San Jose Police Thwart Threatened Attack Plans, Arrest Suspect on Stalking Charges

San Jose police announced today that they have arrested a former construction company on charges he was stalking and threatening his former co-workers.

Police said that prior to his arrest May 19, Bryan Velasquez, 43 of San Jose, had “engaged in escalating behavior of cyber stalking, including posting pictures of himself pointing firearms on social media [and] sending e-mails to employees with threats littered with profanity.”

Bryan Velasquez, stalking suspect. San Jose Police photo.

Police said Velasquez also had indicated that he “had intimate knowledge of his former co-workers’ residences and their daily patterns of behavior.”

In April, police received a report from a local construction company regarding a former employee that had been engaging in stalking behavior towards multiple co-workers. The man, identified as Velasquez, had been terminated from the company in January.

A records check also revealed that Velasquez had several firearms registered to him. Based on the preliminary investigation, detectives worked closely with the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office to walk through an arrest warrant for Velasquez, charging him with felony stalking and obtained a gun violence restraining order to seize all his firearms.

Last Thursday, the San José Police Department's Covert Response Unit (CRU) and MERGE Unit took Velasquez into custody without incident. Several firearms, including two AR pattern assault rifles, high capacity magazines, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, tactical body armor and materials to manufacture and assemble privately made firearms or ghost guns were seized, police said.

Any persons with information about this case or similar incidents involving this suspect are urged to contact Detective Sergeant Byers #4152 of the SJPD Crime Strategies Unit with any information about this incident at (408) 277-3835 or e-mail [email protected].


  1. So, police arrested one person, out of an entire company, for making threats.
    Fair enough, but how many more members of this company are still at large?

  2. How are these weapons and body armor available to the public? Our Federal government is corrupt. They take money from the gun lobby and vote to protect them thereby putting our citizens in danger.

    We MUST get money out of politics. Join

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