Eddie Garcia Not Seeking Re-Election

Eddie Garcia, president of the East Side Union High School District board, has announced that he will not seek re-election to the Board of Trustees this fall.

“After thoughtful consideration with my family, I have decided not to seek another term on the Board of Trustees for the 2010 election for the East Side Union High School District,” Garcia posted on his Facebook profile last friday. 

Garcia, 46, suffered a major heart attack last June, and is currently on medical leave from his job as Chief of Staff for Supervisor George Shirakawa.

“I plan to complete my current duties, and I will continue to fight for college entrance requirements for graduation, closing the achievement gap, and after school sports,” Garcia wrote in the announcement.  “I know that the East Side has a bright future, and I look forward to being part of that future.”

Though Garcia has never been elected to the controversy-rich board, he has been appointed to the position of board president twice since 2006.

Garcia was absent from the board’s July 28 meeting, when they voted 3-0 to place a parcel tax on the November ballot. The trustee’s voted in favor of the measure that could potentially bring $9 million to help pay for various academic programs in the indebted district.

In 2011-12, the East Side District will be $9.4 million in the hole. That number is projected to grow to $32.3 million worth of debt by 2012-13.

So far, current East Side board members J. Manuel Herrera and Frank Biehl have both filed for re-election. Former ousted East Side Superintendent Bob Nunez will also be running for a trustee seat. Four other candidates –  Scott Hung Pham, Derek Grasty, Lupe Arellano Guido and Van T. Le. – have also pulled papers to run.




  1. I once met Eddie Garcia, when he was walking precincts in the 2000 City Council race for District 8 (where I was residing at that time).  I was in a rush to get to work, and someone knocked on the door, and so I answered it…wearing nothing but boxers.

    So its possible he remembers me as well.

  2. Thank you Eddie for your responsible action on the Board.

    Frank Biehl and Herrerra will do great. They’ve learned a lot from these roller coaster times.

    My issue is with Bob Nunez, former Superintendent. I dont’ see a place for him on this Board. The quality of leadership was not proven during his time as superintendent. He did not steer this ship in the right direction. Plus, his “intimidation” tactics will prove no place for responsible direction if elected. He will be an obstructionist on that dais and a puppet for ESTA. We need leaders who are not there for vendetta’s or self glorification. He was unable to speak in clear terms while superintendent. My biggest concern is that he will create more harm and controversy than what is needed to move forward. Our children deserve better. Sorry Mr. Nunez but you really did have your chance. Exonerated or not, you were still a cause of why the district was under such a bad umbrella. Don’t blame Board members. Your scope was to keep things in order and you failed.

  3. California School Superintendents like City Managers and County Executives are paid very large salaries, great benefits and unequaled retirements to run their districts or governments in professional, efficient, non-parisian manner while working with and guiding political elected officials to make right policy and spending decisions for public good

    Bob Nunez failed public responsibility test by his actions and lack of professional behavior

    Unfortunately, many are senior public administrators are failing in their public responsibilities as did Bob Nunez and electing him to Board will like some other Board members who are not doing their non-parisian public responsibilities only make Board’s credibility, school district and our children’s education worst

    Elect Board members interested in improving children’s education not inappropriate continuation of political bickering and infighting

  4. No wonder Eddie didn’t make it to the James Lick 80s reunion last summer. Hopefully the college prep standards he champions will stay in force.