DA Offers $20K Reward for Slingshot Shooter along Guadalupe Freeway

After a series of suspected slingshot attacks on windows along the Guadalupe Freeway in San Jose, authorities are offering a $20,000 reward to help stop the suspect.

So far this year, someone has launched ball bearings "at potentially lethal" speeds into windows in buildings and cars along the freeway, CA 87, at least 20 times, resulting in more than $500,000 in damages, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office.

The suspect has targeted homes, businesses and government agencies, including the SAP Center, the San Jose Museum of Art and the District Attorney's Crime Lab, which was hit eight times.

While no injuries have been reported, in one instance the suspect blew out the windows of a car that a woman was driving in the area, according to prosecutors.

Anyone with information about the attacks is asked to use the Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers P3TIPS mobile app, by call (408) 947-STOP, or visit www.svcrimestoppers.org.


  1. The District Attorney’s Office is paying $20,000 to keep county’s and other windows unbroken.

    Mr. Rosen can do something right now for FREE that would protect my kids.

  2. There is so much pain and suffering in our community.

    When Mr. Rosen gets wind of any of it, he is supposed to take action, not conceal it. He knows that my children are being put into harms way. One of my children has already confirmed being molested.

    But he only seems to care about helping his friends conceal what they did.

    When the county needs to repair windows from its own coffers, he is quick to put up $20,000 to stop a vandal.

    But when I dry and plead with him that I am being assaulted because I refuse to allow the legal process to be abused to my children’s detriment, he turns a deaf ear.

    His foremost priority is to represent people harmed by criminality, but he does not have the necessary empathy fulfill his mandate.

  3. hint for SJPD: It definitely isn’t a bored homeless person. No need to check with any of those good hardworking people.

  4. Everyone knows that the people who care and protect our community are the ones who are the most selfish.

  5. The message from the DA is quite clear. Don’t break his windows.

    If you want to commit crimes, pick another location.

  6. Joe Smith is right.
    No chance it was the Underpass People or the Creek People.
    I’m sure it’s not them that deface the sound walls with graffiti either.
    They’re honorable people down on their luck.

  7. Here is some FREE information:

    I told my attorney that my es was allowing an adult male to molest our 13 year old son. I was mainly ignored. I was forbidden to talk to my son about it during supervised visitation. The supervisor told me that I was being “neurotic.”

    Two weeks later, at the next hearing of my divorce, my ex not only disclosed that she had hidden $130,000 worth of gold coins, but also agreed to divide them. I was in complete shock. No one had even mentioned that it was a possibility. I thought that I would never see them again because my ex was GREEDY.

    I fired the attorney after that hearing. She went on to represent my ex without disclosure to me. I was subsequently cut out of my children’s lives. The judge can’t even tell my why I cannot contact them when asked.

    I was finally able to talk to my son after he turned 18. He confirmed that he had indeed been molested.

    There are strong indications that my other kids have also been molested, but I cannot confirm that because I have not seen them in over 7 years.

    I told my son to report the molestation. A week and a half later the judge filed an order on his own accord that I could only have supervised visitation with my adult son.

  8. They only care about money.

    When the coins were divided, my ex and I each got $25,000 worth. The remaining 80,000 went to the attorney to be held in trust.

  9. The criminal justice system exists to not only teach a criminal not harm the community, but to also vicariously teach the community what behaviors are unacceptable.

    When you publicly report sex trafficking to the DA’s Office and there is no response, what message does it send the community?

    What message does it send to other criminals?

  10. I wish that administrators of the County and SJSU had the empathy to put themselves into the shoes of the victims that they serve. I wish that they could imagine that the children were their’s.

    Sadly, I have only encountered coldness and selfishness.

  11. I can’t believe some of the comments. A ball bearing going through the window of a car can kill a driver and cause a chain collision. Absolutely makes sense to offer a reward to tempt the kind of people who are likely to turn in their “friends” for a bit of cash.

  12. The courts shouldn’t be a place to normalize or hide criminal behavior.

    No one should be able to do torture other, then get a free pass for doing so.

  13. Power is the ability to do some of the most heinous acts possible, then have the rest of society ignore you as the abuse continues.

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