County Begins Offering Free COVID Vaccinations for Children Ages 5-11

The County of Santa Clara is now providing COVID-19 vaccinations for children ages 5-11 following the Nov. 2 approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The county was prepared to administer vaccinations as soon as the federal government provided authorization.

The first vaccinations in the county for the 5-11 age group began taking place Wednesday morning, the county reported. Currently, the Pfizer vaccine is the only option for this newly approved age group, which numbers just over 167,000 members of our community. All children ages 5-11 who sign up for an appointment are eligible.

Parents and guardians should visit to sign up for an appointment or to find a convenient drop-in location.

In addition to offering vaccine appointments for children at vaccination sites operated by the county throughout the community, the county is also partnering with school districts to offer vaccination onsite at schools, particularly in the county’s most disproportionately affected communities.  Approximately 80 school locations have been identified for on-site vaccinations.

The first locations opened today with vaccinations being provided by the county’s Mobile Vaccination Teams.

As it has been throughout the pandemic, vaccinations are provided at no-cost to recipients. Health insurance is not required and there are no immigration status questions

Many of the initial available appointments have already been reserved, but the county expects an increased vaccination supply in the coming weeks and additional slots should open soon. There are still plenty of vaccines for members of the public 12 and older.  Vaccines for children ages 5-11 are smaller doses and specially formulated. Under federal guidelines vaccine supplies designated for older patients cannot be used for this younger age group. Families are also encouraged to check with their primary care physician or their local pharmacy to see if they are offering vaccine appointments for children as well.

“This is an important step in protecting our children and our community, providing relief for families, and creating an additional level of protection to maintain in-person learning for our schools,” said Dr. Sara Cody, Health Officer and Director of Public Health for the County of Santa Clara. “We encourage all parents with children aged 5 and older to get their children vaccinated now.”


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  1. Thanks to covidiots like you two – this country has over 700,00 dead from Covid
    I’ll listen to medical experts – not your uniformed opinions.

  2. Good News – The Science Still Says: Children & Young People have a Very Low Risk from COVID.

    The decision to vaccinate children is up to the parent with consultation of their doctor. There are some children, that May Benefit from the vaccine due to other health conditions that put them more at risk from COVID, but in general, children are at very low risk from COVID.
    “….the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that the Mortality Rate for COVID-19 in kids without a pre-existing health condition is zero.”

    Covid: Which children are being vaccinated and why? (BBC)

    “Almost all children & young people are at VERY LOW RISK from Covid-19.”

    “It has previously said the benefits of being vaccinated are Very Small in Healthy children.
    This is because so few children become seriously ill or die from Covid.”

    “It also said the benefit to adults from vaccinating children (to limit the spread of Covid) is unclear as so many vulnerable people have been immunized already.”

    While rare, “The vaccine has been linked to incredibly rare cases of inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis) and of the sac the heart beats inside (pericarditis).
    This was found to be more common in younger men and after a second dose.”

    How many children have died from Covid?

    “Data for England suggests about 25 children died from Covid in the first 12 months of the pandemic.

    The majority of them ALSO had SEVERE HEALTH PROBLEMS, including complex neuro-disabilities.

    Only 6 had no recorded health conditions. “

  3. if I would have said covidiot, I would have been blocked

    the stench of discrimination is nauseating


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