Bomb Squad Detonates WWI Grenade Found in Los Altos Home

Authorities successfully detonated a World War I vintage grenade after someone found it inside a Los Altos home on Monday, police said.

The Los Altos Police Department received a 10:15am report of a grenade found inside an elderly family member's bedroom at a home along Christina Drive.

Both police and the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Bomb Squad arrived, found the vintage grenade and deemed it potentially live, police said.

During the investigation, four adjacent homes were evacuated and other homes in the area were asked to shelter-in-place, according to police.

Police and sheriff's officials said they chose to detonate the bomb “with an abundance of caution” in the home's backyard. Prior to the denotation, the Santa Clara County Fire Department checked the area for any fire risk, while PG&E also did an underground service assessment, police said.

Police said the detonation didn't cause any property damage or injuries.

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  1. ….and found it potentially live………

    So, was it an actual explosive device or a training device?

    I worked at a business where an unexposed mortar shell was uncovered. After detonating it with explosives, the powers that be determined it was an inert training device. After about twenty seconds an expert can tell after the detonation of a device was real or not.

    Any update?

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