Gov. Gavin Newsom Calls for Shutdown of Bars, Nightclubs to Slow Coronavirus Outbreak

After photos of Saturday night crowds ignoring social-distancing orders went viral online, Gov. Gavin Newsom urged all bars, nightclubs, wineries and breweries to close up shop.

“We believe that this is a non-essential function in our state and we believe that it’s appropriate under the circumstance to move in that direction,” he told reporters today at a press conference about the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic.

Newsom said that while he has the right to enact martial law to enforce the measure,  he doesn’t believe the “nation-state” has reached a point to require it because local governments have managed to get people to cooperate with health advisories thus far.

“Not only did cities and counties embrace our last guidance, they brought our last guidance in at a more granular level,” he said. “I’m confident these guidelines will be well-received and will be appropriately enforced.”

The directive carries profound consequences for the state’s $2.8 billion nightlife industry comprising 4,765 businesses in California.

Meanwhile, restaurants can remain open, Newsom said, as long as they reduce patron capacity by half and require customers to stay at least six feet apart from one another.

The governor also called for the isolation of all seniors aged 65 and over and anyone with medical vulnerabilities—an order that applies to an estimated 5.3 million people.

“We are doing so with our eyes wide open at the magnitude of what that means,” Newsom said, “and the need to provide wrap-around services to support our seniors in need of medical supplies, in need of meals.”

New state guidelines on evictions are expected to be provided on Monday afternoon, Newsom said. Some lawmakers have called for an statewide eviction moratorium, which San Jose has already implemented.

As of today, 335 people in California—114 of them in Santa Clara County—have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus strain called SARS-CoV-2. That’s a 14 percent increase from the day prior.

Six people statewide have died from the respiratory disease. Two of them in this county.

To ramp up testing capacity, the state is teaming up with Google’s Verily to launch an online tool on Monday that sorts through coronavirus concerns and deploy eligible professionals to conduct mobile testing.


  1. > Meanwhile, restaurants can remain open, he said, as long as they reduce patron capacity by half . . . .

    Reduce patron capacity by half?

    Block off half the tables? Lay off half the staff? An utterly mindless and arbitrary ruling.

    I think the central planning Bozos are going to get nasty lesson in the Law of Unintended Consequences.

    If you close down the schools and places of business, and wipe out cable TV programming by shutting down sports leagues, what do you expect people to do?

    They’re going to go – – – OUT: shopping malls, food stores, CostCo, restaurants, iiquor stores, parks.

    To hell with your embargoes and quarantines.

    It probably would have been smarter and more effective in suppressing the pandemic by keeping schools and businesses open, rather than closing down the spaces where people live their lives. Now, people are going to crowded into a smaller number of “social spaces”.

    The “best and brightest” people do not go into government. Only the people who like to make rules.

    • ” Lay off half the staff?” Yes, it will and is happening. The grand plan of the communists is to keep everyone subservient to the “cause”. When you’re broke and hungry, t’s hard to bite the hand that feeds you. There is nothing like an economic downfall to keep the political agenda from rolling through the streets of Cali.

      I think all the people that read and comment on this agree, this is a bad idea. However, that doesn’t stop the power that be from doing what ever they want. Elections are for them, your vote is only for you.

  2. Look at this picture of the Governor and crew and ask yourselves…are they practicing what they preach?

    So much for “social distancing” and staying 6-feet apart.

    David S. Wall

  3. “…he has the right to enact martial law…” – What arrogance, he is just waiting to pull the trigger on this one. His dream of become a dictator is coming true! Martial Law suspends your rights as an American citizen. This is how things are made worse, really. If anything becomes a scarce resource, it becomes more popular. In this case it means more house parties will be happening without proper health,safety and security measures in place. Better stock up, you will need it.

  4. Unfortunately some people don’t have common sense to stay home when their sick. Now because of their stupidity people are losing jobs because we have governments imposing closure of businesses schools which then will make people go visits family and friends more often and that will cause more people to get sick because people don’t stay home when their sick. Good luck. What we need more now than ever before is Faith in God but so many don’t believe in Prayer.

  5. Gavin, The Wise:

    > NEW: Those that are 65 and older or vulnerable to #COVIDー19 must practice home isolation.


    Triage, Gavin. Triage!

    Focus on the “at risk” population, and let the kids (who basically don’t get COVID) and healthy adults fend for themselves.

    Nature has provided a way for people to get immunity: LET THEM GET THE VIRUS. Ten days of symptoms, and then – – IMMUNITY! In a month or two, “at risk” people will be surrounded by a sea of people with immunity.

    Gavin, The Lunkhead..

    > We’re working in real time to secure hotels, motels, and trailers to house our homeless safely and protect our communities and the spread of #COVIDー19.

    NO! NO! NO!

    Don’t warehouse the irresponsible free range disease vectors in dense concentrations an urban area. Send them to open air tent cities on BLM land in Wyoming or South Dakota. Surround the camps with chain link fences, barbed ware, and armed guards.

    Designate it as an Official Bureau of Land Management “First Amendment Area”.

  6. > Newsom said that while he has the right to enact martial law to enforce the measure, . . .

    Well, if Governor-for-Life Gavin, and other progressive government officials think they have the power to suspend Constitutional rights, they can suspend habeas corpus for “the homeless”.

    “Illinois mayor signs executive order granting power to ban sale of guns and alcohol while addressing coronavirus”;

    See: Second Amendment: “Right to keep and bear arms”.

    See: Twenty-FIrst Amendment: “Repeal of prohibition”.

  7. Ah, the spirit of Lyndon LaRouche lives on…! and more widespread then ever, with the added element of L. Ron Hubbard’s genius and the unique mix of ubiquity and anonymity in today’s internet.

  8. Governor Nuisance is all he is. And shutting down Gyms would be the very last business’s that John F. Kennedy would have shut down. Because even in the early 1960’s Kennedy had a whole fitness agenda for citizens that was much more popular than today. But Governor Nuisance & his staff doesn’t have the brains to realize the connection between seniors like me boosting our immunity – that can only be done through expensive machinery at a modern gym.
    I’m experiencing more coughing & sneezing at the local grocery stores than at my gym! Much more! I have also gained weight and loss of muscle mass just one week into my gym’s forced shutdown by Governor Nuisance.

    (With a higher immunity than the average citizen the club also made sure everybody wiped down the last machine they were on with club provided clean towels and provided germicide spray.) I might have seen one cough or one sneeze the two and a half months I had access to the gym. We also had to pre-sign a code of ethics before joining.
    One of its stipulations was to not show up sick in any way. In addition to that the management had the right to tell us to leave, if need be, until well again. For all of these reasons, and more, the governor was wrong to shut gyms. Making senior citizens like me more prone to catch any virus without the workouts through modern gyms & modern health practices.

    • We are all sacrificing for the greater cause of slowing the pandemic and no one likes it. Even though you might be extraordinarily healthy, you can still transmit the virus to someone you love (or not) that may not have the same immunity. If you brought it home to your mother or grandmother how would you feel?

      If this is the worst that happens you, I’m happy for you. Most of the world is looking at unemployment and loosing their life savings. Aside from a small chance of death. If you survive you may not be able to afford a gym when it’s done. In the mean time you can still run, cycle, and swim outside like we did in the old days. We also had push ups, sit ups, chin ups, and a bunch of other exercises that did not require a gym. Best of luck and stay safe.

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