Rants and Raves


  1. Less than happy about the 700 billion dollar bailout? 

    Oops – I forgot to add in the 150 billion in pork our Congress added to the ‘bailout’. 

    Less than happy about:
    – the 850 billion dollar bailout?
    – the rampant corruption and ownership of your elected thieves by special interests?

    Your chance is Nov. 4.

    Gerald McNerney (District 11)
    Jackie Speier (District 12)
    Anna Eshoo (District 14)
    Mike Honda (District 15)
    Zoe Lofgren (District 16)

    They all voted for this god-awful legislation and now we’re going to pay for their incompetence and corruption.

    I don’t care who you vote for, Green party, write in, or otherwise – send a message by voting the above thieves out of office.

    Otherwise you have *zero* right to complain.

  2. PBS broadcast that the original Paulson legislation was under 10 pages.  The Senate worked it up to about 100 pages.  The House worked it up with earmarks to well over 400 pages.

    Everyone supposedly hates Congress [it’s approval rating as a body is much lower than Dubya’s, if you can believe that], yet everyone continues to re-elect their Congressperson.  Now is the time to put a stop to this travesty.  We probably can’t have another Boston Tea Party, but we can vote out of office all these dogs who stuck us and future generations with a huge bill.  Every House member must stand for election every two years.  Throw them out if they voted for this disgusting bailout and all the extra earmarks.  Do the same in the Senate…but it’ll take 6 years.

    ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. No #4, I did not forget.  I just hope and pray that we’ve reached the tipping point with these bozos.  Sadly, I believe my hope is misplaced and my prayers won’t be answered.

    Typically, except possibly in the case of McNerney, no sensible and connected person runs against these entrenched democrats.  The republicans typically serve up some sacrificial lamb, who hopes he/she will get a real shot in some other election.

  4. This is the grist for creation of a new political party. Strike while the sentiment is hot.


  5. JMC,

    You forget that here in Silicon Valley we have a fossilized one party system.  No matter what Zoe Lofgren or Mike Honda do in office, they will always be re-elected until they are too tired to run anymore.

  6. I like Novice’s attempt to try to get a Republican majority in the House (KEEP DREAMING!); under the guize of voting out “thieves.”  The sad irony is that it was the GOP and their “free for all” policy’s that got us into this $700 billion mess in the first place.  Here’s hoping we’ll soon get back to the prosperity and fiscal responsibility of the Clinton years.

  7. Tony-

    I don’t think anyone, including novice, thinks that those five seats are going to change party this fall.  The only contended seat is McNerny’s.

    It’s not all about DEM vs GOP.  This one is about bipartisan opposition to a bipartisan bill.  A bipartisan bill with 150 billion of bipartisan pork.  It deserves some criticism.

  8. San Jose Water Company – Part Two

    Part One ended last weekend questioning the influence that a Texas water company could have over the San Jose Water company. Let me explain the concept a little more and show some of the dangers associated with this linkage.

    A Two-State Water Company

    The first thing to recognize is that the top three company officials in the San Jose Water company are also the top three company officials in a Texas water company. They are the President/CEO, the Exec VP of Finance, and the CFO/Treasurer.

    This means that three people meeting together may change hats without blinking an eye to strengthen the Texas water company over the San Jose water company for one simple reason – Texas regulation of companies is much more relaxed than California regulation.

    Remember Enron? That was a Houston-based energy company that took California for a ride. Everything that Enron did to California can be easily replicated by a Texas water company toward a sister California company with identical top corporate officers.

    Wall Street

    And it’s not just a two-state water company we are seeing here. San Jose Water does business on Wall Street under the symbol “SJW,” and we all know what’s happening on Wall Street these days – not a recommendation to the residents of San Jose for confidence. 

    Land In Six States

    San Jose Water company also has a land company that owns land in six states – Connecticut, Tennessee, Arizona, Texas, California, and Florida. Our local water company is a multi-state land business, too.

    Bad Customer Relations In San Jose

    While some residents might be proud of the multi-state operations of our local San Jose Water company, this may explain why their service and courtesy toward local residents is so poor – the staff is probably busy with the three key officers’ plans for nationwide activities and enhancing the company’s Wall Street standing.

    Water Costs More From San Jose Water Company

    I think it is the Wall Street listing and the multi-state activities that make water from San Jose Water cost more than water from San Jose Municipal Water System or from Great Oaks Water Company. I’ll discuss this in Part Three next week.

  9. Novice, I agree with you 100 percent.
    I honestly believe that most people, when
    elected to Congress, have the best intention`s
    in mind. However, something happens to them
    as they arrive in D.C. If anyone has an idea
    what disease they catch I would love to know.

  10. #9 – the disease all politicians – local and national – catch when they get into office is arrogance!

  11. I just found this on CNN’s web-site.  I would gladly pay more taxes if the police would start enforcing existing noise laws regarding car stereos.  My personal feeling is that having to “listen” to these boom-boom cars is a physical, personal assault against my body.

    If I am ever on a jury where the defendant is accused of beating the crap out of a boom-boom car driver I guarantee you my vote is NOT GUILTY.