LA Prosecutors Try to Pass off Serial Rapist to Santa Clara County

A convicted serial rapist may get released in Santa Clara County, should a judge agree to a writ objecting to his relocation to Los Angeles County, where he was born and raised.

SoCal native Christopher Evans Hubbart, 62, has admitted to raping 40 women in Los Angeles and Santa Clara counties between 1971 and 1982, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. According to the Megan’s Law website, there are currently 2,387 registered sex offenders in Santa Clara County.

LA County is trying to prevent the release of a violent predator in its own jurisdiction, even though the courts determined through three days of testimony that Hubbart’s from the area, his family’s there and that he considers it home, says Santa Clara County Superior Court spokesman Joe Macaluso.

“LA doesn’t want him, that’s what this is about,” he says, calling L.A.’s reasoning against the judge’s decision a bunch of B.S.

Hubbart was convicted of sodomy, rape and burglary in Los Angeles County in 1972. He was 21 years old when the court ordered him committed to a state prison hospital. He paroled several years later, then moved up to Sunnyvale where he found work at a printing store.

The parolee once again started assaulting women.

“He committed rapes, sodomy and forcible oral copulation in San Francisco, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara of more than 23 victims at a rate of over two victims a month until November 1981,” according to the writ, filed Tuesday.

Hubbart got caught again in 1982. A judge convicted him of false imprisonment, forced oral copulation and rape after being accused of several assaults. He was sentenced to another 16 years in prison.

Two months after Hubbart was paroled again in 1990, he was arrested and again convicted of false imprisonment for attacking a female runner. Six years later, his time was up. He was about to be released, but the state committed him to Coalinga State Hospital in Central Valley under a just-enacted law that lets authorities continue to detain convicted sexual predators indefinitely under the auspice of mental health observation.

Hubbart appealed that decision sometime later, but his medical incarceration was upheld in 1999, according to an archived news story on

Deputy DAs say Hubbart’s release is the last step of the treatment that started in 1996. It’s a conditional release, which requires him to wear a GPS ankle cuff, keep up with supervised treatment, respect a curfew and submit to random searches, lie-detector tests and drug tests.

The courts will meet monthly to figure out how to house Hubbart, but if no home is found, the AP says he could get released as a transient.

Macaluso doubts it would come to that.

“He will be the most monitored human being in the state of California,” he says. “But he has to be released. … It’s his constitutional right. He’s served his time. It’s not like a judge can make an arbitrary decision to keep him in custody.”

The only reason Hubbart’s now going free is because he was convicted during a time when laws against rape were more lenient.

“If Hubbart had committed those kinds of crimes today, he would never see the light of day,” Macaluso says. “Our cultural norms have changed. The way we, as a society, view rape has changed … but laws don’t work retroactively like that. We can only change the law moving forward.”

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Whats the difference? Vegas…LA County… State of California/Governor Brown…

    Where is that great local sentiment that is used to explain away everything from pension reform to stadium building? You know….  the ones that goes, “the voters overwhelmingly approved _____…” ???

    Prisions, mental hospitals for the criminally prone expensive , are overcrowded – building more prisons is inhumane – give crooks a second chance…? 

    We get what the majority voted for   deal with it! and deal with it with fewer SJPD officers to protect you!

  2. The problem is he was living in Santa Clara county, committed all of his rapes after 1972 in Santa Clara, and has no relatives in Los Angeles. Judge Brown decided to release him before hearing any evidence to LA and told the LA representatives Condolences, LA
    Just because he wants to live in LA now is not the standard.
    THe people of this state deserve a fair hearing on whether he will be dangerous, not a joke and a ticket south.

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