Gov. Newsom’s 2021 Legislative Scorecard: 770 Yeas, 66 Nays

Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed 770 new California laws and vetoed 66 from the 2021 session of the California Legislature. Here’s a look at what’s coming in the Golden State.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed the largest expansion of California’s college financial aid system in a generation — he did so during the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants’ first playoff game Friday night.

Hours later, it was all over: Newsom signed his final bills on Saturday, a day ahead of the Oct. 10 deadline to act on the 836 proposals state lawmakers sent to his desk. Of those, he signed 770 (92%) and vetoed 66 (7.9%), according to Sacramento lobbyist Chris Micheli.

Here’s a look at the significant new laws coming to the Golden State — as well as ideas Newsom prevented from becoming law.

Signed into law:




  1. More ‘feel good’ policies while the Education System FAILS to produce productive & competitive students that are capable of supporting themselves in an increasing high-tech world.
    Teaching ‘ethnic studies’ and ‘woke’ bull**** while the countries leading in education Focus on Math, Reading and Science skills.

    ————– China is a Real Threat for the Future ——————-

    China continues to emerge “as our greatest threat and adversary, economically, militarily, and politically.
    China threatens freedom not only for its own people but around the world.
    But China’s K-12 education system is far more effective than ours, and if it continues, its economy will quickly overtake America’s.”

    ———— “K-12 Redesign: A Financial Overhaul” (Feb2021 ACTE) ———–

    The U.S. Leads the world in K-12 Education Spending yet Lags behind 25 other developed nations in K-12 student achievement.
    When it comes to student learning, China leads the world by a significant margin…

    Looking at student scores in Reading, Math, and Science, China Dominates, ranking FIRST in the world in all 3 categories.
    .. U.S. student achievement Falls Far Behind – 26th overall,
    17th in Reading,
    23rd in Science, and
    33rd in Math –
    it’s safe to say that China has lapped the U.S. more than once in the world education race.

    …Despite POOR K-12 Public School Student Performance Scores on the world stage, the U.S. continues to Spend More $$$ than almost every other nation on this endeavor –
    over $720 Billion annually.
    Taxpayer money funds are nearly $15,000 per student per year in U.S. public schools…
    well above the global average of $10,759.

    …data clearly reveals the current U.S. K-12 funding model is NOT Producing robust, widespread student learning.
    In fact, student scores continue to slip.
    For example, the U.S. recently moved Farther Down the world rankings in Math, from 31st to 33rd.

  2. “during the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants’ first playoff game Friday night”

    Moments like that are precious after the recall for special activities.

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