Nonprofit Helps Students Balance Illness with Schoolwork

Having gone through struggles with his own health, Aditya Suresh knows the pressure students face when juggling school work and an illness.

Out of his own experience, the San Jose teen established Remission For All.

The nonprofit provides free tutoring services to ensure that no student has to sacrifice their education for the sake of their illness.

Taught by a pool of over 50 bright high school students, Remission For All provides tutoring for a wide variety of subjects, including Javascript, literature, micro-economics, principles of business, essay help and more.

As the founder and CEO, Suresh runs the nonprofit along with several others, including fellow friends and Lynbrook students Ryan Liu and Karthik Balaji.

“Being a CEO is quite time-consuming, but the experience is very rewarding,” he said. “You’re making an impact on people’s lives, and it really feels good.”

Liu has excelled in his role as the director of marketing, and Karthik has done likewise as the director of finance. Karthik has secured sponsors and donations, and 100 percent of the proceeds that come into Remission For All go to the Crohn’s Colitis Foundation.

Remission For All recently donated 10 Google Chrome books to students who didn’t have access to technology so they could better fulfill their academic duties.

Remission For All has a database of students who are being treated in hospitals and in need of academic assistance. The company connects tutors—all of whom go through extensive background checks—to the students within 48 hours. Tutors have done all of their instruction and guidance via Zoom, per health and safety reasons.

Remission For All is an available resource for several hospitals, including UCSF and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. Even though Remission For All is focused on students who are in hospitals, the non-profit tends to all individuals who find accessing education difficult due to their illness.

“We will never turn someone down because we feel everyone has the right for accessible education,” Suresh said in a recent interview with San Jose Inside. “When I had my illness, it was really physically hard on my body and I had to miss certain classes. But I had the fortune of having some amazing teachers and a diligent staff willing to work with me.”

Now, he wants to pay it forward.

“We hope to make an impact on those who suffer from illness and ease their lives in every way possible,” Suresh said. “We strongly believe the only thing patients should worry about is getting better and thus try to improve their academic life.”


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