Photo Gallery: May Day Crowds Take to the Streets of San Jose

Across the globe, people filled the streets of their cities Monday in honor of International Workers’ Day. In San Jose, groups supporting the rights of workers, immigrants and other marginalized people braved the heat to join the May Day march from East Side to the Arena Green. Below are some scenes from the South Bay demonstration.

All photos by Greg Ramar.


  1. Unemployed illegals and unemployed with no skills, druggies and welfare, food stamp and disability frauds all showed up looking unbathed. Same thing happened in the sixties with the unbathed hippies. If you just showed up bathed and with a thought or idea.

  2. I’m impressed 3 people carrying American flags, Only one left as trash.
    Anyone ever seen these people burning Green Cards or Food Stamps?

  3. love the pictures…with the diversity of people mobilized around the rights of workers, immigrants and other marginalized people!!

    i’m sure it absolutely drives the Trump supporters nuts to, as well as all the racists and misogynists out who cant DEAL with seeing people of all colors marching together in solidarity against the their man Trump.

    • Yes Ross. I’m sure it was fabulously diverse with white deadbeats, deadbeats of color, lesbian deadbeats, gay deadbeats, bi deadbeats, transgender deadbeats, questioning deadbeats, straight deadbeats, old deadbeats, young deadbeats, and lots of deadbeat supporters, deadbeat sympathizers, deadbeat advocates, and deadbeat panderers. The whole diverse deadbeat community was well represented. It must have been quite a spectacle.
      Sorry I couldn’t make it. I was working.

  4. Lets count, 10k really get a life SJI. Lucky if you got 300. Must be counting the cops who were called back to work OT which cost Sam and the “safe city” about a quarter million in city funds.

  5. The Deportation Forces are marshalling to descend upon “Sanctuary Cities” like San José.

    Deportation Holding Camps have been constructed in Arizona and Texas.

    Deportees are not going to be repatriated to their country of origin but to; Afghanistan, Southern Sudan and Iraq.

    I am praying that habeas corpus will be temporarily suspended to facilitate the good work that lies ahead.

    David S. Wall

  6. I am getting tired of the media constantly trying to mislead everyone by using the term “immigrant” when they know darn well that what was meant was “illegal immigrant”. There is a huge difference in terms and the left conceals that difference to bolster their agenda and the San Jose Insider is no exception! Try being honest once in a while.

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