Legalization Proponent Offers 10,000 Pounds of Free Weed

A local activist says he’ll divvy up 10,000 pounds of free weed to people who support legalization in California.

Dave Hodges, whose cannabis club got shut down last year for flouting San Jose’s pot laws, says there are three ways to redeem the offer. Donate to a participating political action committee, provide contact information or provide a signature to a legalization initiative.

“I want to give people free weed,” Hodges says. “It might sound too good to be true, but I’m serious. I know a lot of growers and the one thing they have is excess cannabis.”

Yes, he says, it’s legal. And no, one doesn’t have to live in California to participate.

“It is illegal to buy or sell votes,” explains Hodges, who trotted out a similar effort to fight San Jose's pot ordinance in 2014. “But we’re not doing that. We’re not even requiring anybody to vote.”

The retail value of 10,000 pounds, according to Hodges, amounts to about $32 million. He’s dividing the bounty among three initiatives: Weed4Donations, Weed4Voters and Weed4Signatures.

Weed4Donations offers an eighth-ounce of marijuana for every $25 a person donates to a participating nonprofit or PAC. That’s $200 per ounce. Through Weed4Voters, voting-age adults get a free gram by sharing their contact info.

Weed4Signatures nets a gram for every person who signs on to a legalization initiative slated for the fall ballot. But it’s only valid on the following citizen petitions:

Hodges says it will cost anywhere from $20 million to $40 million to pass a successful legalization measure. And he’d rather it not be Sean Parker’s.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Isn’t that the way so many people got hooked on drugs in the first place , ” here kid try this its really cool and its free”.
    Sure it’s free, that why your all called doper’s!

      • Question for RMC (or any other drug-o-phile who is committed to drug missionary work)?

        Can you identify a chronic heavy marijuana user purely on the basis of visual or behavioral cues?

          • > I think it would be prejudice of me to judge anyone solely based on appearance or mannerisms.

            I’ll take that as a “yes”.

            So, if you are selling a product to the public that causes your customers to grow scales like a reptile, develop Tourettes syndrome, and fart like a battery of whoopee cushions, your response to the court would be: “I dint see nuttin, cuz I dint wanna be prejudiced”.

            “Mr. Cortese: Didn’t you think it a bit odd that at closing time you found it necessary to step over the body to get to the door to lock up for the night and turn out the lights?”

          • That wasn’t a “Yes”

            I’ve met people I thought were chronic smokers and were not. Lots of long haired, hippy looking guys in tech with their chai tea lattes and birkenstocks. At my last job we had a very clean cut programmer that wore glasses and a pocket protector, and security caught him smoking from a vape pen.

            Can you find folks that fit the “Stereotype” of a stoner? Certainly. Does it mean they are a chronic smoker? No.

            Just look at Gary Singh of the Metro… (Not to knock your look Gary) You wouldn’t think it just by looking at him, but the guy doesn’t toke it up. You’re more likely to find him grinding up rare tea leaves than bud.

            Normally we get along and respect each others opinions at face value SJO with some bit of camaraderie. What’s with the rival attitude today my man?

          • RMC you have missed the point. Stop trying to play the PC game. America is tired of this giant hamster wheel that the Obama and Hillary types spin everyday … Lets be honest. Its quite easy for anyone with a 3rd grade education to spot a chronic pot head a mile away. Demeanor, lack of attention span, disheveled clothing and the fragrant odor from the clothing and hair…Its just a byproduct of the heavy THC in todays weed. It is what it is

      • Oh yes Mr Gateway, I remember him well.
        A short red headed kid named Scott Kingsly, that was always late for class and in trouble.
        That special ” Hey you want some weed”, moment, came for me in Junior High behind the auditorium, at lunch, 1965.
        I only mention that because I found out in September at a class reunion he died of a heroin OD back in 1972.

        Since then I’ve lost many friends that started out with recreational use MJ. and hash latter when I was in Europe.

        Oh they could all stop any time no problem, but they didn’t.

        I don’t want to wast more than another minuet of your precious time RMC so I’ll only point out a few of the dead ones, I’ll include the 2 dead son’s of close friends shot over the years when buys went bad.
        It’s the guns fault!

        I’ll include the Mrs Beaver who was stabbed 70 plus times at her front door by the 14 year old paper boy high on weed, with a Boy Scout Knife.
        He lived a block away from me I and went to school with his younger brother. We used to play soft ball with them on the lot next to their house.
        My mother took away my Boy Scout and only let me us it if I was out camping after that for several years.
        He was out after 4 or 5 years.
        It’s the knifes fault!

        One of my best friends admitted to me the last year of High School that he had been smoking pot and LSD after he had been been banished from his foster parents home. My parent took him in for a few months till he could graduate. He bugged out a month early and headed for LA and San Francisco.
        Last time I heard from him was 1971 he was on the run from the draft board and some drug dealers. He was going to Canada.
        I can only hope he made it.

        There were several guys named Bill that ended up DOA. A coworker of mine an electrician, was having a lot of attention problems, falling asleep, can’t remember what he was doing, stop in the middle of a sentence and walk away. Told me he was smoking weed at night too get some sleep the was 1982 and really the first time
        anyone had told me they were using MJ. for medical reasons. About that time his nose stated turning red,
        some kind of infection. Don’t worry he’s getting treated. A few months after that he was fired for unknown reasons. He became violent and threatening his brother and friend that still worked with us.
        One morning word came down they found Bill in a restaurant bathroom sitting on a toilet with a needle sticking in his leg his face turned black.
        Someone slipped him rat poison, I was told by his brother.
        I could go on there are more RMC but my minuet is about up as well as your attention span I would guess.

        You can spare us the lecture on this is why we need to legalize this crap.
        My experience with this drug/medicine and the people that us it over the last 50 year has not been a good one.Yes perhaps MJ. may have some beneficial side effects but pot clubs and drug running are not one of them.

        If it’s was medicine you could buy it at CVS.

        • You are a really creative writer. I enjoyed your short stories immensely, and I think you have a future in writing detective scripts for Film Noir.

          Total fan. It’s got to be fiction because I couldn’t get any hits for a “Beaver Boy scout Knife Stabbing” from the Lexis Nexus.

          • RMC,
            The internet records don’t seem to go back 50 years in this case. I’d hate for you to think I made the whole thing up.

            If you go to Google earth type in Beaver Ridge Apartments it will take you to 1965 Allen Ave Yorktown Hts NY. 10598.
            This was at the time an old farm where Mrs Beaver lived and died. I was surprised to see the name still connected with the site. The perpetrator lived on Breton Ct almost directly north of that location. Not that you really cared, but it did happen.

  2. Hey bubble – are you talking about alchohol or weed when you describe that? Leave Cortese alone, one of his side gigs is a dispensary after all…

  3. I guess handing out free weed is the same as when tobacco companies gave away free cigs on the street, bars, public events…. It worked for them so hand out free weed to the lemmings and they will be your friend forever.

    Can’t understand why folks post replies to RMC’s bizzare rants as he offers no credible information to any conversation.

  4. Hodges is a fool. It’s illegal to offer any kind of compensation in exchange for a signature. How could he be so stupid to think it’s legal?

    I hope he spends Election Day in jail, and on his knees. So people can sign his throat with their DNA.

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