Sam Liccardo’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Cameo Nets Donation for ‘San Jose Promise’ Scholarships

A stipend that would have gone to San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo for his appearance on HBO’s hit comedy series “Silicon Valley” will instead be used to help local low-income students get college degrees.

Liccardo recently tweeted that he would play a cameo role on the sixth and final season of the show about a fictional tech startup called Pied Piper. But instead of pocketing the money, Liccardo asked the network to make a donation to San Jose Promise of at least $1,000, according to a spokesperson from the mayor’s office.

“Thanks @MikeJudge for the cameo in the season’s first episode, and for @SiliconHBO support of “SanJoseCollegePromise for low-income students,” Liccardo tweeted about the financial gift.

San Jose Promise was launched in 2017 as a partnership between Liccardo, the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District and West Valley College. The program aims to boost the number of college degrees from San Jose public high school students from 30 to 50 percent, according to a description on the city’s website.

Liccardo’s appearance prompted a broad range of reactions on social media and a dramatically scathing take by conservative news site Brietbart. Some of his Twitter followers wondered why HBO rarely features San Jose in its show about Silicon Valley.

Others made jabs about San Jose’s negotiations with Google for the tech-giant’s upcoming downtown mega-campus. Liccardo was one of over a dozen officials who signed non-disclosure agreements with the Mountain View-based corporation.

On Facebook, some people poked fun at the mayor’s sartorial choice: slacks, a button-down and a tie. “Showing your age, Sam,” someone jabbed, adding the hashtag #tiefail.

“Lesson learned!,” Liccardo replied. “Unfortunately, they told me that I had to play myself, and so the tie was mandated ...”  

The mayor’s appearance will air on the first episode of the show’s sixth and final season.


  1. Is there anyone in this city that really believes LICCARDO is someone who cares about low or middle class students or their families? In his time as mayor he has spend most of his working hours in PR activities with local agencies whom executives and others engage in supporting his political aspirations. He has made Google more powerful than ever. Google and other tech companies hire international “talent.” These people are the ones currently undergoing discrimination litigation because they discriminate other ethnic groups, Intel, Gardner, so on. The low and middle class families have been moving out. There are many other organizayions you can donate to help these students. LICCARDO, JEFF ROSEN, and county supervisors are a big rip off! Recall Liccardo!

    • > Recall Liccardo!

      I would suspect that Liccardo is probably tied to Gavin Newsom’s ankle, and if Gavin goes over the side, a number of crew members are going to be dragged over the side with him.

      “Calif. residents move to recall Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom”

      55,000 signatures on petitions

      And you haven’t heard about it in the captive media.

  2. Why Felix are accusing the dear city leader of discrimination against the middle class (Caucasians) and some kind of other people?

    • Why? because I can! F…K corrupted local politicians and other public officials. If a Republicant runs for San José City mayor, I am going to vote for that…and for #kamalaharris2020 Prosecute these crooks Kamala, and antisemites, racists, pedophiles, Reps, Dems, and all of the above! JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING PEOPLE! You better pray or else!

    • People donating to KAMALA is a future investment. I donated #1000+ to her campaign last month. She was at a private party in San José at the end of the month. Liccardo was supposedly to be there. I told her campaign that if they will be inviting that da…@SS not to invite me in the future. I did not see him. How much money do you donate to charities Liccardo? Do you use every donation as a PR point? CHIP IN TODAY PEOPLE! Support our California Gold: #KamalaHarris #ForThePeople There will be a Debate Watch Party for KAMALA here in San Jose. Go to Kamala’s website and sign in! Meet Kamala’s local supporters and organizers @ 95125 Everyone is invited!

  3. Did we allow all the Meth Heads to do cameos on this HBO series?? This is the “NEW SAN JOSE” under “Stinky” Sam Liccardo’s failed leadership. Let’s show the world what it really is like in the 10th largest City in the United States where we leave people on the streets to die.

    Homeless Meth Heads getting high in front of children leaving school across the street from San Jose City Hall…. oh…. forgot to add in the “Deuce Dropping” and “Public Masturbation” This is the “New Norm” in San Jose and the show is 24/7…. just listen for the screams and press record on your smarty phone…. It’s nonstop now and I can’t even keep up with the action….

    And folks…. this behavior is A OK now in our city…. Law Enforcement has been stripped of their power and spend YOUR Tax Dollars babysitting Drug Addicts rather than providing treatment. We also no longer take people in for less than 15k in bench warrants.

    The Behavioral Health System is basically on Crystal Meth too….. Can anyone out there tell me of any success stories?? Why is that not possible?? Results like this in Silicon Valley show ineffective leadership?? In the private sector this would not fly…. Why are the Tax Payers of Santa Clara County not pissed off this is happening in plain sight??

    San Jose Leaders are more concerned about what their next Twitter or Facebook post is going to be, or in Liccardo’s case, when he can get on HBO for a Cameo….And don’t buy that BS about donating the thousand bucks he was going to receive as a BAD ACTOR to charity…. His little Silicon Valley Skit probably cost tax payers big dough. His security detail is the most expensive in the United States (Check Transparency California) not to mention he was more likely on the clock so to say during this gig….

    How many Motor Homes did you take this year Sam never to be seen again?? How many Cars that were being used as shelter did you scoop up and hide from the people that have it the hardest.

    Still to this day the Anti-Democratic City of San Jose continues to steal RV’s and Cars that are being used as shelter. This shady City knows what is going on and refuses to do the right thing. We throw people out like trash in San Jose and leave them to die on our streets…. oh…. after we take all their stuff…
    And if you dare speak up…. San Jose will file a civil lawsuit against you to silence your FREE SPEECH RIGHTS….

    Way to go San Jose Mayor “Stinky” Sam Liccardo!!!

    San Jose is Dying….

  4. Good Job Mayor Liccardo!
    Kamala Harris is an incompetent political p*g.
    Trump 2020.
    David S. Wall

  5. A pig is Trump and incompetent Liccardo. Kamala has natural and nurtured intelligence, leadership experience, and a strong and charismatic personality. She will be the first female president of the United States! GO KAMALA!

    • > GO KAMALA!

      Kamala is an identity politics time bomb.

      Daddy’s side of the family were rich, slave owning Jamaicans.

      Mummy’s side was from India. Has anyone asked the question yet: “What caste were Kamala’s Indian ancestors? Untouchables? Brahmins?”

      In case you haven’t noticed it yet, “progressive” subversives are beginning to say unkind things about “Indians”:

      “Korean-American software engineer claims discrimination by Intel managers of Indian descent”

      Since whites have been voted off the island, Indian Americans are destined to be the next “privilege class” for Silicon Valley.

  6. Judgement Day is coming people! #kamalaharris2020 because she can. GO KAMALA! KAMALA is California’s daughter; an American! ENOUGH WITH ALL THE SH!t!

    • > #kamalaharris2020 because she can. GO KAMALA! KAMALA is California’s daughter; an American!

      GREAT NEWS, FEXXY! ! !

      Newt Gingrich has predicted that Kamala will win the Democrat Party nomination for president!

      Those of us who have been waiting for Eric Swallwell to catch fire are EXTREMELY disappointed, to say the least.

      Sadly, Newt also predicts that Kamala will lose bigtime to Donald Trump.

      Clearly, Newt expects a LOT of Russian meddling. Either that or maybe Newt expects Swallwell to mount a write in campaign to snatch the presidency away from Kamala just like Bernie did to Hillary.

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