Still you are willfully obtuse.

    What are you going to do, kill all the Trump voters, put them all in prison, censor them, take their voting rights, drone strikes on rural Iowa, initiate extraordinary rendition for Twitter posts? Or are you going take their arguments away through open discourse of these issues in an honest discussion? Is @jack motivated to have an open discussion, Zuckerberg, Fox, MSNBC, Pelosi, AOC, McConnell? No, of course not the more the BS the better for their bottom-line and fundraising. And you and ECONOCLAST endlessly SHILL that BS.

    All the establishment has done is give the right and left wing activists/extremists more arguments to make in support of violence. If this continues a far more competent Populist will emerge.

    A “War on Domestic Terrorism” waged with the same laws and weapons used to fight the “War on Global Terrorism” will be the end of the United States, pure and simple. I have property outside the country, do you?

  28. “Do the crime….do the crime…. Whoever you are…”

    Unless you are a democrat.

  29. OMG,

    Robyn and SJ kulak, your just trying to yell fire in a crowede movie theater when there isin one.

    Did I ever promote “What are you going to do, kill all the Trump voters, put them all in prison, censor them, take their voting rights, drone strikes on rural Iowa, initiate extraordinary rendition for Twitter posts? Or are you going take their arguments away through open discourse of these issues in an honest discussion? Is @jack motivated to have an open discussion, Zuckerberg, Fox, MSNBC, Pelosi, AOC, McConnell? No, of course not the more the BS the better for their bottom-line and fundraising. And you and ECONOCLAST endlessly SHILL that BS.

    All the establishment has done is give the right and left wing activists/extremists more arguments to make in support of violence. If this continues a far more competent Populist will emerge.”

    Stop trying to start fights, if you really are not out to start one, it won’t happen. But going to a “rally” wearing combat gear, carrying zip tie handcuffs, and wearing combat helmets is not the sign of a rational or non-violent person. Your looking for a fight, and in this case, you started the fight.

    This is getting out of hand on both sides, but your proposition that the “Trump ” supporters should not be held accountable for their crimes is wrong. No one is “threatening” to kill Trumpets. At this point I wonder if a constructive conversation is possible given the stuff you write? You instead just try to be insulting.

  30. Obviously from your endless nonsense posts and misrepresentation of other peoples posts, you don’t and have never wanted a constructive conversation. You are certainly invited to not respond to my posts directed at ECONOCLAST.

    This article is a fear-mongering propaganda piece on so-called right-wing terrorism to justify task forces, a move to sensitize the readers towards more stringent measures in the future. ECONOCLAST’s posts are about how right-wing terrorist are somehow measurable worse than left wing ones, as if either are justifiable. It’s a trick. No where in the article is there discussion on prosecuting Trump for involuntary manslaughter nor did ECONOCLAST even bring it up.

  31. SJ Kulak

    “No where in the article is there discussion on prosecuting Trump for involuntary manslaughter nor did ECONOCLAST even bring it up.”

    But it is a crime and it is defined under federal law Cornmell Law School published this information (

    “18 U.S. Code § 1112 – Manslaughter

    (a)Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice. It is of two kinds:

    Voluntary—Upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion.

    INVOLUNTARY—In the commission of an unlawful act not amounting to a felony, or in the commission in an unlawful manner, OR WITHOUT DUE CAUTION AND CIRCUMSPECTION, OF A LAWFUL ACT WHICH MIGHT PRODUCE DEATH.

    (b)Within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States,

    Whoever is guilty of voluntary manslaughter, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 15 years, or both;

    Whoever is guilty of involuntary manslaughter, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both.”

    The fact was Donald Trump said to Bob Woodward he KNEW COID was a severe public risk, but he “downplayed” it for months, and still NEVER took constructive action without being forced to by others.

    I look forward to his prosecution. And anyone else in the future, given that 300,000 people died and 8 years a possible maximum, it looks like he could be sentenced to 1,000,000 years.

  32. Mr. Goldstein, you reveal yourself. Perhaps try reading opposing points of view to better understand them.

  33. Work90,

    If a person like Joe Biden did this, I would be just as “angry” and would pursue the same remedy.

    I still love the fact that pretty much all “defenders” of Donald Trump use pseudonyms, and are not honest, I have “REVEALED” myself. Perhaps if you all were honest with us, we could be more open to your arguments.

    Just like the 60 and 70s if you are going to want to practice you “freedom of expression” you should be accountable to the “public” regarding consequences, like “boycotting” of your businesses.

    Be responsible for yourselves and I will try much harder to listen. But letting some “fake” person write whatever they want, and not “fact check” it seems too risky. They can get away with inciting people with impunity.

  34. I just love this.

    Parler is now giving the FBI information regarding its users and the riot at the Capitol. The news report is titled ” Parler helped the FBI identify at least one person charged in connection with the Capitol riot ” ( .

    WOW, given this information, even if Parler manages to get back online, is it possible they just lost their business? They advertised that this was not going to be allowed on their homepage prior to suspension.

    Because the ones that wanted to use it, because they thought they could get away with conspiring to assault the Capitol, and other actions, will now be aware they cannot count on the platform to keep their users private.

    Granted it will do the same thing as Napster, these people will form peer-to-peer systems. But they still will eventually be caught because the internet only can shield your identity so far, even in the “Dark Web”.

    I know because this is my expertise, and here is a good story to prove my point “Myths and Misconceptions Debunked ” (

    In effect if the situation calls for it, say the Department of Homeland Security is involved, the reality is that EVENTUALLY you will be traced. So don’t think you are going to be safe if you have bad intentions.

  35. Mr. Goldstein,
    Please do try to listen more, that is likely a good practice to learn in all aspects of our lives.
    But also, please actively explore opposing points of view. I think you will find that the “this” you refer to above, is not what you think it is. What’s more, you will be better prepared to present your point of view when addressing others concerns, which might just make this world a more amicable place to live.

  36. Blaming Trump for Covid is like blaming Bush for 9-11. If the left wants to, keep continuing, but even if he closed the borders, stopped all incoming transit, do you think it would have mattered? Get real. The only places it mattered were small island nations like New Zealand. Put your blame where it should be, The Commies in China.
    But as a politically minority independent, it sure is fun reading and watching the arguing of you on the right against the left and vice-versa. It sure is amazing what lengths you will all go to in wasting your time, I assume you have too much of lately.
    The real problem you ALL seem to forget? Is that your so-called leaders are 75+ years old and the one elected will be 81 in 4 years. My experience has been at that age mental acuity is way past its prime, as in “Doh, what did you say Joe”?

  37. Work90,

    I am sorry, but I LOVE you too much to sugar coat the truth. Isn’t that what Anita Bryant said regarding gay people? But in this case since we are talking about people bent on taking down the government, it is more important to establish accountability and discipline, right?


    Actually, many investigations came to the conclusion that G.W. Bush was given multiple warnings but did not do anything to increase security, another “downplay” the danger plan, maybe?

    The point I am making is that Trump should have mobilized a “medical” army, and implemented a “shelter in place” order in early March, and established a “medical emergency holiday”

    The conditions would have been this:

    The people would NOT be FIRED from their jobs.

    The Fed would subsidize paychecks so that no loss of income would have happened.

    Securing and maintaining supply chains would have been done by both the National Guard and the Army.

    The Stock market would have been put on HOLD, so no loss of stock prices would have occurred at all.

    Those that lost work due to COVID prior to the employment hold would have been entitled to at least 75% wages for unemployment insurance.

    Intercounty and Interstate travel would have to be permitted only for support of life

    The National guard would support private delivery services so that it would control spread.

    This has been documented as the methods used in previous pandemic response plans.

    Imagine if this was done, and in fact the COVID spread was reduced enough that in 90 days, it would not be infectious anymore? Because it would have infected itself out, and no one could be infectious to those not yet infected.

    The reality is that TRUMP is RESPONSIBLE for this FAILURE

  38. Mr. Golstein,

    With all due respect to your idea, it does not sound remotely plausible. The populace will barely cooperate in wearing a mask….

    What’s more, Dr. Fauci suggested we cannot contain the virus and that we can only flatten the curve to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, and to buy us more time to understand the virus.

    Although, I do recall (and i may be mistaken), the President formed a “Corona Virus Task Force” which included Dr. Fauci & Dr. Birx, and was headed up by the VP, in Feb. of 2020.

    Had the army/guard deploy Mobile Field Hospitals throughout the country.

    Had both of the country’s Hospital ships deployed, one to LA and one to NY.

    Created Unemployment benefits that were so high it prevented people from going back to work when they were deemed essential. Etc.

    So it seems that at least some of what you suggested was in place. I believe it was Dr. Fauci that said it is not a matter of “if” you are going to get this virus, it’s a matter of “when”. Hence the “flatten the curve” movement. We are all going to get it sooner or latter, there is no hiding from it forever.

    Plus Trump is not/was not a Dictator (thankfully so) and did not have the sole authority or responsibility to curtail people’s freedoms.

    The Covid Task Force largely determined our policy.

    The Speaker of the house openly contradicted Trump by visiting and inviting people to her China Town political stunt.

    Governors responded differently in all fifty states, with Trump offering the power of the Federal Government to support them.

    I myself was in favor of flattening the curve, and then achieving “Herd Immunity” as quickly as possible. I think the President came a lot closer to following your ideas than he did to following mine. But just because I did not agree with how he was handling it all, did not mean that he was doing it wrong. He was doing what he believed was the best thing to do based on the circumstances and the advise of the imminently qualified members of the task force.

    My point in my previous post was to take the opposing point of view from what you believe and try to argue in favor of it. Kind of like getting stuck being the champion of a point of view you didn’t agree with in a school debate. See if you can prove that view to yourself enough to at least understand why others have taken it. You never know what can happen when you have the ability to grasp opposing points of view.

  39. Work90,

    Here is the REAL truth.

    If people were given honest and fully transparent leadership, you would be surprised to what they are capable of.

    Remember John F Kennedy? His great inaugural address speech? “Don’t ask for what your country can do for you, Ask what can you do for your country?”

    THAT is leadership, and if JFK had been stuck with COVID, he would have succeeded in LEADING the country. So I just say, you had some much handcuffing of public health due to politics it created the mess we are in today.

    IF FAUCI was given the right LEADERSHIP SUPPORT, he would have implements a plan at least similar to my description.

    TRUMP is the ultimate person responsible remember the sign “The BUCK stops here.” on the Resolute desk?

  40. Of course they’ll do something like this as an overreaction and manifestation of leftist sickness, which is rife, to get and spend money, too, don’t forget.

    It’s not as if Santa Clara or San Jose would examine the much greater crime and even low-level terrorism and other crime problems on the Left, including kind of violence we saw that’s routine in Democrat cities and was even worse last summer night after night. Or at Trump rallies in 2016. (This year? Yawn.)

    Santa Clara can ignore the left-wing ocean for the right right-wing puddle or pond. In a left-wing city, area, and state, of course. Would you expect healthy choices?