DA Offers $20K Reward for Slingshot Shooter along Guadalupe Freeway

After a series of suspected slingshot attacks on windows along the Guadalupe Freeway in San Jose, authorities are offering a $20,000 reward to help stop the suspect.

So far this year, someone has launched ball bearings "at potentially lethal" speeds into windows in buildings and cars along the freeway, CA 87, at least 20 times, resulting in more than $500,000 in damages, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office.

The suspect has targeted homes, businesses and government agencies, including the SAP Center, the San Jose Museum of Art and the District Attorney's Crime Lab, which was hit eight times.

While no injuries have been reported, in one instance the suspect blew out the windows of a car that a woman was driving in the area, according to prosecutors.

Anyone with information about the attacks is asked to use the Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers P3TIPS mobile app, by call (408) 947-STOP, or visit www.svcrimestoppers.org.


  1. hint for SJPD: It definitely isn’t a bored homeless person. No need to check with any of those good hardworking people.

  2. Joe Smith is right.
    No chance it was the Underpass People or the Creek People.
    I’m sure it’s not them that deface the sound walls with graffiti either.
    They’re honorable people down on their luck.

  3. I can’t believe some of the comments. A ball bearing going through the window of a car can kill a driver and cause a chain collision. Absolutely makes sense to offer a reward to tempt the kind of people who are likely to turn in their “friends” for a bit of cash.

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