Homeless Man Jailed on Suspicion of Raping a Good Samaritan

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office arrested a homeless man in South County on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman who was helping him survive on the streets.

At about 6:30pm on Tuesday, authorities responded to a house in San Martin on a report of a sexual assault. The victim told deputies that she was raped by a local transient, identified as Sharwian Bobian.

The victim and her family had been providing food and shelter to 43-year-old Bobian, authorities said. Over the past several months, the family had provided him with food, toiletries and a heater to keep him warm in the recent cold weather.

On the evening of New Year’s Day, the victim visited Bobian at his makeshift shelter—assembled with a series of tarps and shopping carts—to deliver food and supplies, authorities said. The woman told deputies that he pulled her in and raped her.

Deputies found Bobian at his shelter and took him into custody, police said. He was booked at Santa Clara County Main Jail on suspicion of sexual assault and false imprisonment. Anyone with further info about this incident can call the sheriff’s Sexual Assault Investigative Unit at 408.808.4500.


  1. Hope the victim gets through this ok and it doesn’t deter the good work she has been doing with those among us who are less fortunate.

    But I can hear the trolls now… “I bet he is illegal… we need a WALL to be safe…”.

    • Im so very sorry this happened to her, however this person who took this homeless person in had no business doing so. I’m sure she meant well but she should leave this type of work to professionals who deal with these people. You don’t know what this guy could have done. He may have raped others in the past. I will give my money to a well vetted charity who has experience. It’s quite possible he is illegal. Especially crazy liberal San Jose where they protect theses animals.

      • What are you talking about? Fear mongering fascist. Take your nonsense to elsewhere. You wished a confederate state had half the success this city has.

  2. Normal people hitting a rough patch may live in their car or couch-surf for a while, but long-term homeless are not … functioning right. They are not angels. They tend to not be good at functioning in society.

  3. The transient rapist is NOT an illegal alien. He is an African American. So, move on… what’s more important is that he was released and not charged because of some BS law called the Mayberry law. Now he is right back at his tarp shelter just yards from an elementary school.

    • I heard him interviewed on TV, he has a Caribbean accent he may well be an Illegal alien, but you would never hear that from our sanctuary city law enforcement agency as it’s a crime for them to tell you, or the sympathetic propaganda agencies dedicated to destroying the country.

      • What? No, I don’t believe they interviewed the suspect on TV. They’re not even naming the suspect since he’s not being charged. By the way, are all people with a ‘Caribbean’ accent illegal? Making stuff up, what’s up with that?

        • Channel 11 the San Jose station right after he was released in front of his tarp tent if I recall correctly. Having a Caribbean accent means he is not an African American, as my Jamaican and Cuban friends used to point out to me.

      • Not ok. Just clarifying the truth. All of the speculation was sending the discussion thread off topic. The point I am trying to make is that one of my neighbors was raped, and because the accused didn’t think he did anything wrong, he was released. The victim gets no justice and was basically told that she must have wanted it.

  4. The accused rapists name is Sharwian Bobian and I am sure he was not interviewed. He has obvious mental health issues that makes it very difficult to communicate with him.

  5. I’m sorry I got the story wrong it wasn’t channel 11 it was channel 5 reporter Devin Fehely that interviewed the man, after interviewing the unidentified woman on the 6 pm news on 1/4/19.

    The story shows his tarp tent and him wondering around. His face is blocked out and he speaks with a heavy accent, making it difficult to communicate with him!
    Wouldn’t want to accuse him like they did Bret Kavanaugh.

    So now you all know I didn’t make that up.

  6. Dear SVN,
    How about an update on this alleged rapist. What’s the DA going to do next? We fired a judge for not giving enough time to a couple of drunks that raped each other at a frat party. Where are all the out raged women’s groups that want to hang CK for telling jokes on this one?

    So maybe I was right he is an illegal alien protected by the sanctuary laws.

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