Santa Clara County Vows to Protect Planned Parenthood

Faced with eviction and possible closure, Planned Parenthood in Mountain View has turned to Santa Clara County for help. On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to help the 44-year-old facility extend its lease until it finds a new home.

The Mountain View clinic first opened its doors in 1973 and has grown to serve more than 8,000 patients a year. Most of them live in District 5, represented by Supervisor Joe Simitian, and they depend on Planned Parenthood’s low-cost services. Another 2,100-plus patients on the county’s Valley Health Plan rely on the clinic for primary care.

But a proposal to redevelop the property will bump Planned Parenthood into a month-to-month lease in May, until the clinic is forced to shut down or relocate. Simitian urged his colleagues to intervene, as the county has no other clinic in his district, which serves North County and West Valley. Other organizations would also struggle to handle to deal with thousands of displaced patients.

“If Planned Parenthood has a problem, we have a problem,” Simitian said after the vote. “Losing this clinic would be a serious blow to the community.”


  1. Shouldn’t this read, Planned Parenthood Clinic may be evicted after deported up to 352,000 non citizens in Mountain View?

  2. How many PAP Smears, Mammograms, real prenatal care training and pregnancy prevention training has taken place at the facility rather than wholesale abortion and late tern fetus “ripping up” does the butcher shop really accomplish?????

    • Mr. Slade, You do not know of what you speak. When you have a vagina and a uterus THEN you can speak of women’s health services. Stick with what you do know of….condoms and vasectomies.

      • Ms. Dudette,

        Unless you consider the care of females to be the natural responsibility of males, Mr. Slade has every right to voice his opinion about the proposed use of his tax dollars. If you and others of your ideological ilk wish to make your own decisions I suggest you commit to paying your own way.

          • How Dare YOU Mr. Finfan. I pay my taxes as do everyone else. I’m fed up with men trying to tell me and other women what we have a right to do. Men don’t pay my taxes, men don’t pay my bills, nor do they pay my rent. Plus, men do not pay my health insurance. I pay my way and have since I was 17. Who do you think you are assuming I’m not paying my own way? Unless you, personally, have sat in a doctor’s office speaking of a late term abortion you have absolutely no idea the angst or the heartache having to make the decision, especially when the fetus is dead. Others make it sound like not only an abortion happens EVERY time a woman walks into PP, but it is always a late term one at that. The point is…IT DOESN”T. Stop generalizing or second guessing exactly what PP provides in terms of women services. If you are not a woman you DO NOT KNOW.

  3. “Planned Parenthood Clinic may be evicted after deported up to 352,000 non citizens in Mountain View?”
    No, it should not say that because that prepositional phrase lacks a subject. You failed to say who deported up to 352,000 non-citizens in Mountain View.

    Try again.

  4. Thank you Mr. Simitian for recognizing the huge loss to our community if Planned Parenthood was gone. Also, for understanding the large need Planned Parenthood fills with the county low income families. Affordable care is as important as affordable housing.

  5. There’s a RealOptions community health clinic literally across the street from this Planned Parenthood. Don’t claim that PP’s “patients” will have nowhere to go.

    • Just wondering why the use of quotes around the word patients. Very reminiscent of MangoMussolini’s use of “so-called judge” for a judge who disagrees with him. Your agenda is showing.

      • Speaking of agendas showing, it is interesting that you commented about Mariette’s punctuation but ignored her relevant point.

        • RealOptions are god-people bringing an anti-choice agenda, so the point wasn’t relevant – they aren’t comparable to PP.

          • LJW’s comment was a response to Mariette’s contradiction of Ms. Dudette’s assertion that the loss of Planned Parenthood would leave low income families without access to affordable care (abortion not mentioned), thus making her point relevant and yours wrong. Health care, even when accompanied by an anti-choice agenda, is still health care, just as disabling bias, even when accompanied by the appearance of reason, is still crappola.

          • Wasn’t it Obama Care was going to make it affordable to all, who could then go to any place and have these things fixed? They could always take public transportation downtown.

          • FORMERSNARK,

            Since you’re all for choice, what do you think about taxpayers being forced to pay for what is clearly premeditated murder? Where is their choice?

            Or is “choice” only for folks on your side of the fence?

            And regarding the bogus claim that PP has nowhere else to go: that’s bogus nonsense. Rental housing is in short supply, but there are plenty of vacant commercial locations that PP could move to. They just don’t want to… unless they get more taxpayer loot, eh? Because that’s what this is all about: Simitian is in cahoots with PP to squeeze even more money out of the taxpaying public.

            But if ‘Planned Parenthood’ is forced to abide by the lease they signed, please don’t let them send them to our neighborhood; we prefer to keep murderers as far away as possible. But I guess San Quentin would be far enough away…

  6. Since the county is in such a giving mood I intend to hit them up to help fund my new organization, Planned Adulthood, a pro-choice operation designed to fill the needs of parents doubt-striken over their offspring’s suitability for adulthood. Worried parents will have unfettered access to health services for their misfits, ranging from rehab referral to psychiatric care to euthanasia, including basement extraction and late term extermination.

    • Mr. Finfan, I can enjoy the sarcasm. I don’t know why we do not have to pass a “Parent” test, to get a license before conception. In order to raise a child in the first place.

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