Herd of Pregnant Goats Stolen From Morgan Hill Field

Someone stole scores of goats from a farm in unincorporated Morgan Hill just after Thanksgiving, according to authorities. The owner of the goats, which are essential to a local family’s landscaping business, is offering a “generous reward” for information leading to the animals’ recovery.

The suspect or suspects also stole the farm owner’s livestock trailer, which was recovered on a public street in Morgan Hill Nov. 26.

At least 20, and possibly up to 60, goats were stolen from Green Goat Landscapers on Richmond Avenue in north Morgan Hill, according to the company’s co-owner Brian Allen. The theft is a “huge loss” for the family business—a landscaping service that uses goats to cut back vegetation for fire prevention and weed abatement purposes.

All of the stolen goats were pregnant at the time of the theft and are due to give birth in February, Allen said. He estimated the animals are collectively worth about $10,000.

“They stole our trailer, damaged our water tanks to get to the trailer (and) let our guardian dog out,” Allen said. He added the family does not know exactly how many goats were stolen because they keep their herds in two different locations—the field on Richmond being one such location.

The Allen family filed a report with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s Sgt. Rich Glennon told the Times that the theft occurred some time between Nov. 23 and Nov. 25. The suspect or suspects cut through a locked gate leading into the Allen family’s field, and destroyed a corral that contained the animals that are now missing.

Sheriff’s deputies completed a report for vandalism, grand theft and theft of a vehicle or trailer, Glennon said.

Brian Allen added that his wife, Christine, saw their stolen livestock trailer when she was on her way home Nov. 26, parked on East Main Avenue between U.S. 101 and Butterfield Boulevard. She reported the recovery of the trailer to Morgan Hill Police.

Green Goat Landscapers has been owned and operated by the Allen family, who lives in Morgan Hill, since 2014, Brian Allen said. He owns the company with his son Daniel. Christine and Daniel’s wife work for the family business as well.

Anyone with information about the theft can call the sheriff’s office at 408.808.4400. Green Goat Landscaping can be reached at 408.427.5945.

This article first appeared in San Jose Inside/Metro Silicon Valley’s sister publication, the Morgan Hill Times


  1. Unfortunately, the goats have probably already been slaughtered and sold for meat to local restaurants. Goat is popular in a number of cuisines. RIP goats.

  2. The thieves will be caught if investigators ask restaurants serving goat meat around if they received any offer.However maybe the goats will be kept a a farm for their goat milk which is pricey as a drink but also to make Goat Cheese.

    • If they could just get it to not taste like a musty old goat, they would be in real danger!
      Sorry for the bad taste in jokes, I realize losing that many grass cutter was a real hardship and probable grand larceny.
      Hope you find them or the culprits.