City Hall Evacuated after Email Threat

City officials were evacuated from City Hall at 5:30pm Monday evening after an email threat was received.

It’s unclear how many people were evacuated from the building, which is located at 200 E. Santa Clara St., but a spokesman for Mayor Chuck Reed said about 40 to 50 city officials were standing in a particular area outside the building as of 6:30pm.

Police conducted a sweep of City Hall and determined there was no credible threat. People were allowed back into the building a short time later.

Peter Jensen, acting assistant director of Public Works, said the email threat was directed at he building and not any particular person. It was received by Vijay Sammeta, the city’s chief information officer, Jensen said.

Jensen declined to provide more details as police conduct an investigation into the matter.

Police spokesman Jose Garcia said the email was “pretty generic” as far as threats go, but a two-hour sweep of City Hall after police were contacted just before 5pm. Garcia said no suspect has been identified.


  1. “… 40 to 50 city officials were standing in a particular area outside the building as of 6:30pm.”

    I can only guess that most of the officials had fallen asleep in their offices, hence the need for the evacuation.

  2. Let me guess they will start an investigation track down all the ISP numbers of everyone who has made a negative comment on here or any other blog. The city managers will have a list of who to go after. When it’s all over a few city employees will get in trouble for their comments.  Hhmmm good way to scare the sheep away from making comments on blogs. Anyone who has spoke I’ll of the cheaf or mayor and company might need to worry.

      I’m not buying the dog and pony show. I would bet one of the mayors people did it just so they can find out who the whistle blowers are.

  3. You mean the email came in last week and they evacuated, yesterday? When I read the “Breaking News” that just showed up, last evening on this blog, I thought I was reading something that JUST happened. Can anyone clear this up, please.

  4. While City Administrators were outside huddled in fear, Reed was instructing the Watergate style cleaning crew in destroying any evidence of Corruption,Political Pay Off’s, and other Civic wrong doings as he knew of this e-mail way ahead of time.  That’s because he sent it!

  5. So a week old email starts a full blown evacuation ….. Want to bet the email’s ISP information was not recorded so they will have to investigate everyone.

    I wonder if Bush and Cheny will act as advisors for Reed??????

  6. So more and more inside information is leaking about what Reed knew, how many millions were wasted and information Reed and company no doubt told everyone in the room to be quiet about. You have a mayor that believes he can get around any law and a council where every member has has issues including a few that are or should be criminal.
      Reed has lost real public support only the media he plasters with expensive gifts or are controlled by his supporters who have financial interests in Reeds activities continue to call him the great white hope!  Watch Reed at a city council meeting the manner he speaks out towards the public shows a man with a huge ego.
      The public should demand a investigation into all of the dealings of the mayor and council. It would be helpful for to know who really be profited from the deals and exactly how the unions work. Are they really as powerful as the mayor says. Since the mayor will not name the crooked unions bosses the public needs to know their names. Who are these people who have so much power over the city that the mayor and council are afraid to name.
        This whole incident looks like a ego driven mayor trying to stop anyone from airing details that would harm his business dealings.

  7. Back at SJSU we used to get a rash of bomb/fire stuff around mid-term time but the teachers figured the scam and pre-announced alternate testing locations with no unexcused absences.

    In terms of the city hall thing, I know in our post 9/11 world of uber-security every threat or stupid remark has to be investigated seriously and as some idiots probably going to discover, making “terrorist threats” is a pretty serious felony. 

    At least they caught the email within a few days.  Imagine if it got filed for a couple of weeks and then casually read during a correspondence line item at the next council meeting (though I think only small town councils do “correspondence” in their meetings anymore.)

    It would be interesting to see how cyber-forensics works the case, might be a good opportunity to work with the FBI again to share resources on a community policing issue.

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