Dr. Anthony Fauci to Receive Award Tuesday From SJSU Journalism School

Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert, will accept an award Tuesday from the journalism school at San Jose State University for his role in delivering vital public health information to the American people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fauci will receive the William Randolph Hearst Foundation award for excellence in mass communication during a virtual ceremony that will include students, faculty and staff, according to an announcement from SJSU’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci was the unanimous choice of our faculty because it was obvious by late spring 2020 that most Americans prioritized knowing what his thoughts were to help them understand the gravity of Covid-19 and determine how to save lives,” professor Bob Rucker said.

During the event, which begins at 2pm, Fauci will answer questions from students.

Members of the media can interview Rucker and some students after the event, however Fauci will not be available for questions, according to the announcement.

Members of the media can participate by registering online.


  1. > Dr. Anthony Fauci to Receive Award Tuesday from SJSU Journalism School

    > … the William Randolph Hearst Foundation award for excellence in mass communication


    Fauci is, at best, a mediocre communicator.

    SJSU is giving him their silly “award” because they think they agree with his message, which is anti-Trump.

    As Tucker Carlson observed recently, we now live in a culture where people lie all the time and lying is expected behavior.

    If you tell the lies that “the journalism community” wants told, you’ll get an award.

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  3. I don’t feel like I have any other options but to speak out at this point.

    Surely if this is not true, it would be damaging to have this posted or emailed to all the different judges and attorneys.

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  5. Vital public information from Dr. Fauci:

    “Masks? Masks aren’t needed, except by medical personnel.”
    “Masks? Yes, absolutely. They provide essential protection.”
    “Masks? Yes, they may not stop transmission but they are a good reminder that we’re in a pandemic.”
    “Mask? We may need to wear them forever.”
    “Crowds? Absolutely not. Not in theaters, not in restaurants, and especially not in churches.”
    “Crowds? Well, yes, if they’re protesting. But otherwise, no.”
    “Clown? Yes, I suppose if you compare my advice against, say, my advice, I may come away looking like a clown.”
    “Now, hurry up with my award, I’ve got tickets to a ballgame.”

  6. So, the good doctor is at a closed event where he will answer questions from a very select and screened few?

    Will anybody ask him to clarify his statement that the peasants must “Do what you’re told!”

    Fauchi is ‘yes man’, useful idiot and pathetic shill.

    Of course they don’t want those he lords over to ask him questions at his event.

    If only AntiFa and Black Lives Matter decide to show up and harass him.

    Oh, right. They don’t do that for useful tools of the establishment.

  7. Bubbles wrote:
    > As Tucker Carlson observed

    Who? Never heard of a ‘tucker’. What is that a head that talks, spews lies itself? Please