County Offers Gov. 101 Course

Anyone with the time and interest in learning about the inner workings of local government can sign up for a 10-week class through Santa Clara County. The application deadline is Feb. 5.

The Gov 101 Academy is a once-weekly course that gives an overview of county government, its responsibilities and what services it provides.

Only downside is that students have to attend in person. No online equivalent is offered, no classes are streamed.

For those who can make the commitment to attend in person, though, the 2015 academy holds its first session Feb. 11. Most classes will take place from 6-9pm Tuesdays and, at one point, a single half-day session on a Saturday.

“This is a great opportunity for people of any age, interested in local government, to gain firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of our county,” Supervisor Joe Simitian said.

Counties are often the least understood level of government, Simitian noted, but they play a huge role in the community. Santa Clara County employs more than 16,000 people, spends $4.5 billion a year and serves 1.8 million residents.

There is a $30 materials fee, but that can be waived. For more information call 408.299.5151 or email [email protected].

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