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  1. You ever notice how some pedestrians apparently think the faster and more furiously they push the walk button it will cause the light to change quicker? Also, if a pedestrian or bicylist pushes the walk button please actually wait for the light to change before crossing. If you push the walk button and don’t actually use it all it does is cause cars to sit at the light 3 times as long, burning up gas causing traffic to back up and wasting time.

  2. In an effort to honor the memories of Officer Fontana, my friend Vahid Hosseini, victims of violent crime, their families, and SJPD, I have organized the rally below. Please join us in giving a voice to the silent, and often neglected, majority of citizens in San Jose, and our wonderful Police Officers.

    Info as follows:

    Neighborhood Safety Vigil June 9th at San Jose City Hall, San Jose, CA – Victims’ rights advocates and neighborhood leaders will hold a Neighborhood Safety Vigil from 7-9 p.m., Tuesday, June 9th, in the plaza outside the San Jose City Hall rotunda.  This vigil will honor victims of violent crimes, and allow community members, and civic leaders an opportunity to voice their support for the men and women of San Jose’s Police and Fire Departments.

    A brief program will begin at 7 p.m.  Victims’ rights advocate and community activist Kathleen Flynn will M.C.

    Speakers and honored guests for the program will include:
    ·Dolores Carr, District Attorney of Santa Cara County
    ·Hon. Pete Constant, San Jose City Council
    ·Bobby Lopez, President, San Jose Police Officers’ Association
    ·Randy Sekany, President, International Association of Fire Fighters Local 230
    ·Jim Cogan, President, Crime Stoppers
    ·Sandy Fontana, mother of slain San Jose police officer Jeffrey Fontana
    ·Cassandra and Leanne Hosseini, daughter and widow of slain community leader Vahid Hosseini

    At 7:30 p.m., there will be a blessing delivered by Dr. Bonita Carter-Cox, President of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Association of Santa Clara Valley, and Police Chaplin Bridgen.

    The blessing will be followed by a silent vigil, which will run until 9 p.m.
    Free Glow Sticks will be available.

  3. How is it the city is facing a $ 70 million plus budget deficit, is asking employees to accept pay freezes and reductions and yet some council members won’t sacrifice their own pays and accept a 3.75% reduction?  It’s time our council led by example.  Thank you to those who are willing to accept it.

  4. Paul #5,,

    It wasn’t just some of them; the city council voted 9-0 not to take pay cut or reduce their 7,200 dollar a year car allowance.

  5. Steve #5 and Paul #8,

    Get educated on this issue before you spout off.

    9-0 vote when there are 11 on the council?  Where were the other 2?  Oh that’s right, Nguyen an Chirco weren’t there.

    So, the council voted to DEFERRED the decision so the FULL 11 could participate in the discussion and make the decision.

    Don’t you think that’s fair?

    Soon, we will see how each councilmemeber votes, but it is not fair to change it when two are away and have no say.

    I accept your apology.

  6. The WG Resident reported on SC County’s audit of the use of public vehicles.  The audit identified several problems, but nowhere in the article was their mention of any consequence to the folks that broke the rules.

    For instance, 26 peeople were identified as using county vehicles to communte to and from work outside of SC County—a violation of the rules.  Nowehere was it mentioned that those 26 folks should be required to return to the taxpayers the value of that prohibited use.

    The audit found that fuel was used “essentially without limit” by county employees.  They should be identified and made to pay back the taxpayers for this unlimited use.

    County employees racked up 2,984 parking tickets THAT THEY DIDN’T PAY, to the tune of $105k.  The offenders should be required to pay them.

    County employees were involved in an average of 239 accidents/year; some employees had multiple accidents.  They shouldn’t be allowed to drive county vehicles.

    Audits are great ways to uncover waste.  But there needs to be a follow-up; especially to repay the value of all unauthroized use.

  7. #9,
    You must have my post mixed up with another; I never apologized to you. The city council votes on plenty of other issues without a full council present

  8. JMO,

    Oh my gosh!!!  Are you suggesting that we hold government employees responsible for their mis-deeds?  I’m thinking there might be a clause in the collective bargaining agreement that absolves them of any rule breaking, misdemeanor or felony.

  9. #13;  yeah, I know….but I had to say it.

    #14:  yes, I am suggesting that they be held responsible to the taxpayers they cheated out of, probably, tens of thousands of dollars, at a minimum.

    If anyone agrees with me that these scofflaws should be held financially responsible for their misdeeds, please post a big HELL YES and we can hope someone in county government reads this.

    And if the collective bargaining agreement allows them to get off scott free, then we need to vote out the clowns who allowed that clause into the agreement.

  10. #15-JMO,
    A BIG HELL YES! If ordinary citizens must pay traffic tickets and for putting gas in our own cars, so should County employees who are using these vehicles for private use. Any way, these vehicles are meant for work, not private use.

  11. Steve,

    The Council voted 9-0 to defer the discussion for one week so that all 11 members of the council could be there to vote.

  12. Steve #8,

    The FULL council just voted to take a significant pay cut.  Though it will not solve the budget crisis, it sets a good example and show a great amount of leadership. 

    In addition, they will have to PAY $250 back for each unexcused absence! 

    You have wanted this for a long time, and now they have done this. 

    The City of San Jose has not asked any bargaining unit to take any pay cuts.  The Mayor has already taken a 20% pay cut.  I hope the unions will follow in their footstep.

    I accept your apology.

  13. It seems to me that parity in pay cuts should be the norm.  The council certainly can’t ask anyone to accept a cut larger than it is willing to accept.

    But this may also be a time to re-think so-called “step raises”—which appear to be decided solely on time-in-grade.  You get more money each year just for being alive, no matter how poorly you perform.  That’s just plain wrong, and insupportable in the current economic environment. All raises should be based upon performance, and performance alone.

    If everyone in every industry got step raises, it would be a cause of a huge inflationary spiral; since the cost of goods and services would have to rise to pay for the step raises.

  14. #19 Go to the Tape,

    Once again, I did not apologize to you. This is a blog to exchange thoughts and ideas. If you expect apologies maybe you could find a website where you can get some of your undiagnosed insecurities fulfilled and find the apology you so desperately seek.

  15. I want to take a moment to thank the hundreds of people who attended the vigil last night. I was deeply saddened and moved by your stories. I will never forget you, or the pain you have endured through you loss. Your courage and strength are admirable. I hope that you felt supported and comforted through this gathering of others who have experienced such horrific losses. Remember, you are not alone, and that our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    I also want to thank the media who attended and kept the focus on the victims of violent crime, their family members, and friends. Your professionalism and respect for their losses are deeply appreciated!

    A special thank you to community leaders, the Mayor, DA Carr, Council Members Constant, Campos, Karla, the Fontana and Hosseini families, Dr. Bonita Carter Cox, Dan Hoffman, Bob Siple, Ed Rast, Jim Cogan, Denelle Fedor, Bobby Lopez, Chaplin Bridgen, and Randy for your support.

    A very special note to the cab drivers, thank you for sharing your stories, and for the beautiful gift you gave me. I will treasure it always. God bless you and keep you safe as you do a very difficult and dangerous job out their on our city streets!

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