Board of Supes Considers Tightening Up Gun Storage Rules

On the heels of San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo’s call for liability insurance from gun owners, Santa Clara County introduced its own set of firearm-safety measures.

To curb risk of injury, accidents and death, Supervisor Dave Cortese proposed tightening up gun storage rules in unincorporated parts of the county.

At its first meeting back from summer recess, the Board of Supervisor voted unanimously for the county to drum up a draft ordinance by Sept. 10.

The board also voted to study the possibility of offering free trigger locks to the public and offering rebates on gun storage cases or cabinets.

Though county officials have been kicking around similar ideas for a while, they took on greater urgency after a semi-automatic rifle-wielding gunman murdered three people and wounded more than a dozen others at last month’s Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Also on Tuesday, the county board unanimously approved a resolution supporting a federal ban on so-called assault weapons.


  1. Sad it took a mass shooting at our beloved Garlic Festival to get the complicit supervisors to do anything about guns. Cindy Chavez who helped spend $283 million on a fancy new courthouse didn’t even know that the courthouse that was issuing DVROs like water from a drinking founding in Flint Michigan wasn’t taking guns in DV cases.

    Odd that the San Jose Police Officers Association was operating a gun auction with semi- automatic riffles available to folks willing to pay for a $20 a ticket as the media focused on how the Gilroy shooter got his guns..

    Jeff Rosen has known that complaints about folks like divorce attorneys carrying concealed weapons without a permit for decades. Apparently only Rosen’s buddies get to carry guns and shoot innocent or helpless folks in our community.

    Going after Laurie Smith for what Rosen has done in spades is one more desperate PR move on Rosen’s part. Rosen has abused his office and wasted taxpayer money every day since he stole the office in 2010.

    Rosen threatens anyone who speaks up or seeks help and he prosecutes for his own special purpose. The boys from Saratoga High, the school papers and even the victims of sexual abuse related to the Catholic Church. We should not be worried about the folks buying guns lawfully, we should be worried about what Mr. Rosen does to those who use guns under the color or law. And we should be equally about what we don’t see Mr. Rosen doing because that is the most dangerous of all.

    • Rosen’s buddy’s get to carry conceal weapons’ and shoot innocent people. Please MS Bassi tell us when that happened.
      Matter of fact please sight any case in the last 10 year when a CCW permit carrying person shot an innocent person in this county.
      Have any people with a weapon and a permit shot or stopped a bad guy committing a crime during that time period in this county?
      Inquiring mind just have to know!
      How is any of this going to stop a fatherless nut job from driving in from Boltimore and shooting up a secured event full of armed security ?

      It’s not!

      • I think that Ms Bassi’s point is that LE and Politicians (or their friends) are not required to follow the same the CCW laws as us plebs.

        The key phrase that Ms Bassi said was “We should not be worried about the folks buying guns lawfully”, which I think we can agree on.

        While is true that the Gilroy shooter bought his gun legally in Nevada it was illegal for him to posses (on several levels) in California. In this case he was not a legal gun owner in California.

  2. Will Cortese disclose those PACs who support him for State Senate who liberally gave to NRA backed legislators?

  3. I’m all for keeping guns away from crazies, but this is just to keep up with the Liccardos. Mr. Liccardo already enacted this “policy” a few years back in San Jose. It’s completely an unenforceable joke. Smart gun owners already lock up their equipment because it’s expensive that will be stolen when the criminals break into their house. We need to get cops on the street not more unenforceable laws.

    It won’t do a thing to reduce murders, spree killers don’t have their guns stored when they go on a rampage.

    If they are offering rebates on gun storage cases or cabinets who pays for that, Liccardo’s insurance?

  4. more gun phobic nonsense from people who have no clue about firearms or the people who safely, responsibly and legally own and carry them. they tend to project their goofy and neurotic thinking on everyone else.

  5. 149,500,000 or so gun owners in the US have shot no-one.
    The greatest number of homicides with firearms in the US are in cities and states with the most and the strictest gun control laws, and they are almost all Democrat controlled jurisdictions.

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