Rep. Zoe Lofgren Endorses Jeff Rosen

In a rare move, Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren announced this morning that she is throwing her support to Deputy District Attorney Jeff Rosen in his bid to defeat sitting DA Dolores Carr. “It’s true, I don’t get involved in local races very often,” she said after making a statement in front of the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice, where she was joined by Rosen and San Jose City Council member Sam Liccardo.

In her remarks, Lofgren praised Rosen’s prosecutorial record and his campaign promise to reinstate the Cold Case Unit and create a Conviction Integrity Unit. “All budgets are tight this year. What you do is a matter of values,” she said. “I also lobby for funding for this office. I’m making sure that if I’m advocating for millions of dollars that I have confidence in the office. I think Jeff will do a great job.”

Although her name was never mentioned, the underlying message was of course that DA Carr has not inspired confidence. “Zoe is one of the most widely respected elected officials in the valley,” said Liccardo, before peddling off down West Hedding Street on his bike. “I think the fact that Zoe is here—she’s a lawyer and a leading voice on the [House] Judiciary Committee. She’s looking out for the needs of this county in its top law enforcement position.”

As for Rosen himself, he looked like the cat who ate the canary. “I feel wonderful,” he said. “The longest serving congresswoman in the county just endorsed me. I’m thrilled.”


  1. we don’t have rants and raves any longer, sinced Eric is just TOO BUSY to make the few key strokes necessary to have that folder each week.

    So, on another topic—Barack Hussein is outraged by the finger pointing by all the folks involved in the eco-disaster in the Gulf.

    Oh, and he hasn’t spent his entire presidency finger ponting @ Dubya for every single thing wrong in this country.

  2. Finally the truth comes out! Rosen, Herhold, and Sheriff Smith owe DA Carr an apology!

    Former official: Sheriff’s office reacted slowly in De Anza rape case

    “District Attorney Dolores Carr has borne the brunt of public criticism over the case for her decision not to press charges against anyone. But it appears that before the case was handed over to Carr’s office, mistakes had been made.

    Retired Lt. Pedro Contreras told the Mercury News that when he came back to work at 3:15 p.m. March 4, 2007, he learned there had been a gang-rape allegation early that morning. It seemed to him that little had been done beyond the initial witness interviews conducted at the hospital.”

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